Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog Virgin


After procrastinating for one week or so, i'm writing my very first ever blog post. *crowd applause* (SuZi takes a bow). It's been a real boring day today. It's Sunday, no class, so i woke up at 1 pm. After all the sleep deprivation, now i think i sleep too much. I slept last night at 1am. So, I had slept about 12 hours, 4 hours exceeding the sleep limit for a normal human. Who cares anyway??

Last night, my friends and I went to this Ponggal Night in my Uni. We each paid RM 12 for the ticket, which was way too expensive and DAMN! It was not even worth it. My friend told me that before this they had already reserved a table for us which is near the stage so that we can watch the performance without being blocked by others head and the food will be served to our table. F*** those crap.
We arrived kind of late because we had to rush to town to get my laptop, tell you about that later. When we reach DU (Dewan Unimas), there you go, that's my uni, the show was just started and the hall was packed with Indian (who else do you expect to be there? It was Ponggal Night). Thinking that we had our table reserved, we walked in gracefully only to find that we had no table and have to squeeze ourselves to a table which belong to other 5 Indian guy, there was 8 of us. But only 6 of us managed to squeeze in. The other 2 had to squeeze themselves in to the next table. So sohai what.

When it was time for dinner, the emcee told us to help ourselves to the buffet booth on both side of the hall. There were about more than 1000 people in that hall (from my rough calculation, one table = 10 people, there were about 20 table on each side) and there were only one table on each side that served the food. All of us whom had starved ourselves whole day so that we can eat more food had to fight for our way to get the food. Damn it. It was so hot and people were pushing each other. And once again, I was disappointed with the food. It was kunyit rice with chicken and fried toufu, onion salad and fruits. And I don't eat toufu,okay. We paid RM 12 what, don't we deserved more food, right?? And the performance was boring too. It was conducted fully in Tamil and they danced and danced and danced.

And that's how I spent my weekend. Damn it. I was supposed to be home this week since Monday is public holiday. I planned to hoop on a flight on Friday and be back on Monday. It had been one month since my last trip home. I know it is one month only, and Kuching is so close to Sibu, but i missed my family, okay.

I can't upload the pictures from last night (not that we took many picture pun) because my antivirus is not running yet and I don't want to risk my laptop since it just recovered from a nasty auto run virus. That's why I had to take it to town.

Huh, I never knew that writing a blog could be this time and energy consuming. And this is my first post wtf.