Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy post

Browsing through the photos in my phone and found some back dated pictures from last two weeks. So, here it is.

Went karaoke-ing with my hubby while she's in town

We have this habit of taking picture in every toilets of the places that we went. Even in the simple Tanahmas toilet. 

I dunno why I was super happy here. 

With cousin Ling Ling. Super love this little girl.

I weighted myself yesterday after a month of not weighting myself. I lost 2KG!!! I've stopped going for yoga for almost a month and last time I sweat myself out was eon ago. Plus, I've been eating nonstop lately with all sorts of cravings. How on earth did I lost 2 KG is beyond my explanation.  

 Eye bag can't be saved already

Went to Pizza Hut but not for their pizza 

It's for this creamy carbonara. The best I ever had, not that I had many before. 

Yesterday's outfit.

So glad that all the sisters are back from outstation yesterday. I went out with sis to Red Carrot for lunch yesterday, it took us more than one hour to get ready just for an hour lunch. ='= We couldn't be bother to window shopping at all after meal because the weather was too hot and we're plain lazy.

Honey Chicken Wing 

My lunch set. The chicken a bit too dry actually. 

Yogurt ice cream for dessert and wintermelon drink.

My pre dinner is 2 cheese hotdogs and omelette yesterday and after that I had Maggie Curry with prawn and egg. With this appetite, it still baffles me how can I lost 2 kg. The only explanation that I have is probably the work stress. April is really a busy month at work, it's not helping that my desk keep piling up with a lot of pending work. Whatever, life goes on, ain't it?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tough and tougher

This week had been a rough one for me. Monday was super tiring, been out and about, rushing here and there for work from 8.30 am till 5.30 and attending work related event at night.  Since I already in my second month for this new job, it's time for me to get into the field, familiarizing myself with what's the market prospect out there. I have to admit, I'm suck at remembering names and faces unless if that person really catches my attention or leaves a great first impression. Or else, I never can't remember any of them. Like for example, one of the boys already met me in a club two years ago, but I seriously have no memory of that at all and thought we just met this year. -_-  That's why I'm struggling hard to remember the names and faces of the people that I will work with in the future. 

Tuesday was no better as well. I don't know whether is it because I'm PMS-ing or the work keep piling up, I felt super tired at night. I barely have any energy to go out these days. So, my routine had been pretty mundane. Work, home then sleep, next day wake up again and repeated the same things. *yawn*

However, I took leave on Wednesday and felt so productive because I managed to tick off almost everything on my to-do-list. Renew passport, going for two separate bank business, taking passport pictures and went to Digi Center, everything were done in just 3 hours. And what's more greater was, I wasn't even up early. Mom was nagging since I only woke up at 10.30 am. She said I might not even get my passport done if I keep procrastinating deciding what to wear. -_-

I went to restock my masks as a reward for myself. I feel like I had been letting myself go way too much lately. Hair is all messy and need treatment and trim so badly, stupid zits are popping out of nowhere and dark circles are becoming permanent resident under my eyes. Arrgggh!

I don't know what's wrong with me but I find that retail therapy really make me happy, even a small one like a RM4.90 hand cream from Watson. It cheered me up instantly. It proves that the stress from work has turn me into a mess. How to save money la if like this?! I'm really looking forward to June because I have a trip coming up and I'm thinking of getting my first Longchamp Le Pliage at that time. So, die die also must save some money aside, so that I can just shop and shop and shop. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday

How did you guys spend your Easter day? I know Easter day had long past but I had been meaning to post this draft since last week, sadly I was busy all the time (I lie, I procrastinate :p). My Easter day was spent Skyping whole day at home and I only went out for the evening Easter mass. 

For the past weeks, I had this weird craving for sushi. I had been going to Sushi Tie at least once a week. They're kind of stingy with their Salmon though, only gave me a tiny roll upon every order. Since Sibu has no other sushi outlets, I am happy to settle for the tiny piece.

With my favorite beef rice

See how small the salmon are, pfft...

April is my favorite month so far because almost every week we have public holiday. I love public holiday, who doesn't? Not waking up to alarm, staying in bed half day just lazying around, life is a bless. During public holiday last week, I spent my day at my sister's office. Poor girl had to work on public holiday.

Sorry for the poor quality

Fat fat go away!

In the end, I got so bored and decided to clean and organize my bag. I really have no idea how the plastic spoon got into my bag, must be from some of my tapao. No make up in my bag, just food hehehe.

Caught these double rainbow when I got home from work

Guess who's back to Sibu last week? hehehe

Xiao S and I tried out the Horlick McFlurry. Quite nice but a tad too sweet 

Guess who has the same bag organizer? 

To end my amazing week, I went out shopping for some work attire. Finally, I found a perfect white skirt which is not too sheer and work appropriate. I really love the orange top though but it is way too expensive T_T.

If you follow me in Instagram, you probably notice the pictures here are the same as in my Instagram. Instagram has been my favorite apps ever and it saves a lot of my time from editing pictures. Hence, the repetition in this blog and my Instagram :p

So, that's a recap of my first half of April. Can't believe we have come to a quarter of 2012, oh man, as cliche  as it may sound, time really flies. So far everything has been so good and I hope the momentum will keep going on. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The boobs story

It amazes me how my life can change in just a few seconds. It was just like any other normal day in my life. I stepped into the bathroom, cleansing and removing my make up then got under the shower. I did my normal routine, holding my hands up and check my boobs. To my horror, I found a small lump on my left breast. At first, I was like "Okay, no big deal. It is just a small lump. Nothing serious" But in my head, I was screaming "Oh my God, I'm going to die! This is it, this is how I will die"

Above scenario kept repeating itself after that. One minute I was comforting myself, the next minute I was freaking out. It didn't helped that my left boob were hurt a bit at night, I wasn't sure whether it was all in my mind or it really did hurt. The next day during lunch, I tried to be nonchalant and asked my mom about the whole family history of cancer. She told me that my maternal grandfather was died of spine cancer.

I was like "No way, I can't have breast cancer at this age. I'm too young for this!"  The very next day, I went to Rejang Medical Center for checkup. Even the doctor was in shock when I told him I found a lump on my breast. He quickly asked me to lie down and scanned me. It was damn scary you know.

Turned out, I have lump on BOTH of my breast. The left one was slightly bigger, that's why I can feel it. Meanwhile the right one is small and deep in my breast tissue. You can see from the picture above, I'd marked the lump with red arrow. The doctor said it could be a fiber tumor, just my breast fiber clump together or something like it. He said it can't be serious but of course further check up was needed. I was given two choices, a) to leave it and see if it keeps growing or b) to remove it. 

Of course I chose the latter. I want to get rid of the lump, once and for all. With no hesitation, I asked for an operation right away. I was scheduled for operation at 2pm. At that time, the scenes from Grey's Anatomy kept playing in my head. Scalpels, razors and scissors everywhere. But surprisingly, I was calm at that moment. I was scare of course, but the calm feeling overcome everything. It was as if I was ready for whatever that will come for me. 

The operation room is like the normal doctor check up room. No fancy equipments. It was bright with soft music played in the background. You can even see the reflection of me lying on the operation bed in the TV.

I was covered with white blanket throughout the operation. You probably wonder why I still kept my phone with me even after I'm lying on the operation bed. It was a very chillax operation. I only put down my phone when the doctor gave me anethesia. The first jap wasn't really strong enough, I have to stop my doctor from cutting my flesh because I could feel the cold razor on my skin. He gave me another jap and the cutting process began. 

Since I was fully awake through the whole process, we chatted. As awkward as it sound, we chatted about everything, my study, my work while he was cutting through my flesh on my breast. Once he tugged my skin a little too rough and I might have squealed a little, so he gave me another jab of anethesia. 

I tried to tilt my head a little to get a good look at the part where he operate me. But I saw nothing, it was hard to tilt my head and the doctor took away my pillow ='= So, the only view that I ended up with is the bird thing in the picture above. The overall operation took about half an hour. Turned out, the tumour was filled with oil (I forgot what it called) but it was filled with liquid. The doctor poked it and it burst. The tumour was sent for further test and I haven't get the result till now.

Even after the operation, I still couldn't shake the thought of what the tumour might be. During my follow up with the doctor last week, he confirmed me that it is nothing serious. "I guarantee you it's not cancer!" is the best thing that one had ever said to me in my whole life. 

So yeah, that's the story of my boobs. My post about death a while ago was triggered by this discovery. I haven't get myself checked when I was writing that post and I was really thought it will be the end of my life. I had a near death experience before, where I was almost hit by a bus during my late night date two months ago. We wanted to do a U-turn at Lanang bridge but refused to pay for toll and decided to drive against traffic. Silly us to play with our lives like that just to save RM6. It was the same feeling that I got. All I could think about was "This is how I'll die" 

Only now it occurs to me how vulnerable we are. God can take away our lives any moment he wants. I'm grateful that I was save from the near-death experience and I have no serious health problem. But that doesn't means that I should take everything for granted. All these experiences had taught me to value life more. You could lost everything you have in just one second, so make sure you live your life with no regrets or at least with less regrets, knowing that we human has unlimited unnecessary wants and needs. 

Till then, live your life to the fullest. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bag organizer

Remember the bag organizer that I'd rave about in the previous two posts? I'm not exactly a neat person, so basically I just throw everything into my bag and dashing out of the house. Every time I have to get into my car, I need to ransack my whole bag, especially if I'm carrying a big tote. Same case when my phone ring, by the time I found my phone, it stops ringing already.

Having a bag organizer helps me a lot. I'm having less trouble finding my car key and my phone screen is not getting scratched as much as before. Last time, I'd changed my screen protector twice a month because my keys scratched my screen. -______-

My bag organizer filled with my necessity when I was outstation last month.

Every compartments serve its purpose well and I have no trouble looking for my stuffs anymore.

With book and charger, I'm all set for a long haul waiting for flight.

That's how the organizer looks like in my tote.

If I change my tote, I just need to take out my bag organizer from this tote to another. No fuss in taking everything out and throw it to another tote. Easy breezy. I got my bag organizer from Watson at Star Mega mall for RM11.90 if I'm not mistaken. 
Happy Sunday peeps!