Saturday, September 8, 2012

Because food can cheer me up

So, it’s September already huh? Just a quarter of 2012 left. Time is passing by so freaking fast that I couldn’t even cope with it. I started to feel a little bit emotional lately.

Don’t ask please.

But I refuse to be all negative and emotional because I want to treasure the moments left instead of wallowing.

I was in bad PMS few weeks ago and felt super depressed for no reason at all. Come to think of it, I think it was because I felt trapped. Trap in my own mundane routine. On Monday, I was anticipating Friday and on Sunday, I was dreading Monday. Another valid reason for all the emo-ness and irritating-ness that I found for myself is I have no travelling to anywhere at all last month. I was trapped in Sibu for 31 days. No wonder.

August is the month that I liked the most when I checked the calendar. Mostly because Hari Raya and Independence Day fell in August which means lots of public holidays and long weekends. Bf and I was planning a little getaway to somewhere near but whenever holiday near, he fell sick.

First time we were like okay, never mind, still got Independence Day weekend, still can go. Then, the day neared, he fell sick again. FHL. In the end, we decided to just stay in town and make do with whatever we can, find some entertainments and call it a day.

Since Sibu is relatively a small place, the only thing that we can do is eat, eat and eat. We even googled up any activities that can be done in Sibu and all that we found are places to eat and food recommendations.

Good news is I have a happy tummy. Bad news is I had been slacking off in working out. Bad combination I have here.

Dinner that he prepared for me one night. 

Baba & Siam beef bolognaise, always a favorite of mine.

Baba & Siam cincalok rice.

Anson's mix (Beef + lamb +chicken) 

The portion for this mix is big enough to feed two people and it is super cheap (RM12.90 only). Every time we went to Anson for dinner, I always shared this with him because it is impossible for me to finish it all by myself. The food is amazing there but the waiting time for table can be quite long because it is packed every time we went.

Anson's chicken salad. Taste really good.

Tomyam fish mee

Apparently this is a very famous tomyam fish mee in Sibu. People have to queue up to get their order, just like the food court style except that this is at coffee shop. I woke up early on Saturday morning just to have this. Was it worth it? Well, the tomyam is good but I couldn't finish the mee tho.

I now can have Sushi King at Sibu

Actually our getaway plan was involving sushi from Sushi King but too bad we had to cancel our plan. I was quite upset actually because I was craving for good sushi and the nearest that I can get is Sushi King from Bintulu. Remember that my dad actually brought us for a day trip to Bintulu just for the sushi last year. The bf is so sweet that he made sure I get what I want. <3 p="p">

I fell sick when taking care of the sick so porridge was all I've eaten while sick

I think my comfort food is porridge. A plain porridge with side orders, not like the one that I've eaten when I was sick as shown above. Few days ago, we went to an old coffee shop just to have the porridge. But what makes it taste so good is the side orders. We have pork internal organs (猪什), kangkung belacan along with 皮蛋 (telur padi). A simple but very satisfying dish till we had another serving of the porridge.

My  Our attempt to cook dinner

I think it's official that I can't really cook. I even had to ask my dad to marinate the prawn for me. Then the bf fried it and the eggs also. I only prepared the soup and eggplant. Turned out my soup was a bit too salty. Even a simple soup like that I also screwed it up. Bf was complaining to my mom that I can't cook and my whole family laughed. Fml. 

Guess what is this?!

I never thought that I would say this but I've eaten biawak  (四脚蛇) !!

I don't eat exotic animals because I just couldn't bring myself to. But I tried this biawak because the bf mom prepared it for us. I just had one piece of the meat and it taste like chicken. When I chewed it, the image of the biawak kept popping into my head. 

I still can't believe that I've eaten a reptile that crawl on the ground. A reptile!

A picture of me with only one side of eyelashes to end the post.