Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hard work paid off

My final result was finally released yesterday and I couldn't be more happier. It is better than I'd hoped for. All this while I keep doubting myself whether I really can pull it through or not but perseverance and determination are the keys.

I couldn't stop beaming whole day. All the tension, stress and dateline doesn't seem so bad anymore. I must confess, I might have dropped a few tears when trying to finishing my thesis. Last semester my progress report was rejected three times! And I had to rush everything during study week, so forgive me if I might have cried along the way. 

But now everything seems to worth it. I have made it to the Dean List. Thank you God for blessing me. And congratulations to my friends too! We all rocked our final year, didn't we? See you guys during Convocation this October :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My nephew

I have a nephew whom I'd never seen before. He's my cousin's son by the way. They lived in Johor and only come back to Sarawak once or twice before but I was never at Sibu when they came. Lucky me this year, they come back for Gawai and yours truly is home. But the little nephew is growing up so fast, I missed his baby phase. Now he's a 2 1/2 years toddler, a very naughty one actually.

I was trying to get him to take off his shirt for shower but boy, he was so stubborn. I chased him around the house and yet I still didn't managed to get his shirts off. He's tricky.

See, he climbed on the sofa to avoid me.

Showing his 'peace' sign when he saw me taking his picture

Peace yo!

Besides that, I'd been playing badminton religiously this week, accompanying the friends for their losing weight plan. It was fun despite the early hour. I enjoy the sweating moments. 

Miao and Hoe for their one-on-one

A tired yours truly

Now I'm at my dad long house which located at Song. We will stay here for a week for the Gawai festival. I think a week here is too long but let's hope I'm wrong. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see what Song has in store for me. Here I would like to wish my Iban friends "Selamat Hari Gawai, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai" same goes to my Bidayuh friends and Kadazan friends whom celebrate the Harvest Festival. Enjoy!

Family reunited

Going back home this time was different because I was not going back alone, the family were coming to Kuching to fetch me instead. Actually it was because my dad didn't trust me to drive a 6 hours road trip on my own. So the family came on the weekend and had a little shopping.


Right after checking in to our hotel, I brought them for dinner at downtown and sent them off again to hotel to get some rest. I was really appreciating the time that left for me to enjoy with my friends before I was home for good. So, I dragged my sister along with me to meet the mates at Check-In. As always, the party was great and I couldn't be more happier. 

With 4 hours of sleep and sore legs the next day, I brought them to shop. Mom was really happy but her foot wasn't. Due to time constraint, I only brought them to The Spring and Boulevard. At night, my sister and I were supposed to go to Anugerah Juara Lagu Rentak Ruai (AJAR) but my aunt insisted on taking us to steamboat at Hornbill. Since we didn't pay for the tickets to AJAR (it was given by Masterpiece to my sister, God bless them for winning that night), we were off to steamboat. 

I have no idea what my sister was doing with that chopstick ='=

Happily enjoying the food

After all the walk and food, I turned like this at night.
Couldn't barely feel my foot anymore

On Sunday, after taking some of the stuffs I'd left at the flat, I waved my goodbye to the place I'd called home  for a year and to my lovely housemates whom feel like a family to me. But that's not goodbye of course, it's "see you again" because friends stay connected. Is it too much if I already anticipated our next reunion? :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Florals and prints

Next week we will be celebrating Gawai or better known as Harvest Festival. It is the traditional celebration indicates the harvesting season is over for the Iban and it is time to express their gratitude for the rezeki or something like that and it is the occasion where family get together and reunite. As usual, I do not prepare much for Gawai since we will be celebrating it at my dad long house. Normally, I just bought a few new clothes and that's all. 

For Gawai shopping this year, my sisters and I were planning to get some outfits in Kuching but it is impossible to shop properly in just one day. So, the plan failed and here comes the back up plan. We shopped at Sibu instead. There are not much stuffs that caught my attention this time. 

Yup, all the dresses that I tried on were the same design, the only differences were their prints. The puffy things you saw around my waist were the pockets. It was kind of weird and it made me looked puffed as well. I like the first one tho.

I also tried on this jumpsuit short (?). It was nice and comfortable and I love the cherry prints on the blouse.

I also tried on this sheer dress and it was too sheer. It felt as if I was only on my inner wear. Plus, it was to big anyway. Well, in the end, I only got myself one of all the items that I'd tried on. Can you guess which want I'd picked? :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Settling down

So, here I am. After 6 hours of car ride with a cramp butt later, I'm home. The journey was not as bad as I expected, it was bearable, it was the emotion that got me. 4 years of staying away from home, now I'm coming back for good. Truth is, I'm not as excited as I thought I would be when I finished my study ( finger crossed I'll pass with flying color). 

I know exactly what made me felt that way. I'm emotionally attached to everyone that I have to leave behind in Kuching especially the friends that had been close with me during my final year. The late night hang outs, the talks, the lame jokes, the laughters, everything that I had been through with them make it harder for me to let go. I miss going to class and chit-chatting while the lecturers are teaching, gossiping with my munyits, passing snacks around class to share. 

But life goes on. I have lots of boxes to unpack and clothes to arrange. First day home and I'm already busy as bee, waking up earlier than usual to send my car for servicing, picking up my cousin, brunch with my sister, picking up lil sister from school, picking up my boxes from bus terminal. Enough said, I'm pretty beat up by the end of day and guess what, I have a badminton session at 9 am tomorrow. I never play badminton for real, playing badminton in front of my house with no netting or line doesn't count. 

Coming back home is not so bad after all. I just need time to settle down and enjoy before I start my job hunt. Or maybe I should get a part-time job? Extra money is always good. Anyway, I'm looking forward for what my hometown can offer me.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life in boxes

I had been very productive yesterday, spending the whole day packing my stuff and yet I'm not even halfway through. I only managed to pack my clothes, 2 boxes of books and random stuffs. Somehow packing this time didn't feel as tiring as before. Actually, I enjoy packing but am very lazy to sort the stuff out. Since I'm moving back to my hometown, I decided to pack light. Get rid of the stuff that I won't use anymore, give away stuffs that my friends could use and recycle my notes and maybe give my unwanted clothes to charity. 

When I was sorting out my stuff yesterday, I stumbled upon some stuffs that I had been keeping all these while for memories sake. Yes, I'm a hoarder. I rarely discard my stuffs especially the special ones. Each items have their own stories to tell. But I realized, holding on to those stuff won't do me any good. It is time to let go. But the memories of each stories shall remain close to my heart.

The yellow ruler above was bought by my dad at Labuan when we're shopping for my school supplies for Matriculation. I much prefer the normal RM0.60 plastic bendable ruler but since my dad got me this, I had been using it until the edge of it broke and become "bergerigi". See my black pig table clock? A friend bought that for me when I was in Form 5. It accompanied me through Matriculation and 3 years of Uni. Now it's dead. Notice the pink stick with yellow and pink stripe at the end? (Near my yellow ruler) That is Amazing arrow helicopter.

Here is another box of memories, mostly are from my first year in Uni. That yellow lantern was from the Lantern Festival back in 2008 when I went to Friendship Park with Abang, Harold, Mila and Amy.


It is time to let go of these stuffs. But with this post, now I can have a vivid memory of all these. My room was in such a mess during the whole process. Papers were scattered around, boxes were everywhere, let me just show you the minor part of the mess.

Am to shy to show my whole room.

By the way, I am terribly broke after all the printing for my thesis. I have 2 supervisors, so that means I have to print 3 copies. One copy was about RM 60, so three copies were RM180. I never spent this much on my school work before. With that amount of money, I can buy new heels and new jeans, go to cinema 18 times, eat steamboat 9 times and so on. Bloody thesis suck my money out of me. So, I decided to cut corner and print only one copy for my examiner and photocopy another 2 sets for my supervisors. I'm sure they will understand. 

The culprits

I think age is definitely catching up with me. I lost my camwhoring mojo and technique. Seriously, I used to love taking photos of myself but now I don't anymore.  What happened to me? It's definitely the age thing. Or maybe a sign for me to stop being such a narcissistic. Whatever *shrug shoulder* My favorite camwhoring prop is definitely the mirror. See it for yourself :p

Here's me pretending to be shock. Fail attempt anyway. 

Notice the tan line in my arm in the picture? Is there any way to get rid of it? I want an even skin tone on my arms. T_T Anyway, happy weekend to all. Have a great one. Bye!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Back when I was still staying at college in my Uni, I was an online addict (still am actually). Every night instead of studying or doing my assignment, I would spent hours and hours reading random stuff online. I lived alone and have no car back then, so what do you expect me to do every night (besides study) other than spending my time online.  My favorite site back then was FML. I forgot where I got the link, I must've read it somewhere. 

Basically, it is a site when people or suay (misfortune) people shared their bits of misfortune. I know I may sound evil but reading about others misfortune actually makes me feel better. I mean, it made me laugh and laughing is good for you healthy albeit the reason behind it. 

In case you guys are wondering, that's where I caught the "fml" bug. I mean no harm actually. It's just an connotation ( don't know if this is the right word to describe what I mean?) to indicate the state of my condition of that time. Mostly are the screwed up stuff that I'd done. 

For example, I have an exam coming up but still procrastinating until the very last minute and only to realize that  I cannot cramp everything for the exam. So there you go, fml. Get it??

Haih, I'm so bored actually. Already finish my final exam 2 days ago, settled my thesis and assignment but I feel no excitement at all. Before this I really couldn't wait to finish my study and now everything is almost done, I suddenly feel numb. Actually, I have tons of stuff to do like doing my slides for presentation, packing my stuff and catching up with Vampire Diaries, Chuck, CSI, Royal Pain, One Tree Hill and etc, resuming my reading, washing my car and bla bla bla... But I don't feel like doing any of that now albeit the fact that I have so many free time. Why am I so unproductive? How to improve myself if I'm so lazy?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Babies and kids

I always fascinated by babies and kids, but if only they're cute and clean of course. I know I'm biased but I can't stand dirty kids with running nose and their mother can't seem to be bothered to wipe it away. I'm not gonna let that happened to me in the future. 

By the way, I don't know why but lately I kept seeing cute kids wherever I go. The streets, shopping mall, waterfront, even Siang Siang. Seriously, these kids are everywhere lately. I even stumbled upon some videos of kids that made me go aww. 

Charlie is so cute with his laugh

Memory of first kiss. Aww, I like the smug face of Elliot after the girl kissed him. And the way he kissed the girl's shoulder too. Damn nice and sweet. Hope he will still be this romantic when he grow up.

I really love kids. But once they turned into monster and started wailing and yelling, I couldn't help but feel like want to smack their head, or cursed their mother for not shutting them up. Yeah, I'm cruel like that. I have this thought lately because my neighbor cute kid had started to acting out. He cried and wailed early in the morning, when all of us still peacefully asleep. When I was in my room studying/procrastinating, I kept hearing baby's cry from my front block neighbor and I get really pissed. Arrr..

I started to think that maybe my neighbors are just a bunch of inconsiderate people. They smacked their door to close it. This applies to car doors too. I like my window open to let the fresh air in, so I can totally heard all of this noises. They like to laugh like crazy during odd hours too. And I can hear their conversation when they talked on the phone!! This guy from my front block love to talk on the  phone in his balcony in the evening and his voice, damn it, the whole flat can hear it. 

Anyway, I was talking about different neighbors here. They are not the same person, ok. Funny how my "baby" post turned into "how much I hate my neighbors" in the end. But it feel so good to let it all out here. Plus, it's not like any of them read this. Hehehe, I'm evil sometimes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fast 5

Watched this movie last night and I fell in love with Vin Diesel, again. Truth to be told, I never watch the first four Fast and Furious movies because I'm just not interested in cars. And now look who have to eat her own words? ='=  I take back everything I've said about this whole Fast and Furious sequel. 

But if you're like me never watch the first 4 sequels, you don't have to be worry. Though this one is the fifth sequel, the storyline is entirely different. You will not feel lost because not knowing what happened in the previous movie. Here's a quick summary of the movie taken from Yahoo:

Since Brian O'Conner and Mia Toretto broke Dom Toretto out of custody, they've blown across many borders to elude authorities. Now backed into a corner in Rio de Janeiro, they must pull one last job in order to gain their freedom. As they assemble their elite team of top racers, the unlikely allies know their only shot of getting out for good means confronting the corrupt businessman who wants them dead. But he's not the only one on their tail. Hard-nosed federal agent Luke Hobbs never misses his target. When he is assigned to track down Dom and Brian, he and his strike team launch an all-out assault to capture them. But as his men tear through Brazil, Hobbs learns he can't separate the good guys from the bad. Now, he must rely on his instincts to corner his prey... before someone else runs them down first. 

The Fast 5 is all about actions and of course, cars and speed. But the faith and loyalty among the team members is what really got me. They never turned their back at their own team members and family always comes first. Like Dominic Toretto ( Vin Diesel) said " There's always room for family". And I have to say this, Jordana Brewster ( Mia Torretto) is stunningly gorgeous. Her hair, her body, her smile, everything is perfect! And a hot girl behind the wheel going full speed, that's just a big turn-on.

Plus, she's a beauty with brain, she was Yale educated. See, I like her so much that I even doing research on her! Guess what, she was in Chuck too, my favorite drama series. But how come I never noticed her?? It must be because I got my eyes in Chuck and Sarah only. Action packed, adrenaline rush, fancy cars, great sense of humor, smoking hot guys and stunning ladies are what you will get from Fast 5.

Anyway, I give this movie a thumb up and 4 out of 5 stars. It's a perfect stress releaser after studying hard for exam and stressing over thesis. Go get yourself a ticket now and enjoy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Why not?

Lately I had been going crazy over skin care and makeup stuffs. I read reviews online about some beauty range and really wanted to get my hand on those but of course I have to wait till I'm financially secured. My dad will not approve me spending the money for school on personal stuffs like this. 

Today I stumbled upon a give-away contest today and thought to myself, why not joining it? It could be fun and if I win, I could get those stuff for free. The give-away is organized by Nicole and it is her first giveaway. Let's check out the prizes, shall we? 

All together there are 12 prizes, that's means 12 winners. 

Prizes that caught my eyes are definitely these:

OPI Katy Perry Mini Set

Liese Wave Up Foam 02 (150g)

Shiseido Sample Set (7ml x 4, 2ml x1)

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil Free,50ml)

The contest will end when the submission reaches 250, so if you're interested, go check it out. The steps are easy and who know, one of these stuffs will belong to you soon. It wouldn't hurt to try anyway. Good luck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rants and pictures

Painted my nails on Sunday night because I was bored. I absolutely love this almost nude shimmering colors. As you can see, my nails are not in uniform length, have to keep my thumb and index finger nails short because of my contact lens. All the nails on my right hand are short too because I have to cut it all due to my exam. My exam is essay-based, I have to write pages and pages of answers and when I write, I tend to dig my nails into my palm which is hurt big time. So, that's the story of my nails. 

I went to futsal with the boys last 2 weeks. Actually, they played and Angie and I were just watching. By the way, that Steve doing his triumph run after scoring. Besides Angie and I, there was this other girl there too. She was there to support her boyfriend (obviously) but she instantly became our joke of the night. We didn't mean to be rude but this girl, she was the manja type. She brought along her notes and her smelly pillow. Can you believe it?? Who would bring along smelly pillow to a futsal game?? And she clapped and cheered like "Go sayang! yeah sayang" every time her bf got the ball, Angie and I could only rolled our eyes and laughed out loud.

The view of my window every morning. Guess I will miss this view after moving back to Sibu. Damn it, I was getting really sentimental lately about leaving Kuching. Sibu is home of course, but I love Kuching, I love Samarahan too. Maybe the sentiment value is about the people that I have to leave behind. My housemates whom are the last person I see when I sleep and the first person I see when I woke up, the boys with them sense of humor and outgoingness, my munyits with their gossips, my 6 Jahaman/Hemas friends, my coursemates and everyone else (except my nosy downstairs neighbor) T_T

I found this notes with my self-comforting scribbles in Chinese on it when I was arranging my past year notes. It was last semester when I was going through a rough time and exams at the same time. Things didn't work out the way I thought it would be and I was left devastated. It was hard for me but I had to be strong. But past is past and I'm bouncing back stronger than before (hopefully).

I looked fat here and my hair has grown to a length where I don't know what to do with it. My fringe has grown too. Lately, my hair is dry and it seems like no matter what shampoo I used, my hair still dry. Left it without washing for a day, then my hair turned really oily. Why can't my hair be normal?? Talk about frustration, my skin had terrible breakout too. Zits keep popping out around my mouth and nose area. Even my friend had said that I often looked tired and stressed out. 

A half picture of me, Angie and Vero on our way to The Spring for Padini weekend 50% off sale. No wonder they gave it 50% off, all the items are either old or last season. Nothing caught our eyes at all. We went home almost empty handed except for Vero. 

Anyway, that's enough ranting from me. I should appreciate what I have and make good use of my time in Kuching. Bye!