Saturday, October 31, 2009

Somebody kill me, please.

No, please don't. I'm still in my 20's, it's too young for me to leave this beautiful world behind. I'm positively diagnosed with the absolute no cure disease, nope, it's not cancer tho. It's worst than that. At least for cancer, the patient can go for chemo but chemo doesn't work for my disease. My disease is laziness.

The study week is officially over and let's see how my study progress. Well, I'm still on my mycology notes, the same notes that I had been trying to read 4 days ago. What's wrong with me? I can't concentrate, sitting with my notes at the study table and I ended up playing with my hair, copping off the split end. Find a new port on my bed and I ended up dozing off. Went to CAIS few days ago for a new study atmosphere and I ended up Facebooking there. My disease is chronic, isn't it?

Screw me. I'm staying up tonight to STUDY. *finger cross* . Before the memory of the prom night fade away, I shall blog about it now.

Getting ready at the hotel room. Felt like real prom oh, siap ada bilik di hotel lagi tu.
The venue for our Prom Night is Harbour View and I didn't book the room. The room was for the committees members to get ready. Since I 'volunteered' to be the receptionist, so I had the privilege to use the room. 

 All smile and set to welcome the arrival of the guests.

Teman sepejuangan sebagai receptionist, Mila

Who said being receptionist is an easy job? of course la giving away the lucky draw and door gift is easy, but pinning a flower (I don't know what that thing called) is not. Especially if like this fellow, tebal giler wei blazer dia, then takut tercucuk dia pula.

My starving-not-so-fabulous look

Sulk because the speech is too long. lah, the speech was fine actually, not the typical boring speech, this photo just taken at the wrong moment.

Jia Rong, me and Julia.
Taking picture is a must after stuffing the stomach

Me and the 3 dara pingitan: Anggella, Stenna and Achu

Now, let's me present to you the candidate for the King & Queen of Taekwondo Appreciation Night 2009
From left to right: Irene, Farah, Kak Zi, Abg Hisyam, Stroyan and Celestine.
They all required to perform and sharing their talent. They were chicken-dancing now.
I have to say, the talent show was hilarious, especially Celestine's part.
Try imagine him shaking his booty. Hahaha..kalah gelekan ratu dangdut..

Now, all hail to the King & Queen

King: Celestine No'eh
Queen: Irene Rogers

Performance by the Celestine, Alexis and Stroyan
The acoustic version of 'Not Like The Other Girl' and an Iban Song "Flora"
I'm quite proud they chose to perform Iban song as well.
There were others performances as well : dance, karaoke by others. But I cant find a decent picture of it.

These are among the performers that night. All gathered together to sing 'Kau Ilhamku'.
Hah, whoever forget the lyric, quickly scan through the tentative book, it was there.
The crowds joined to sing the song. It was such an happy ending. Very touching I shall say. Even Kak Zi couldn't help to shed tears.

Group picture, all got ready in their best pose.
From left to right: Slyvia, Anggella, yours truly, Harold and Abang

Me showing my black nail colors. Others didn't want to kalah, mok juak ngeso kuku.

Hah, jom ramai-ramai tunjuk kuku.
This is my favorite picture of the night.

Pantang bergambar memang semua mok join.
Everyone, peace and say cheese.

 Change the position pula, but me remained at the center. Haha.

And last but not least, picture of everybody together.
It was hard to get everyone into a snap, the stage was too small and some people got cut out in the picture.
Even when everyone could get in, then the picture become blur. What a spoiler.
But in the end, the night was a success.
The gap was broken and the new bond was created.

P.S: I know I had promised a post for the camping.
Will do, soon.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

" being humble me lady is, yet she's such a stunner"

truly, the forbidden one stay as mister's fave last night...

 she wear just bella~like..hehe

The compliments received from a mister keep me grinning whole day.
A simple black dress and three coats of mascara are all I need.
Taekwondo Appreciation Dinner 2009 was superb. 
Will blog about it when I got all the pictures. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Essence of Music

Next week is officially study week, but I still have a list of assignments yet nowhere near to be done. Procrastination is my biggest enemy, attacks me in my soft spot. Today is a brand new day, I vow to make it productive, or at least stop my procrastination and start taking necessary action as I know later how much I will regret not doing this earlier.

Having exam yesterday and I sucked. Have nobody to blame but myself, it's a habit to do important stuff last minute. A friend reminds me not to repeat the same mistake anymore and indulgence less in my guilty pleasure. He was right. So, here I am, trying to make difference for a greater purpose. My dad was in town few days ago but we failed to meet up. I was so sad because I miss him so much, even when I was talking to him on the phone, I was holding back my tears. I had caused him enough worry, no need to burden him with my emoness and homesickness. That's how I am with my family. I tend to keep certain things to myself, I'm not secretive tho. There are just certain stuff that are means to be kept to yourself, don't burden others with it. I don't want to add any unnecessary worry to my parent, but I know deep down they know me better than anyone else. I never say it out loud, but they know I miss them.

Only music and great songs are my company during moment like this. When I was buried deep down in the bottom pit of my sorrow, I turned to music for comfort. Currently, I'm in love with these songs:
  • Going Under- Evanescence
  • Undisclosed Desired-Muse
  • I Belong To you-Muse
  • Two Is Better Than One-Boy Likes Girl feat Taylor Swift
  • Tearsdrop On My Guitar-Taylor Swift
  • My Immortal-Evanescence 
My list could go on and on till bored you to death just to read my song list. In appreciation of music, last night my friends and I attended a preview of home concert organized by Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts. It's my first experience watching an orchestra live, very satisfying tho there are some weakness in the performance. I wanted to watch the home concert instead of the preview. Too bad the ticket is sold out. I really admired a girl who played the violin, so graceful, the way she moved with her music. Why am I born with no musical talent? I'm literally tone deaf but I appreciate music. Another instrument that caught my attention is drum. I always love watching people playing drum, very energetic and upbeat. I should go for music lesson this holiday, start simply by guitar perhaps. I adore people with musical talent, let it be playing instrument or singing. My another version of perfect date will be to be serenade. I'm such a dreamer. LOL.

Not a very good performance I shall say.
I kept feeling that something is wrong with this piece.

The vocalists are good so are the players.

The duet.

Besides some songs, they also featured a musical theater and a film scoring. Which was quite okay I guess. Just another typical theater. Though the home concert could have been better, I was happy to be able to drown myself in the world of music. It helps to make me feel better.

My Raya

Though Hari  Raya is long gone, I still haven't talk about my Hari Raya this year. This year is the second year I experience celebrating Hari Raya and it was better than last year, simply because.....

I have new Baju Raya as well...

Actually, I was just simply asked my mom can I have new Baju Kurung, considering that I had grown tired of my Baju Kurung from my matriculation life. Who knew my parent is such a good sport? The next day, they brought me shopping for the upper part of the baju kurung since I already have the silk skirt which I bought in Labuan 2 years ago.

So, here we go..Since we all went back to our hometown for the Raya break, our Raya visiting routine only start after everyone were back to Kuching. I was so excited for the visiting that I skipped my class whole day. Okay, that's a lie..I was just still in holiday mood.

Us girl...Carol, me and Julia..on our way to the first house..

And these were waiting for us.

The first house was Khai's house. His mum cooked some delicious meal for us. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of most Malay cuisine, but his mom is a great cook. Every time I  went to his house, I always went back with full and satisfied stomach.

All were full and satisfied.

Carol, Mila, Julia, Me and Amy

The next house was As's house. Sorry, no photos in her house. We caught her by surprise and she wasn't expecting us. So, we cut the visit short and dragged her along with us to Abu's house.

 Abu and Me

So glad that I could meet Abu before his flight to KL the next two days. This funny guy got a job offer as Pembantu Pegawai Veterinar in Putrajaya. So, he decided to quit his study and start a new career. We had so much fun hanging out at his place.

Me: Mila, you steal my food.
Mila: Not me, i'm innocent..

 Wide smile after feeling full.

Discussing serious matter, like adults..

We are one big happy family

The next Saturday, I cant recall the exact date, I joined my course mate for Raya visiting. First destination: Prof. Isa's house. Too bad he wasn't available that day, so his wife, Prof. Cheksum served us. Had a wonderful laksa at her house.

 Almost half of the class were there

Next stop En. Hamzah 's house

All smile

Posing after having Secret Recipe cake

After En Hamzah's house, we moved on to Eza's house and finish the visit at Neng's house. We had been studying together for more than a year now, for sure the bond had grown stronger and we did shared lots of laugh over very juicy gossips. And another week after that, I was invited to this..

I represented Taekwondo

with our club president, Yan and his friend


Having the meaningful visit isn't just about the food, it's the company that matters. I had so much fun with my friends in all the visiting. Though we all come from different background, we clicked together. I'm grateful for what I have.

PS: Gonna post about my Taekwondo camping in next post. It was SUPERB. XoXo :P

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A little too much of the guilty pleasure

I really shouldn't writing this post right now as you can see, I have 13 assignments piling up waiting to be in two weeks and I have 2 test on Thursday. Could life be more stressful for me? Yes, it could. I have Teakwondo upgrading on Wednesday and 3 days 2 nights camping trip at Matang wildlife. And yes, my final exam is coming in  3 weeks. God help me to handle all this.

When works piling up and my stress level at its peak, the motto 'Play harder, works smarter' come in mind. Often I found it easier said than done. 3 days had gone when I listed down my work and I only done just a front page of my report. What a slow progress. Right now, I'm collecting the mood to finish at least 2 out of 13. Temptation knows when ti hit me. Just when I'm totally freaking out about my study, an offer to shopping trip come to the rescue. In which made me indulge in too much guilty pleasure.


And another shopping trip.

In two weeks, I had spent about RM600 on things that I cant resist though I already had it. Well, the Nike sport shoes doesn't count because my last sport shoes really worn out. How could it not? I had been using it since I'm 15. Count me lucky, that day I simply tried on a black dress and it really looked good on me. So, I casually asked the shop assistant whether they got discount on the dress or not. Guess what? She said it was 50% discount. That dress is the total must have (though I already have 2 black dress). A great dress deserves an elegant heels to go with. Just another reason for me to but a heel. I love those value buy even if it burnt a hole in my pocket. Should go subtle next time. Must bear in mind.

I must confess, I'm a shopaholic. I can never go shopping without buying something, let it be a simple Liverpool pin or a white belt. I just love the feeling of owning something that I saw on the sale rack. Seriously, I should budgeting myself before I announce my bankruptcy even before I hit 21, before I lost my conscience.

 Before I become the Mad Hatter

 Mad and eccentric as ever

Or the silver masked lady

Should I get any of those for Halloween?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Newly Blossom Friendship

Last night I chat with a friend. We talked like we knew each other for a long time albeit the fact that I just knew him recently through Facebook. Before this, he was just a stranger to me, even now he still is. That because he never greet me when he saw me. Yes, he study in Unimas as well. Few weeks ago, he told me that he saw me having lunch at Tower. I didn't realized this because some people are too reluctant to post a clear picture of themselves in their Facebook profile. He is one of them. So I asked him why didn't he say hi to me when he saw me? Obviously I couldn't greet him since I had no idea how he looks like.

His answer is shy, don't want to disturb me having lunch. What kind of answer is that? We chat like an old friend via internet, and when it comes to real life, he suddenly change into a new shy person.

I told him he should have greet me when he saw me, because we are friend. Isn't it right? Lucky after that, he did made an effort to greet me. Though it caught me by surprise but at least now I know who he is in real life.

Most people feel comfortable hiding behind the laptop screen to reach out to others. I wonders why. Maybe I'm one of them. I have a friend, whom I had known since my first year in Unimas. We never really talked before. Well, we did talked but only regarding some important stuffs that I handled since I had to report it to him. Other than that, we are just like any other stranger. But recently, we did our own kind of ice-breaking, through the internet. Only then, I found out we have so much in common. I never knew other people who likes vampire as much as I do.

Just imagine what will happen without the internet. We will never have the guts to reach out to people. As much as I appreciate my friendship with him, one thing still bug me. We still act like a stranger when it comes to reality. Though we talked like everyday on the net, but when it comes to face to face, we have no improvement. Why so? I still wonder.

I myself couldn't imagine how would it be if we actually talk in real life. Awkward? Perhaps. But what kind of friend we will be if we can't even find the courage to greet each other? Why it is always easier to pour your heart out by hiding behind the screen that face to face? Could you be the same person in real life as you are in the net?

I myself often find the comfort in reaching out through the net than face to face. But if I were given a chance or rather, found the guts to break the norm, I would take the chance. I believe it takes an effort to break the wall, from both parties of course. Till then, I'm glad I had the chance to know my friend better.