Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beach Body

I will go to Bangkok with the bestie, Miao this December to visit Sara. Since it will be a week long trip (Omg, I can't wait), we figure we might explore other interesting places besides shopping malls. So, we planned to go Pattaya. Beach, bikini and girlfriends, it's going to be awesome!

The only not so awesome part would be flaunt my bikini with flabby arm and legs pair with muffin top. I have stop working out as much as I was this year. Back in school, I played netball from primary school until secondary school. In Uni, I joined Taekwando and had intensive training weekly. And last year I tried yoga and cardio. But slowly I've stopped going for awhile and only coming back again recently. I'm not saying I was lean and tone but at least my stamina was at a better level than it is now.

But now, even walking up the stairs makes me panting. Last month, I started to run again but I couldn't even finished 2 laps at the stadium. Even the bf left me and run alone in the end. The growing muffin top is another friendly reminder also. It started to worry me seeing how much I have slacked off in working out. If this continues, I never gonna be able to put on a bikini for my upcoming holiday :(

Determined, I've set a Pinterest account today to get some inspirations. One thing leads to another and I Youtube-ing some workout routines.

I think I might going back to yoga. I kinda miss the meditation and the stretching. Maybe I'll add some running time and do more cardio. Planning sound easy but getting started is a another story. But with some goals and motivations, I hope I'll be able to get at least a less flabby and saggy butt. 

I only have one month and a half to train for my beach body. I don't believe in diet (eating less this less that) to get the body that I want. It's the toning that I need to work on, not my weight. Besides I love carbs too much to give it up. (Hello fettucine carbonara, pizza, rice and noodles, I love you guys so much!)

So, I'm gonna start slow and pick up the pace bit by bit. Good luck to me. Finger crossed for my determination not to go down the drain. 

Pictures are the courtesy from my Pinterest Board.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

#OOTD/girls night out/weekend food

Last last Saturday, I met up with Miao for our catch up session. I'm so glad that she's back at Sibu now because I can have my shopping/gossiping/clubbingdrinking/yoga kaki. After our catch up session at Cafe Cafe, we went to The Core to meet up with our high school friend, See Sing. I don't get to see my high school friends often because most of them are not in Sibu and only be back once or twice a year. 

After a drink at The Core, Miao and I moved on to 96 to meet up with other friends. It was a fun night seeing everyone but I really miss the real clubbing life tho. In Sibu, I couldn't seem to club as fun as I was in Kuching. I think it's the people and place factor.

Anyway, here's some outfits the day from the past week,

Top: Blogshop in Singapore
Pant: 1B in KK
Bag: Random shop in Sungei Wang

Our outfit of the day for our movie dates.

We went to watch Taken 2 last Wednesday and it was as good as Taken. I think Liam Neelson is really growing old and such a loving but overly protective dad. I have a soft spot for father-daughter kind of movie, like Taken, Armageddon etc. It gets me every time.

Wore that for another night out with Miao.
Top: Actually is a dress, from a local boutique I think
Skirt: Forever 21
Pumps: Vincci
Bag: Longchamp

I have been obsessing over my nail lately and was having fun re-discovering my old nail polishes. My favorite color is pastel but sadly I don't have much pastel colors in my collection. Also, it was my first time doing DIY for my own nails, so it's a bit messy.

It's weird that I'm not PMS-ing this weekend but I have been having some sort of food craving. Maybe it was because I had been starving real bad and always eat way past my meal time. Last Friday, I went back to Penang Kopitiam just for the sake of their sushi.

Loot at the big fat sashimi, yums!

I had these meatballs for brunch yesterday and it was good and last me till dinner time.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (username: suzmellisa), you might already seen most of the pictures above. Sorry for that but I update my twitter and Instagram way more often than my blog obviously, duh!. So follow me there for more updates.

I was Tango-ing with the bf while writing this and he been complaining that I never write anything about him. Someone demands a debut here I see, LOL. I don't really talk much about my personal life since I first started blogging. I may have mentioned a bit here and there about the bf ( and the exes) too but never a story about us. Maybe because I'm too vain and want this space to revolve just around me, LOL. Just kidding babe, I will do it when it's time. <3 p="p">

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have not really put much of my thought here as of late, am I? Well, tonight is one of those rare nights where I feel like pouring my heart content out here. But I'm not sure whether this post will make it to the "publish" button, we'll see about that.

When I was in front of my computer pretending to be busy at work, my mind was wandering somewhere else, taking alone my soul with it. I often wonder, what's the world out there look like, feel like? Must be more comforting than where I was sitting right now. That's my thoughts on a typical working day. The mundane routine of working is leaving my dry. Maybe a little excitement along the way is what I need. 

Sometimes, I wish I could just leave everything behind and explore what's the world has to offer for me out there. I want to be carefree, I want to take risk, I want experience life. I'm at my prime time to do what I've put in my bucket list now. Clock is ticking and time is passing, but I'm nowhere near ticking off anything from my bucket list.

I don't want to waking up in regret one morning for the things that I didn't do. I had a conversation with my bestie about growing up. It was a pretty scary realization. You are becoming an adult, parents are growing old and your kids siblings are no longer kids. What have you done all this time? What have you achieved? Are you where you're imagined yourself to be years ago?

I myself can't seem to find the answer for those questions. Maybe there are no answer at all, after all you decide your own path in life. It is a never ending self conflict, I guess. You want things go your way but you don't want to work for it. You plan your day, things goes wrong and you get upset. Being upset is your choice, more often that not, we overuse the term "look at the bright side" without actually apply it in our daily life.

Maybe, just maybe all we need is someone to tell us it is okay to screw up. A little comfort like this goes a long way.

I'm not making sense, am I? Just like life, it doesn't have to make sense.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vistana Hotel

So, this is way backdated but never mind. Since I'm not going anywhere this month, I figure I'll write about my trip to KL last July. I was there for a training program which by far is my favorite program ever. This time I was arranged to stay at Vistana Hotel at Titiwangsa. 

When I first read the email about the accommodation, I was hoping for something nearby Starhill but heck, I was located at the middle of nowhere. The area is not familiar and I had no idea where it is. But the hotel itself made it up for the location.

Pardon my shopping bag, I was just getting some basics from Cotton On soon after I touched down. I got a king size bed all for myself. 

The room was clean and that's a must in my travel list. But the awkward part is when I need to iron my clothes, I had to call housekeeping because they provide none in the room. That's not the worst part though. The worst part is I was only given one hour to use the old school iron before the housekeeper took it back.

My hotel is really in the middle of nowhere. There's no mall, no 7-11 that I noticed nearby, no McD, no KFC. So, I was only left with hotel food. Because I refused to go out at night. According to my cab driver, the area that I stayed at is black area where snatch thief incidents happened almost daily. That why I locked myself in my room after training.

Hotel food was my only choice left. The fish and chip was a bit bland actually. Even the breakfast buffet was disappointing. I tend to wake up late and went down to breakfast around 7.15am but their food were mostly gone and they didn't refill. Why?? Seats were limited and service was slow too. :(

In the end, I settled for Maggie two nights in a row

My haul

Can you believe I bought it all in less than 3 hours? Because I had to check-in at my hotel before 7pm and I touched down at KLIA at 1.30pm, my time to loiter around was limited. I reached KL Sentral almost at 2.45pm, packed my luggage into the rented locker there and hopped into monorail nearby to go Bukit Bintang. Speed shopping in 2 hours, got back to KL Sentral and hailed a cab to go to Titiwangsa. Sometimes, I'm really impress with myself.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To do Master or not?

It's been awhile since I really pour my thought into this space of mine. I was having writer block and been kept busy for good since August. Too many things had happened in the past month till I get lazy to capture the memory in this space. For once, I decided to just live in the moment, enjoying it while it last rather than busy transferring my pictures to my laptop and drafting a post about my day late at night. I've picked cuddling over writing hehehe

Recently I just got back from Kuching for rather short but sweet work trip. Since I had a few hours to loiter around before heading to airport, I stopped by my uni. The last time I was there was a year ago for my graduation.

Most of my friends are doing their Master now and during my visit, they were taking part in a conference. Coincident much, I came by during lunch time. Thick-skinned me joined the rest of the participants and lecturers for their lunch buffet.

The very same hall where I got my graduation hall last year

I met most of my lecturers at the buffet, it's good to know that they still doing great though all of them were shocked that I completely work in a different field from my study. My thesis supervisor even trying to talk me into doing Master.

I never give Master much thought, to be honest. I was super excited after graduation and couldn't wait to kick start my career. I guess at the moment, money and career are my priority, I think I had have enough of sampling, collecting data and writing article. It was a great experience and I already published my research into article. That's one achievement off my list.

I have so much more to tick off my list but not Master now. Maybe someday in the future, who knows? To my friends whom doing their Master now, good luck and do your best, guys. Be one of the awesome researchers, alright? :)