Thursday, June 12, 2014


Every girls have their dream bags. The bag that you keep thinking about, the bag that you have been saving every penny for. Some spent huge amount of times stalking and scrolling through social media to admire their dream bags. Some went on advance research mode and started bookmarking forum and websites regarding their dream bags. Don't tell me I am the only one doing this.

Now that I'm earning my own moolah, the road to own my dream bags (yes, it's bagsss) should be nearer each day. Sadly for me, the road only getting nearer by an inch, can't blame myself. Putting down my hard earned money on a designer bag is still not really high on my priority. My dad will be really proud of me if he read that last sentence. I'm not in a rush and still saving for it.

I refuse to go down the path of knockoff. Or the fancy word inspired. 

I have a Mango bag which is inspired from Givenchy Antigona. When I first bought it, I have no idea it was an inspired piece until I saw a video in Youtube featuring Givenchy Antigona. By then it was too late,I already bought the bag. So I inspected it further and realized it is really just an inspired piece, not one-to-one copied from the Antigona. Phewww...

But it is a different story for this bag

Totally knockoff for RM509.90 with the exact brand name sold at my local department store. I pity Michael Kors or his designer.

So, what's your stand on this? Share with me if you don't mind.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Charcoal Bun @ Jack Pork

I'm quite happy that lots and lots of new cafes popping out in Sibu now. At least I will have more options now since I'm eating out quite a lot. Mostly for lunch and dinner I eat outside because it is convenient and sometimes I even had my breakfast outside too. Seriously, I couldn't remember the last time I cooked a proper meals, must have been months ago.

Few weeks ago, the bf and I decided to Jack Pork which famous for its burger. I'm not a huge fan of burger (it's pasta all the way for me) but I was still keen on trying it anyway.

The menu

They have everything from burger to pasta and Asian noodles and rice selection too. So if you're not keen on burger, you can try others too. Don't worry, there's always something for everyone.


This picture looks so weird as if the bf has super long hands lololol

The bf opted for stewed pork rice because he's truly definition of Asian. Kidding alright, he just loves his rice. His stewed pork rice taste quite good and his complain was the portion is too small. 

I settled for Jack Pork Classic Burger with the charcoal bun

The portion was huge and the food was good especially the bun. This set costs around RM13.80 which has ice lemon tea included. So, quite affordable la. Maybe next time I'll come back for their pasta after I lost some weight. I'm aiming for 42kg now. hehehe If you know my height, this is my kinda ideal weight. So, don't tell me I'm too thin because I'm definitely not.


Top - Plan Jane tee from InsideHerWardrobe
Skirt - Cotton On

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's on your mind?

At the beginning of the year, I've made a list of resolutions which included to write more in my blog. I know I I've failed this one without checking my archive. No time to write, nothing to write, not inspired to write. I guess all those are excuses.

The real reason for lack of updates is probably that more people that I know read my blog, I feel restricted to express myself because I'm scared of being judge.

Why she only post pictures of herself?

Again, another lovey dovey post of her and her bf?

Another seeker! Getting all emo also need to tell the whole world.

Those are just in my head of course, I have no idea what's going through their mind when they read my blog. Last few years I wrote freely because nobody know the existence of this space. I'm not saying that I don't like people read what I've wrote because the purpose of the blog is to share. It's just that feel different when people that I know read what I wrote here.

All the jumble thoughts in my head, they know. It becomes scary because I don't want them to know everything but at the same time, I need to express myself somewhere. A physical journey won't do it for me because I ehem need spelling check to spell some words. Yup, the convenience of spelling check here has finally takes its toll on my grammar sadly.

But after some thought, I've decided to be just myself, to write whatever I want, to rant, to whine, to be emo etc because after all, I'm only human that experience the up and low of life.

And this is the space where I want to document my life.

So, cheers to a new start (?) where I'll be writing more here.

Girly dates

13 years of friendship and we still going strong, that's me and my childhood friend, Xiao S. We've known each other since we were 12 years old over a game of netball. We're from different school and only keep in touch once in a while, usually during sports day or netball competition because we both are competitive like that lol. Truth is, our friendship blossom from enemy on the track/court to best friend outside of sports. 

Fate have it and years later we became roommate at college, or I shamelessly moved into her dorm because I like her room hahhaha Fast forward to few years later, I'm done with formal education whereas this ambitious girl doing her Master. She's the kind of friend that I only see once a year but still click instantly like we've never parted before.

She's even my cupid whom introduce me to the bf. This girl came back last month for a short break and we tried to spend more quality time together catching up on our life stories. There's something more satisfying about meeting up and talking face to face than typing messages on our phones. Plus, we get to dress up too.

Do you know that we always ask each other what are we wearing prior meeting up? hehehe  that's the fun part having girl friend that loves dressing up.

The customary mirror shot before going up

We tried out the new cafe called Grilled

The atmosphere and ambiance at Grilled is good and service is good too. But the food is mediocre. In fact I have tasted the worst fish and chip ever there. So I suggest go for the steak instead. It was good.

Our mushroom soup in the bun

Our steak

Because we're vain hahaha
Photos above were taken with Sony NEX

Iphone shots
Yeah, I even brought my instax too.

Taken with her Casio


Another girly date at Baba & Siam Cafe with Angie whom I also known through netball.

My hair looks so short here. I miss my long hair so much and now I wanted to grow my hair. But when I see short hair girl, I'm tempted to cut my hair again -_____-

Another shot of us bff

We took so many photos the whole week and I feel like I finally been able to properly utilize my camera. I even shot some videos *shy* But I haven't edit it yet and I'm not sure whether I'm going to put it up for public or not. On the brighter note, I've finally found my memory card. Weeehehhhe 

Us with our matching Cath Kidston phone case