Saturday, September 28, 2013

Because I love food

One of my favorite thing to blog about besides my travel tale, is food. Food is more than just part of essential in live, for me at least. The smell of food makes me drool, the taste of food give me foodgasm. (Food orgasm, get it?). And I love taking pictures of my food more than my own selfie. True story.  

That's why when I go through my photo in my phone, I found more food photos than my selfie. Maybe I'm not vain enough, or maybe I love food a bit too much. Either way, I'm gonna spam this post with all food photos.

Sorry in advance if I make you drool.

Lunch at Uncle Dom Cafe
My must have there are beef ginger rice, fish maw soup and their 炸水饺。I used to love their Sambal Mee Hoon but after awhile I find that the sambal is too overwhelming.

Dim sum dinner at 鱼丸村。I'm not sure if this the correct name because I kinda forget already.
My pick for dim sum are cheese meatball, salted egg roll and bf must have is the custard bun.

I currently discover overlay in picture editing and have been obsessing with brenoverlay. Many has misunderstand brenoverlay as photo editing apps. It is not, it's artwork or scribble that you edit your photo with by overlaying them. So my photos here onward with the overlay are edited using PicArt (a photo app) and customize with brenoverlay.

Lunch on Monday was at Noodle House.
I super love their stew pork rice and mille crepe. Their original mille crepe tastes better than Nadeja. 

Tuesday lunch at Opps Kopitiam with their set meal

Wednesday lunch at Yummy Cafe 

And Friday we're back to Opps Kopitiam again for their set lunch.
Everyday they have different set lunch included barley value for only RM4.90.
Super cheap right?! 

Dinner date with besties at Bisteca Bistro.
I think Bisteca Bistro has improved a lot. We had their Hawaiian Chicken pizza, pan sear Dori and marinara I think. All were delicious. Definitely money well spent on food.
And picture was stolen taken from Hoe Facebook.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Phuket Day 3 - Islands Hopping

My Phuket travel tale continues. I blogged about Day 1 & 2 here. So on day 3, we decided to go for island tour. We just randomly picked a tour from tour agent stall since every tour agents work for almost the same company. The island tour included transport to and fro from our hotel, tea break, lunch and soft drinks on boat. Trick: gather all of your friends, the more the merrier because you can bargain the tour price till as low as RM100. Additional trick: feel free to flirt with your tour agent to get more discount. I tried but it didn't work. :(

Briefing 8 am in the morning, spot me! The loner obviously, surrounded by other tourists.

Getting ready to hop on my yacht boat

Thank God I took the sea sick pill during briefing because our boat ride was a tough one. The tide was quite high and the current were strong. One time the bf really need to use the toilet and we had to stop in the middle of the ocean, so he could use the world smallest toilet in the speed boat. Because our captain turned off the boat engine, the boat was floating around dancing to the current. A girl couldn't help it and throwing up on the boat. Poor girl, her face literally turned green.

Reaching Maya Bay

Totally in awe admiring the view

We stepped on the same land beach as Leonardo DiCaprio  

Next destination is Viking Cave.

I don't remember what's inside Viking Cave but initially tourists are allowed to go in but right now it was closed due to maintenance or something, I don't really remember.The effect of blogging about this 2 months later. Forgive me please.

 We also stopped by the Monkey Beach

Freaking out because the monkey was approaching me

My monkey 

Just strolling along the beach yo

Notice the little monkey sitting on the trunk, he/she was so chillax, minding her own business

Monkeys there are so relaxing and none of them actually care about us. They were just playing with each other and occasionally running here and there. Look quite harmless but I won't try to come in contact with them tho. We were warned beforehand not to feed them and come in contact with them as they might feel threaten and become aggressive.

Our next activity is my favorite one, snorkeling. I had so much fun looking at the little colorful fish. It was really beautiful. I love chasing them in the water, trying to touch them but they swam so fast. Pfffttt
Getting my gear ready

All set and ready to jump into the water

If you look closely, you literally can see the fish in the water on the left side.
Can you spot the little blue fish?? 

Our final spot is Khai Nok Island for lunch and relaxing on the beach

The buffet selection. Everything taste good when you're hungry.
And chilled Coca Cola taste even better after you spend whole day in the salt water.

Exploring the island

While the bf joined others playing beach volleyball

Looking back at all these photos make me miss Phuket so much especially the beach. One of the dream is to have a beach house but it is near impossible :( I love being so carefree and not to think about anything, no deadlines, no errands. Just being in the moment and exploring and absorbing the new surrounding.

I need another holiday. Seriously.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Temporary babysitter

Hi you all!
How was your Malaysia Day long weekend?
Mine was exhausted.
It was spent being a temporary babysitter.
I think I am good at it, I mean Danish is pretty happy and active all the time.


He has the cutest smile ever

But don't let the look fool you.

He changed completely from the all-smiley kid to shrieking and kicking in just a split second when I refused to let him play with my camera.

But when I cuddled him, he stop crying and just looked at me with his innocent eyes.
It just melt my heart.

When I put him down again, the shrieking and kicking show continues.

I don't think I'm ready for motherhood.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I got me a new toy

I got myself a new toy last week!! Woohoooo!! After years of blogging and being vain, I have never own a proper camera. Yup, all these years my photos are taken with Iphone 4 and any phones that I owned before this. I have been toying with the idea of getting a proper camera after I read about the launching of Lumix GF 6. 

But it is impossible to get hold of Lumix GF 6 here, I've asked so many places and none of them have it. Of course I have been doing some research online and playing with some cameras at the stores and that's where I met the current love of my life, Sony NEX 5R.  

Flip screen for vain me, checked!
Wifi for easier photo sharing, checked!!
DSLR quality in a compact size, checked!!!

I'm not a professional when it comes to camera stuff but I really love this one. The picture quality is great though I'm still struggling to learn what is aperture, how to control the shutter, what mode for outdoor, what mode for poor lighting etc. 

Anyway, brace yourself for lots of my vain pictures ahead, makeup-less nonetheless because I've been lazy and slacking off in taking care of how I look these days. I know you would have thought that I'll be paying more attention to my makeup since I finally got myself camera but I really lazy and not in the mood.
All of these pictures were taken with Sony NEX -5R

Trying out different picture effects, this one was soft skin

That's all. I'm so excited to bring my camera everywhere with me now but I always forgot. -__- Like today, I forgot to pack it when I head over to the bf's place. Now I can't take loads of picture of  little Eden. Bummer.