Thursday, November 28, 2013

Welcome to the working week

Hello, did I scare you? Hehehe my bad! I'm feeling rather happy today because one of my favorite blogger Suet is following me on Dayre. This is awesome to the max. I've started to read her blog way before I started mine. She's one of the few bloggers that inspired me to start my own. I'm so happy too because now she and other bloggers are slowly getting active at blogging again, all thanks to the new apps, Dayre. I love their writing because they are so original and stay true to themselves. 

Another reason I'm so excited today is because weekend is approaching and December is coming soon. December is definitely my favorite month because 1) Christmas is coming, nothing can beat that. 2) The bf is coming back soon, I miss him so much. 3) My family vacation 4) New year is coming, new hope and new goals!

Close up of my make up. On my face are Laneige Water Supreme Base & Laneige Water Supreme Foundation, Benefit Stay Don't Stray & Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral. On my eyebrow are Cyber Color Brow Pencil in Dark Brown & Benefit Gimme Brow. On my eyes are NYX Runway Palette in Champagne. On my lips is Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. Oh, my mascara is from Maybelline The Rocket and my blush is from Lioele. 

My last minute before sleeping manicure is a total failure. Look at the right side, not even a minute after finishing it, I already messed up the nail polish and chipped it. But I'm too lazy to remove it because of the strong scent of nail polish remover. Right now my room is smell like alcohol, all thanks to my impromptu manicure before bed. Lesson learnt, no more next time.

I put aside these products on my dresser because I wanted to finish them all. There are only some left and I've been abandoning them for a really long time. I want to clear and finish my skin care and make up because I seriously have way too many excess products. I have this bad habit of buying products and forget about them until some time later when I rediscover them again at my pile of mess. So, I determine to stop this and promise myself to finish all the products before I buy a new one. I foresee no more new products for me until at least April 2014. Better save those money than spending it on stuffs that I don't need.

My makeup after almost 12 hours. 

This is the current book that I read now. It is funny in a sarcastic way and good for unwind. The story is basically about a loser guy whom trying to get back with his ex but never failed to ruin his chances with his stupidity. I got it from a book fair at Kuching last time.

Happy Thanksgiving to those whom celebrate. Be thankful for what you've got and count your blessing always. This is also a gentle reminder to myself.

P/S: I wish Malaysia has Black Friday sale. There are so many Black Friday sales online but most of the sites do not ship to Malaysia. Bummer!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Recap #4 Family & birthday

I think I should keep this weekly recap thingy a regular post for my blog because it really helps me to recall back what I've done throughout the whole week. Last Friday we had a small birthday celebration for my sis fiance. It was just a close and intimate gathering with family members.

And my dad cooked his special chili crab. It was so funny because the pan that he used was small, in the end, his crab fell on the floor when he was cooking.

Yeah, Christmas come early in my family.

I couldn't include my parents to be in the photo because they were sitting on the other side and I couldn't possibly step back to include everyone in the photo unless if I master the art of going through the wall.

Happy birthday Jang! Hope all of your wishes come true!
By the way, today is his real birthday, so go wish him on his Facebook!

I took quite a number of photos that night but lots are out of focus, too dark, too bright, blurry etc because I was still learning how to use the manual settings in my camera which I am absolutely failed at. By the way, I did an update for this in my Dayre too. So feel free to check it out here . Go download and sign up for this app because it is super addicting especially you have rants that need more than 140 characters. Tell me if you have one so I can follow you.

Went out for breakfast on Saturday with my sisters and had went straight for lunch after that with the girls. You know you really grow up when you realized you started to talk about property and investment on a Saturday afternoon.

Extra selfie because my face look slim 
Angle plays a really big part to determine how your selfie turns out.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Phuket Trip - Elephant ride | ATV | Motorbike cruising

This will be the last installment for my Phuket trip last July. When we decided to go to Phuket, we know we are actually looking for some adventures in that gem island. After spending the whole day out in the sea, we went for another local tour for some fun out in the wild with the same agency. Again, it is advised to go with a big group of friends because the more people you have, the more discounts you can get. 

Posing at the hotel lobby while waiting for our pick up

Our not so glamour pick up truck

The tour includes transport to and fro the location of the tour and your hotel. Since the truck picked up the tourists from different hotels, so we sort of have free tour around Patong. 

Our elephant for the day

He's old and grumpy but I think it has something to do with his trainer/guardian too. Every elephants came with a trainer or a guardian whom will instruct and guide them for the tour. Our elephant guide was a grumpy and sour face man whom kinda harsh on him. Personally I think it's cruel to use animal these way making money. The guide equipped with a hook which they use to knock the elephant when he refused to listen/walk. This is extremely cruel because he didn't knock it gently on the elephant. It was to hurt or threaten the elephant. 

There was once when our elephant sort of angry and just stomped off out of track with both of us on it. We're so scare, whom know what will happened when he really angry. Maybe he will shook us off him or worst ran off into the wild with us. Thank God nothing wild happened. The elephant cooled off when the guide called him and shouted at him to go on track. Phewwww... close call.

Despite the happy face that I had on, I was scare and secretly hope the ride would end soon. But the elephant was cooperating in the end and stopping along the way to feed on grass, he would lower himself which sort of gave us a bumpy ride. It was fun tho. I guess he's happy as long as he had something to eat. But honestly, I wouldn't do this again next time.

Camwhore on the elephant

The elephant looked so happy as if he's smiling till can't see his eyes

Feeding the elephant bananas after the ride. But I think this one is not the one that we rode. Because he went off to take another couple and their kids for a ride after dropping us off. Hope they fed him many bananas. The elephant that I fed here is a disgusting one. He practically peed a bucket load in front of us. LOL
And yeah, I know I called every elephants him because I can't imagine a female elephant, I mean they are huge, super huge indeed and suit to be called a him.

Our next activity is ATV ride which is my favorite

I don't want to ride at the back of the bf because I wanted to control one myself, so we each had our own ATVs. This is where our inner racer surface as we chased each other on the track. I kinda stuck and almost overturned at some points but nothing is stopping me, well except a crossing elephant because you should never cross one. Lol, pun intended. 

ATV, airbrush tattoo and a helmet, he's legit. lol

Back from our tour and we decided to go back to No.6 Restaurant for a quick refreshment

Ice blended watermelon was the perfect choice for such a hot and humid day

The crowd queuing up outside the restaurant. This restaurant was packed every time we were there.

We also decided to rent a motorbike for 24 hours as it was very affordable, 150 bahts for a day, gasoline on your own. Having transport made it super easy for us to explore the surrounding area. We even went back to Karon where our elephant tour was which was almost half an hour away from Patong.

I forgot the name of this beach but it was near Patong

Stopping for banana crepes at Karon

Turned out that dude is a Malaysian whom lived at Phuket. It kinda weird to hear someone speak Malay after almost a week of hearing Thais. He's very friendly, in fact everyone was friendly in Phuket. Since we're on our own cruising on the bike, we stopped anywhere that we wanted to. 

At a playground to pose with a huge dog statue

Or sat on see saw.

At first I thought a week in Phuket was too long because it is just an island but I was so wrong. A week was long enough for us to explore the island on our own sweet time. It was relaxing and just enjoying, so no rushing here and there, this is the kind of holiday I loved. Well, I'm done with Phuket and need a new place to discover for next year. I still have no solid plan for next holiday. I have a few in my mind but we shall see. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life at the moment

Have you ever feel so uninspired about life and wondering why are you here at this particular moment, doing what are you doing right now, while your heart and mind wandering off to the other side of the world.

That’s exactly how I feel right now. Trying to find the purpose of why am I doing what I did now.

Oh yeah, it is making ends meet.

If you ask me what I want for Christmas, I would say a holiday anywhere. Yes, I’m aware that I just got back from KL & Melaka last month, Bintulu two weeks ago and Kuching last week. But half the trip is about work or rushing here and there trying to make the most of my time there. In the end, I’m just exhausted.

What exactly I want is taking my sweet time exploring and experiencing life. I don’t want to rush by others, certainly not being led by others too.
I just want to sit by the pool with a good book in my hand,
Not thinking about anything else, not work, not deadlines, not plans.
Or I just waking up each morning without a rush, making breakfast for the loved one,
Cleaning my room, chucking away old clothes, dusting the books on the shelves.

Sometimes I think it’s the mid life crisis that depressed me.
I wanted to go everywhere, ticking off as much as I can in my bucket list
Just so that I won’t have regrets later on in life.
That’s literally means I need to work my ass off.
Stuck in the office desk from 8.30 to 5.30.
But when I have the money, I don’t have the time.
I already exhausted my leave for this year.
And only been away on real holiday twice, a week each.

It’s true what they said,
When you’re young, you have the time and energy but not the money
When you’re adult, you have the money and energy but not the time
When you’re old, you have the time and money but not the energy.
Life’s funny, isn’t it?

I wonder would my life been in a different path if I decided not take a gap year after my degree. I probably will not be this travel deprived. But then again, I was poor back then.
I should have saved up some money when I was still studying.
Just so that I can afford to travel more before starting work.

But I am in a good place in life now and should be grateful.
I have a good paying job and still can make time to travel.
The bf always reminds me that we decide how we want our day to be,
We’re in control of it.

He’s right.
I’m thankful and grateful for what I have now.
I’m in good health, have a job, deeply in love with a man that loves me back as much as I love him, have great family support albeit all the fights sometimes and greats friends that I can always count on.
Yes, I am thankful to God.

I’m sorry if you just spent 5 minutes of your life that you can’t claim back to read my incoherent words diarrhea.

Well, count your blessings, not your problem. J

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A weekend in Bintulu

The bf and I went on a spontaneous road trip to Bintulu because he miss Eden and I'll say yes to any getaway. It was his first time driving all the way from Sibu and of course we're both pretty excited. The journey was smooth albeit heavy rain at some point but we managed. 2 hours and a half past by so quickly and next thing we knew, we reached the city.

Why so serious, boy?

Our timing was perfect because we reached when Eden almost woke up from his nap. He have grown so big now, roaming around the house and I couldn't hold him for more than 10 minutes anymore. Big baby is this guy.

Our first activity was to go to the beach. Last time I was there was several years ago. The beach still remained the same as I remembered it. The weekend crowd packed the beach picnicking with their families. And the delicious scents of barbecue filled the air, making me gulping down my saliva a few times.

Poor Eden, he hate the sand

My Bintulu trip would not complete with a visit to Sushi King. I know Sibu recently opened a branch too but the queue was nearly impossible. At Bintulu, there was no crowd at all. We ate so much that we're so full afterward. Sorry Sushi Tie, you can't compete with this.


We went back and watched a movie before calling it a night

During church service the next day, we met this little cutie. She's so graceful and pretty for a 4 years old and very well behaved too.

But poor bf. Apparently all the little girls there went head over heel for him

A quick lunch at Happy Valley later on, we back home again for a short nap before the bf and I drove back to Sibu. Again, it was raining so heavy when we're approaching Sibu but I'm glad we safely made it. If I wanted to sum up this road trip, well it's for sure will be food again and of course a good dose of Eden. Till next road trip then.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Recap for # I don't know

I've started doing the Weekly Recap things on my blog earlier this year so that I can keep up/ remember what I've done for the past weeks.But based on my post title, you should have known that I kinda lost track. And lazy too. So recently, I was introduced to this new apps that allowed you to blog live from your phone and post it at their platform. 

Friends and family, I welcome you to Dayre. You can download it on Apps store or Google Play. At first I was reluctant to join the bandwagon because I already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and There are already too much on my plate. My Pinterest and Tumblr had been abandoned for several months already. Add another social media network, I can't handle it. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Dayre has made my life so easy. All it takes is literally 1 minute to update. Snap and post in instant, that's all.
Anything that came across my mind that day, thoughts or rants, I can just write it down and use cute stickers too to describe how I feel. The greatest news ever is that blogger queen xiaxue is using it too. She literally stop blogging after got pregnant and delivering Dash, I miss her witty writing. With Dayre, she's updating everyday. It's like the good old day when Xiaxue was still active on her blog.

My Dayre
My username is suzmellisa

An excerpt of mine

So now I can always look back at my Dayre to remember some stuffs or to reminisce anything that I've post before. Basically, it's blogging from your phone anywhere, anytime even when you're taking your dump. No jokes. Go download now so that we can keep up with each other life. 

I bought this Trick & Treat Kit from Benefit Cosmetic last month. So far, I have been loving it especially the Stay Don't Stray primer. Actually, I was planning to buy just Porefessional but the full size costs about RM110. And this kit only costs me RM120, a total steal, okay. I get to try all the 6 items before deciding to buy any full size one. Plus, the packaging is so cute too.

Sorry for the blur photos. My dinner last week because I was devastated that I couldn't find any lasagna noodle in 2 freaking supermarket at Sibu. I did rant about it on my Dayre, if you're interested.

Then I was inspired to make this breakfast with the leftover bacon and French loaf. And the breakfast made me late to work, but it super worth it because it kept me full till afternoon. I tried to cut down my carb intake recently when I've come to realization about how much weight I've gained. So fruits, veggies and soups are my alternate dinner.

But when I was in Kuching, I couldn't resists the Raja Ayam Penyek. I had a terrible flight experience, a near death one when I was flying to Kuching. Our plane was going so smooth (it was Boeing) until 15 or 20 minutes into the flight, the plane suddenly dropped a bit, for no reason at all. I almost got a heart attack and we experience turbulence afterward. The air stewardess even announced that we need to leave behind our belonging if in any case we need to do emergency landing. I've never encounter such announcement before when taking any flights. All that I could think about that time was "I don't want to die just like this" But thanks God we landed safely.

I'm back to long distance relationship again with the bf because he has almost month long training at KL. Haih, I miss him.

Got my hair washed and blow inward before heading to airport after the training at Kuching. I really like my hair this way but my hair is a bitch to maintain. After landing at Sibu airport, inward curl on one side already messed up and straightened out. I know the technique to blow dry this way because I studied the lady whom blow dried my hair did it. But I never can bother doing it myself, especially in the morning.

By the way, Pino says Hi!

Wahhh, I miss my blog so much and will definitely will not stop blogging here even when I got Dayre because this blog contained 1/3 of my life. I've been documenting my life here for 5 years and I will not stop.This is my unofficial diary, this is me, sharing my life with all of you.