Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prom Night

I went to my first ever prom last week and it was great and beyond my expectation. Everything was so much better when you're the guest and not the committee member. Trust me, I was involved with Taekwondo annual dinner two years in a row and it was a great pain in the ass to pull such an event. I was a bit reluctant to go at first but then Angie and Harold convinced me and thank God they did because it was splendid.

My prom date, Harold.

Been a while since my last camwhoring session, pardon the lack of technique

We rock our own red carpet. Awesome ladies and a gentleman. 
Ignore our eyes please, the flash was too strong.
So strong that it turned us into porcelain figures.

 Even the wax figure of celebrities can't beat us.

Lovely housemates, Vero and Angie

Stealing Vero's prom date, Ik.

With the ladies, Vero and Bern

Awesome setting

Great performance

Rocking the dance floor

The prom was held in Sarawak Golf Club. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their life that night. Smiling, laughing and dancing away to their favorite songs. All hail to UNICS committee members for putting together the great prom. Now I can proudly said that I'd been to prom. :p

Pictures are the courtesy of Lulu, Mermer and Harold's Facebook and Ik's camera.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turning 22

Do you know what is the best thing about having your birthday fall on Sunday? That means you can start your birthday blast as early as Friday and the celebration will last the whole weekend or even better till Monday, that's it if you're free on Monday like me. 

This year I have no plan or whatsoever for my birthday because I'm not really excited about it. Celebrating your birthday is like celebrating the fact that you're another year older, another pile of responsibility building up, tons of decisions to be made, speaking of being an adult. I guess I was hit by the mid-20 life crisis earlier last week, hence the negative thoughts in my head about becoming adult. 

The first two paragraphs were written 2 weeks ago, about a day after my birthday. That's what I felt at that time. But time passed, and now I don't feel the same anymore. In fact, I had accepted that fact that age is just a number, it changes nothing. Come to think of it, I couldn't wait to graduate and earn my own moolah because I feel bad asking money from my dad just because I want something that based on my desires. 

But, a girl deserved to be pampered on her special.  On the night before my birthday, I went out with a bunch of awesome friends. Actually, the plan was just a simple hang out at Ruai but due to the Tattoo Exhibition, Ruai was jammed pack with tattoo artists and tattoo lovers. Hence, we opted for another place but somehow we ended up at Amoeba, clubbing the night away. Everyone was getting high on dancing. We totally ruled the dance floor that night. I even managed to get a bottle of free wine because it was my birthday. Free drinks, great music and awesome mister's friends totally rocked my night. The night didn't ended there of course, we stopped by Ruai again for another rounds of alcohols.

On the evening of my birthday, I got a great surprise from Abang and the gangs. I knew they had something up their sleeves but I really didn't see that one coming. They planned this one well. After dinner at Chillipeppers, we sang our lungs out at Embassy The Spring. All in all, I had a great birthday bash. I really count my blessing for such a thoughtful and wonderful friends. Will post the pictures once I got them from Harold and Lulu. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The year that was

It's true when they say that weather can affect your feeling. It'd been raining since last night and still is now. I love rainy day, somehow I found it's comforting just to sit in my room with my laptop on and window wide open, listening to the raindrops. Memories flashing back to my mind, as fresh as the cold breeze. Good or bad, happy or sad, each memories have its own stories to tell. The story of how two strangers met, exchanging eye contact for merely one second and pretending to do their own things despite the urge to come over and introduce themselves to each other. 

Opportunity knocked when they're sitting in a group under the small hut after marching practice. With food as the topic, the ice were broken and a new bond was formed. Just like that, they clicked with each other, talking and laughing like they're old friend. They fight over silly things as much as they laugh. Often, they said the opposite of whatever in their mind just to piss each other off. Ego, what a strong character. But they know exactly what's on each other mind even if it's left unspoken. They made up soon after. As two headstrong people are put together, the peace didn't last long before they pick another fight with each other. Everything was simple back then and they're contented. Like it or not, when the times come, goodbyes will be forced to say. They made pact to see each other again.

Time passed and people changed but one thing remains the same; their 'love and hate' friendship. They don't see each other often, more or less once in a year but the feeling is as strong as their first met. Be it 4 years or more had passed, you will always be my favorite memories. See you during Chinese New Year soon, friend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Carol's birthday

Last Friday was Carol's birthday and as usual, it's our cue for a little gathering and celebration. So, we decided to surprise the birthday girl at her house. I bet she didn't see that one coming because we came as early as 6 pm and caught her off guard. 

The Hemas+1 

Proud birthday girl with her newspaper-wrapped gift.
They're environmentally conscious :)

She got a mini table from IKEA because she just moved in to a new but completely empty house.
And the red color match her room very well, I must say ;)

After that, we went to Barok's Village for dinner. 

With a full stomach, we sat by the Waterfront overlooking the night view of the buildings across Sungai Sarawak.

All in all, it was a perfect night.

Happy birthday dear, may success comes in your way and God bless you always. A year older, a year wiser, a year healthier and a year happier. Cheers!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheer for 2011

Wow, another 365 days had passed and we're given another chance to start anew. Ah, the bliss of a new year. Poor 2010, it's time to bid him goodbye. It'd been a wonderful year for me, 2010 had taught me a lot, I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I sulked. All in all, I'd grown. 

Hello 2011, I wish you can be greater than 2010. 2011 marks an important year for me because I will graduate this year and leaving behind my days as a formal student. Hopefully, everything will goes according to the plan. I could not afford to screw my final semester, therefore this is my priority this year. 

Next on my list for sure is to decide the path for my future. Honestly, I have no clue yet in this matter. I have no desires or whatsoever for my career, all I want is a stable career but I'm still clueless. Well, I have another six months to think this through. I really need some guidance in this matter, so I'm crossing my finger tightly for the best. 

Among other things that I should focus on this year is to save more $$, spend wisely, be healthier and happier. Dear God, please make 2011 as another great year for my family and my friends and thank you for your blessing in 2010. Here's to another awesome year, cheers 2011.