Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sisterly date

Woken up by Pino on Saturday morning, went for brunch with the sisters and spent the rest of the day shopping for necessary. Surrounded by my sisters definitely cheered me up.  At night, we went to Baba & Siam 2 for dinner. This place is currently my favorite place for dinner. The ambiance is perfect and totally romantic. Food wise I can't say much as I only tried a few of their dishes, but so far none had failed my taste.

1. Mango pudding vanilla ice cream - my must order dessert
2. Baba set -The sisters dinner
3. Thai Chendol

Spent the rest of my Sunday staying at home and clearing the piles of old clothes to be given away. Damn, it was hard to be apart from those clothes because some were bought using my hard earned allowance during high school. Each and every piece of the clothing brought back different kinds of memories, from happy outings to first date. Hopefully the new owner will have great memories with the clothes too.

At night, I went to The Queen with the sisters. Felt so good to play dress up after staying put at home for almost two weeks. No wonder I'm #foreveralone.  

The only thing I hate about wearing this long dress is my bulging stomach ='=
I. Really. Need. To. Start. Work. Out. Again

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