Monday, July 25, 2016

A weekend away in Penang

On Labour Day weekend this year, my colleagues and I took off for a weekend getaway to Penang. the 3D2N trip is mainly about sightseeing and eating all the local delicacies. It took me this long to update because erm, I'm lazy la.

This is a photos heavy post because we took like 3458716 photos for 3D2N trip,

All ready to board our flight

As I have mentioned earlier, our main agenda was to eat all the delicacies. All the photos are not chronological order because my memory fails me.

This char kuey tiaw was from a famous coffee shop that swamped with tourist all the time. Sadly I forgot the name of the cafe. But it was a walking distance from our hotel, Cititel. It was delicious and the portion was actually quite small.

At night we went separate ways but still enjoying our dinner. My colleagues and I went to an outdoor food court which also a walking distance from our hotel.

The next day we went to visit Kek Lo Si Temple. I've never been there before because of time constraint on my first visit. I have no idea how big the temple was but enormous it is! We came in the morning to avoid crowd and also the weather was rather pleasant in the morning. Be prepared to come with comfortable walking shoes because you will be walking a lot here and climbing lots of stairs too.

The temple was enormous and filled with intricate details on the ceiling and walls.

Blurred image cropped from my Snapchat

After visiting the temple, our driver brought us to the famous sister curry mee and chee cheong fun. I'm not so sure of the exact location because we walked through small alleys to get there but it was closed to Kek Lok Si Temple.

Can you believe that they had been on business since 1946?

Look at them! They looked old and frail but still fit enough to run their business on their own. They are still using the traditional way of cooking which is by using charcoal. 

It was delicious but not exactly my cup of tea

Our next agenda was 3D Museum. All of us happily queuing up for the entrance.

The only mural that can fit us all hahaha

Lunch on the second day was settled at a Peranakan Cafe which was recommended by our driver as well. By far for me, that was the best lunch ever. I've never tried Peranakan food before but this lunch was awesome and made me fall in love with Peranakan food.

Food blogger failed. The name of the cafe was blocked but other details are available up there.

Okay I did some intensive Googling and find out that the cafe name is Ivy's Nyonya Cuisine and it is highly rated in TripAdvisor. So, must go there to at least try the Nyonya food when you are in Penang! 

It was located at residential area and run by family. So it is very homey and cozy but the tables are limited, be sure to call first to avoid disappointment. They have great set lunch so we ordered by set and customised some dishes to our own liking. But my bad memory failed me and I have no idea the name of each dishes now. 

All of the above should be eaten together where you fold the meat in the lettuce and pour the condiments on it with. Super delicious but a tad spicy.

Chicken curry (?) which is my absolute favourite.

This assam fish was great too. Oh my, I'm hungry now and drooling just by looking at these photos.

Dessert was just okay for me because I'm not exactly a dessert person

All of us with the owner of the cafe (the one with both of his hands up in the air)

Another must go places when visiting Penang, Chew Jetty.

They also went to visit some famous mural streets art in Armenian street but I opted out and went to nearby cafe instead because the weather was too hot and I visited it all before.

Before we called it a day and went back to hotel to freshen up for dinner, we stopped by the Lebuh Keng Kwee to try to queue for the famous Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. It is located right next to where we had our Char Kuey Teow the day before.

Ops, another blogger failed moment.

Look at the insane queue! It had been like that for hours! 

But luckily it was moving quickly.

This is what everyone are queuing for!

According to my colleagues that had tried other chendul, this one was definitely better.

This wraps up my weekend away with my colleagues. I have one exciting news that I can't wait to share here but I'll shall wait till the moment is right to pen it down. :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sister Trip | Bali

Okay, I'm getting worst at this blogging thing. This draft has been sitting in my blog for a 4 months before I finally sit down and reminiscing my sister trip to Bali. But I have a very good reason for procrastinating.

The  procrastination bug in me is real guys! But I have a good reason for it. I'm living my life out of social media now mostly and I kinda like it.

Now let's get back to my sister trip back in March. We arrived at night and freshen up in our hotel, Sense Hotel in Seminyak. After that we marched over to Motel Mexicola which is right next to our hotel.

Initially we wanted a light dinner but ended up with just Bintang Beer. The atmosphere at Motel Mexicola was great and the place was filled with tourist. Everyone were having fun, drinking away and dancing. We did danced a while before called it a night.

Out exploring Seminyak the next day. 

Black dress in Bali weather is not a good idea guys.

Dress and sandals from Zalora

First time trying Teh Botol and it was okay for me.

Next day on Kura-Kura Bus en route to Kuta because someone wanted to go to Sephora.

We went to Mozaic Beach Club on the third day.

Actually we wanted to go to Potato Head but our hotel granted us discount for Mozaic Beach Club and assured us that it is equally awesome too.

We even signed up for cycling tour in Ubud because I have never been to Ubud and cycling seems like a perfect way to explore Ubud. But the day before the cycling tour, we went to Kuta beach and signed up for surfing lesson. I went before and encouraged my sister to try out. She's only been in the water for less than half a hour before calling it quit. 

Surfing was so much fun for me and I tried to make full use of my 2 hours but my energy limited me. Plus I got knocked by my surf board on the head a few times and scratches my knees on the sands too. We woke up feeling like just beaten up and decided to just bailed on our cycling tour. Lame but it is the best decision ever because we spent the day doing girly stuff like massages, mani and padi and went for high tea.

Brunch was at Eat Well which is famous for its crispy pork.

High tea at Souq because we were avoiding the pouring rain outside.

This is where I had the best brownie and iced chocolate ever.

Dinner was The Junction where I finally satisfied my craving for Bakso Ayam.

The Bakso Ayam is delicious and totally what I imagined a perfect Bakso taste like. 

Brunch the next day before we head to airport was at Grocer & Grind which is highly recommended but it did not live up to my expectation. The food was average and the waiting time was too long. 

I really had lots of fun on this trip and tried out lots of cafes and had massages everyday till my body was bruised wtf. I'm really looking forward to another sister trip hopefully next year.