Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tips for online shopping

So ladies, today I'm gonna share my online shopping tips. Bet most of us shop more online than at the actual stores now. Well, I know I do because I can't really remember when was the last time I shopped for clothes at the actual stores. Must be in the last February I think. :) I even buy skincare and makeup online too now. Yay for technology!

Here are my tips for online shopping based on my own experience.

1) Research
This is my golden rule when it come to virtue shopping. There are so many blogshops and Facebook shops these days, so ladies, do your research before placing your order. Check where they got their supplies and make sure you are familiar with material types such as cotton (Sure everyone know this already), elastane, cotton spandex mix, polyester and so on. So that you know what to expect when you receive your parcel and you can generally know whether it is comfortable for you as well. I once made a mistake by placing my order without checking the material. I was quite disappointed when my garment came and totally different from what I've expected. However, I only got myself to blame because I was too excited to check beforehand.

2) Compare
If you have spent numerous hours on shopping sites on the net, you probably notice that the trends are somewhat similar. It's best for you to compare several sites that carry similar trends/items that you wanted, so that you can do comparison in term of price, shipping fee, discount, and delivery time. Then you can decide what's best for you (and your bank account too!). I only started to do this comparison lately because I got more exposure to others similar online stores other than the ones that I frequent. And guess what, I did managed to get a better deal too.

3) Review
When it comes to review for some online stores, Goggle is your best friend. Do read some reviews by bloggers. To help you to decide which reviews are helpful, first you need to differentiate whether the bloggers are sponsored or it came from their own shopping experience. Disclaimer here though, I'm not saying that review from sponsored bloggers are not honest or good because I believe that they only accept sponsorship from shops that they trusted. But you have to know it yourself what kind of services/products that caters to your need. From there you can decide whether it suits you or not.

4) Wait
Good thing comes to those who wait, this saying is so true. If you eyeing any piece or item and Mother's Day/Valentines Day/Labor Day or any other special occasions is around the corner, I'll say wait and don't place your order yet because sometimes online shops tend to have contest or sales going on for the occasion. See, waiting can save you a few bucks or better yet get more items for less than the actual price. But if you scare your item will be out of stock, then quickly snatch it away. I don't want to be the reason for you to miss your favorite item, I know how depressing it can be :)

5) Combine
If you have friends/families who love online shopping as much as you do, shop together with them and combine your purchases to save on the shipping fee. Especially if you are like me whom lives on East Malaysia, the shipping fee by standard is much more expensive. Some sites only offer free shipping to Peninsular Malaysia, so it's a bit frustrating for me. But there's a way if there's a will. I always ship my purchase to the bf since he's residing at Peninsular now and he would bring back my stuffs when he's coming home or I'll bring it back myself when I visit him. The only downside is the waiting period.

Again, I stress it here that all of my tips are coming from my own online shopping experience and I hope it helps you guys in one way or another. Happy shopping, ladies!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Book review: A Twist of Fate by Joanna Rees

This book has been lying around my room since last September I think. My sister got it because it was on sale in Popular. I'm more like a mystery or chick literature kinda of girl. A Twist of Fate is something different than that. I'm new to Joanna Rees, so I have nothing to expect from her.

Here's what I thought about the novel:

How absurd it is when a flip of coin can change two little girls' futures? One was left at an orphanage being slaved away and abused, physically and emotionally while the other lived a happy life as one of the most powerful man in the corporate world's daughter, being showered with love and the comfort of life. But live has a funny way for you to uncover the truth. Romy, the orphan was determined to break away from the devil and get her freedom. Little did she knew, the journey to freedom involved killing and sacrificing her best friend, masking her gender and lying about her past. But that doesn't stop her. Being scouted by a famous photographer when Romy finally escaped her past (or so she thought) had turned her into the world supermodel.

Meahwhile for Thea, the rich and happy girl. Her world turned gloomy when her mother died and her dad remarried. Her half-brother, Brett has ruined everything for her, taking away her father attention and her virginity too. Life was hard for Thea and Brett had been haunting her. She went away for college thinking she could left the world that was once belongs to her. However, Brett's plan doesn't stop from raping Thea, he wanted more, he wanted the power and money that Thea's father has.

But a supermodel can't stay as supermodel forever, can't they? And Thea can't avoiding Bret her whole life too. There comes a time when they have to face their biggest fear. I love how Joanna Rees twisting the plot along the way. It just kept me wondering more and more till I couldn't put down the book. It was like watching a movie and when the character has finally found her happiness, you just kept keeping your fingers crossed that nothing will jinx it. Well, happily ever after doesn't really exists. This is definitely a well-written book with great story line and Joanna Rees sure know how to play with her readers feelings.

I say this book worth a reading. :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Temptation | work | fitness

You guys know how much I love shopping but lately I have to spend wise because I'm on a sort of shopping ban because I wanna save up money for travelling but well, temptations are everywhere and I couldn't help it. I'm the kind of girl that get bore easily and I'll browse the net to pass time. And yeah, time does flies when I'm on the net, so does my money. It was so easy to shop in my pj, lying on my bed, clicking here and there and voila, my parcels will arrive in the next few days.

But I see an improvement in myself lately. I tend to stall longer and think thoroughly this time. I no longer shop on impulse. The biggest improvement ever.

Yesterday (Friday) was the busiest day that I ever had in my entire working life. But I still managed it and finally learn to say no to those whom push their works to me. It gave me the biggest satisfactory ever. Because it such an easy calculation, I see no point for me to calculate everything for others because they themselves can do it. It is just a matter of they want or not. And well, I obviously do not want to do it.

I have decided to get back on track for keeping fit lately starting by doing some squats challenge at home. This is the area that I really have been slacking on and I couldn't bear the thought of my flabby tummy and thighs anymore. My current workout only involves squatting and cardio. Finger cross real hard that my determination won't die halfway.

I have some sort of plans that I'm still working on right now. Instead of just dreaming, I think it's time for me to start sketching my plan and working on it because all dreams no work means no real success. A friend of mine used to tell me that getting started is the biggest challenge ever. It takes lot of determination and I hope I got what it takes.

Have a great weekend, peeps.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thai Food | Sushi Tie | Baba & Siam

I'm still on the look out for a nice and authentic Thai food in my hometown but to no avail. The tomyam doesn't taste the same and I miss it so much. There was once I have this crazy idea to just go back to Bangkok to have their food once again for a weekend. Since I still couldn't find one that meet the standard, I try to create one. Well, with my domestic skill, you should have know the result without me telling you.

 Found this awesome cube at my local supermarket which ease up my Thai food craving

The ingredients to recreate the taste. It was close but did not hit home.

I always love breakfast but often find myself torn between looking good for work or feeling energized to start the day ahead. I admit that I'm vain so yeah, I spent most time in the morning making myself look good and only sip a cup of milk tea before rushing out for work.

Most of the time, I just ate hard boiled egg since it is super easy to boil. Takes only 1 minute to put the water and egg in the pot. Can do make up or drying hair while waiting for it to boil.

But on weekend, I love to treat myself well. Scrambled egg, bananas and smoke bacon and of course my tea.


I have this weird craving thing which goes like I will crave for certain food this week, another food next week and the circle will just goes round. The usual craves are sushi, spaghetti, pizzas and tomyam.

 First time trying ramen at Sushi Tie. 

And these are my usual spread at Sushi Tie


On Labor Day is actually is my sister birthday, so as usual, we went out for celebration. Location this time is Baba & Siam Cafe. I used to frequent this cafe a lot last year until they closed down their branch at downtown. Since then, I kinda forget about this place until recently.

The food was a disappointment to all of us. They used to have great food but now everything just mediocre. However, their service still up to par. It is a great place for hang out but not to dine, I guess.

My sister's cake

This is the true scene when we were out dining, everyone were on their phones except my mom. #truestory.