Friday, May 6, 2011

Why not?

Lately I had been going crazy over skin care and makeup stuffs. I read reviews online about some beauty range and really wanted to get my hand on those but of course I have to wait till I'm financially secured. My dad will not approve me spending the money for school on personal stuffs like this. 

Today I stumbled upon a give-away contest today and thought to myself, why not joining it? It could be fun and if I win, I could get those stuff for free. The give-away is organized by Nicole and it is her first giveaway. Let's check out the prizes, shall we? 

All together there are 12 prizes, that's means 12 winners. 

Prizes that caught my eyes are definitely these:

OPI Katy Perry Mini Set

Liese Wave Up Foam 02 (150g)

Shiseido Sample Set (7ml x 4, 2ml x1)

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free,50ml)

The contest will end when the submission reaches 250, so if you're interested, go check it out. The steps are easy and who know, one of these stuffs will belong to you soon. It wouldn't hurt to try anyway. Good luck!

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