Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pre Convocation

For our graduation, my friends and I decided to have an outdoor photo shoot just for fun. I mean, you don't always have the chance to strike a pose or two in your graduation robe and hat, right? So when one have the chance, one should camwhore kao kao ;p I almost missed the photo shoot because I took my robe and hat on the day itself, luckily my timing was right.

First destination, Reservoir Park, Kuching

Next stop, McDonald for lunch

Second destination, DBKS/ Cat Museum, Kuching

I had so much fun fooling around with my girls, reminded me back when I was in field trips with them. Being the enthusiastic plant students, we even went to Orchid Garden. Our main purpose for the visit, for camwhore. That's what we girls are best at.

These are just my pre concovation pictures. I have tons of during and after convocation pictures have yet to be edited. Shall continue in the next post! Bye.

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