Saturday, December 31, 2011


Finally, I'm home after a week of holiday in Sabah and Brunei. Nothing beats the feeling of spending the new year eve at the comfort of your own hometown with the familiar faces and place. Though it will be splendid if I could party the night away at other awesome place :p

It may sound cliche but time does fly! Can't believe it will be 2012 in less than 2 hours. 2011 no doubt is a remarkable year for me, I transformed from a student to a working adult, used to get easy money from my dad and now I have to earn it myself, huge difference there.

Let's see what had happened in 2011 in a non chronological order:

- I went to my first prom night

-Expanding my friends circle when celebrating my 22nd birthday at Amoeba Club
-Involved in lots of birthday surprises here and  here
-Went for an amazing one whole week of field trip across Sarawak
-Went on an impromptu trip to KL with HEMAS friends
-Lost a dear friend in an accident
-Got a Dean List for my final semester
-Finally finished my thesis which really sucked the hell of me
-Went another step further with a friend, wtf
-Went to Rainforest World Music Festival for the first time

- Had a part time job for the first time to earn money for Rainforest World Music Festival, wtf

- Started to learn yoga

-Getting a job after finish my study which is totally different from my study background
-Joined blog contest and actually won but I forgot to check my email and past the redemption period
-Won a Christmas wishlist from Azorias which Joyce just emailed me few days ago :)
-Went parasailing, snorkelling and tried banana boat (which I will blog about soon)
-Got into a relationship and left heart broken fml

-Got scammed in KL, fml
-Reunited with National Service friends after 5 years
-Growing apart from some friends, for good I hope
-Had my wishes granted though one of it only lasted for less than a month

Well, I know there's lots more happened in 2011 which I can't recall anymore. To sum it all up, I have a great 2011. I've gained some, lost some but it's the experience that count, it's what made me who I am today. For 2012, I'm hoping for a better change. I want to earn more and travel more, love more and hate less and for my dark circle to lessen and my hair to grow better wtf! 

Happy New Year 2012 everyone!
I'm going out countdown and let's hope I'll catch the fireworks!

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