Sunday, March 31, 2013

My kind of weekend

I have a long weekend this week because of Good Friday. In Sarawak, Good Friday is a public holiday. It is also my long awaited weekend because I need a break from work. I was really really close to bring back work to do at home but I've changed my mind. I was once promise myself that I would not let work take over my life. So, no work at home. Just leisure and relax.

Made this for lunch on Friday

So, yeah I was lazy to transfer the pictures in my phone to my laptop so I just snipped this off my Instagram profile. Hence the sheer caption at the bottom. I don't cook much but when I do, I often pick the simplest meal to make. This salad is simple and filling because of the fish fillet and the eggs.

My furry little monster

He has not appears in this space for a really long time but he's doing well. Naughty and witty as usual.

Us watching the telly last week

I finally watched Les Miserables and I love it. I downloaded the 1998 one with Liam Neeson in it and watched that one first before watching the musical version in 2012. It was a long movie but surprisingly I find it very intriguing, I really wanted to know why Javert can't just let Valjean go. Yes, Valjean made a mistake and he served his time in prison (for 19 freaking years just because he stole a bread when he was young). He repented and has been good to human kind since then. Even raising Cosette as his daughter. But Javert being the dedicated police as he is, only see Valjean for the crime that he had done. 

I really much prefer the 1998 one rather than the musical one. So, which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I have not properly update my blog with my current life, most of the posts are backdated. I know some of those are dated back to December but it is the moment that I want to remember that why I still decided to write about it. I want to look back at it few years later and reminiscing the good/bad times.

So to not defeat the real purpose of blogging and diary writing, here's the current update about me.

Current photo of me, my face looks uneven due to the camera angle

I was thinking of getting my hair dye end of this month but as time drew closer, my hair suddenly not as frizzy as it was before and it is even straighter. I can feel that my hair is in much better state now because I use treatment mask as my conditioner. So, that's my secret to a healthy hair. 

Remember my I want CosmoBox post? Thanks to Joyce, this parcel reached my doorstep last week.

Nothing excites me more than receiving a nicely wrapped parcel like this

I have yet try anything in the box because I'm so sayang to use it. The box still stacked nicely with my Modbox in my closet. There are some stuffs in my Modbox that I have yet use as well because I love the packaging so much. I'm a sucker for travelling size make up and skin care item.  Anyway, let me know if you guys want a review about the stuffs inside. 

My life recently just revolves around working and sleeping. Work load suddenly double up this week because it is peak period and my colleague is on her leave. I was so busy that I couldn't even find time to go to washroom T_T And because of that, my lunch hour is pretty mess up too.

My favorite fried chicken rice for lunch

I think I've developed a liking for this dessert. Been having it twice last week.

And this is my dinner tonight, isn't it cute? and taste good too

I watched quite a lot of beauty and fashion video on Youtube recently and decided to get myself some new foundation, mascara and concealer. I was quite happy with my purchase and as usual I have yet try all of them but so far I'm liking what I'm trying except for Physician Formula RX concealer. A bit too dry and too green for me or is it me don't know how to properly apply it.

Me with my pink lips from Revlon Just Bitten LipStain in the color of Lovesick

I guess the bookworm in me never die. I found some great deals during Popular Book Fair recently. Got all those books for less than RM140. Such a bargain and please don't judge me for reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I just have to know what's so hype about it.

That's all for now. Bye.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tian Xiang Hui Wei & Hong Kong Noodle House - Kuching

I was tempted to name this post Food Porn but against it because I read somewhere that people whom describe/name their food related post Food Porn are sexually deprived. Okay, don't get me wrong. I against that as title not because I'm sexually satisfied, but I'm not sexually deprived either. Shit, both explanations sound so wrong. I give up! Just enjoy the post okay.

Before we went off to Kuching last Jan, I had done some research about any restaurant/food that we should try and I came across this Tian Xiang Hui Wei Steamboat (天香回味锅)in Groupon. Actually I was looking for a Thai restaurant because I was still very much missing Thai food that time. Found one call A-Wet Thai but I was having second thought about it. Heard it is a bit on the pricey side plus not sure if the food worth it. 

Bought our coupons and we came without a reservation. Lucky us it was still early and got some empty unreserved tables.

Bf seriously studying the menu

Our soup base, normal one for the bf and spicy for me

Steamboat must-haves

After the steamboat, we off to The Hills for desserts. I forgot the name of the place but I found it on Groupon too.

He looked so awkward here hahahhaha

Tired face because we've been out all day

Failed attempt to snap artsy shoot

The next day we went to Hong Kong Noodle House for a quick lunch. I always eat there when I miss Sibu food  when I was in Uni because they have great Chinese food selection.

Selca while waiting for food

Again he was seriously studying the menu

The food there always good but this one was a bit disappointing

This one is yummy! 四大豆王 or something like that. Basically 4 kinds of beans (long bean, lady finger and I forgot already)

Happy stomach = happy man

If you notice, I do not put any names of our dishes because I forgot the name already and I don't know how to describe food either. For me, it's either good or bad, that's all. Lousy blogger, I know. 

P/S: I did named my Bangkok food post Food Porn before but it has no sexual relation at all, just saying. :p (it's a joke, guys)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday Months

February and March are my most busy with birthday months because most of the people that I love were born in February and March. My lil sister, my bro, my mom, my bf, Miao and Xiao S all were born in these months. Imagine all the ideas for gifts and surprises that I need to come out with. Not complaining tho because these all for the people that I loved. 

Miao, in case you're reading this, your surprise is on its way! :) Sorry it takes this long but I do hope you will like it :)

Lil sis with her netball cake

For my lil sis birthday, I think that was the first time we all brought our other half for family dinner. We had a simple and intimate dinner at Cafe Cafe Giant.

My bro 19th birthday at The Queen

My accessories for that night

Yummy marinara spaghetti  

Mommy birthday at The Ark

I love the red velvet cupcake but the rest of the family did not

My ootd for mom birthday
Dress - Bangkok
Clutch - Bangkok
Wedges - Vincci

My hair was greasy that night because I don't have enough time to wash it (and I'm lazy too). I didn't get to have birthday dinner with Miao coz she was away on her birthday for work, poor little girl. But better late than never, right? Let's hope her package will reach soon. And for Xiao S, her birthday is next week, so that'll be another story.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bangkok Part 5 - Pattaya

This will be my last installment for my Bangkok trip back in December. For previous posts click here:

We went to Pattaya for 2 days 1 night just to chillax. Turnout, our chillaxing trip ended up a bit adventurous.We been on a taxi, bus and motorcycle to reach our hotel, Dusit Thani in Pattaya. Never in my life I would imagine myself being fetched on a motorcycle without a helmet with two others on the same motorcycle (with Sara and the driver(?)) bustling through the busy street of Pattaya, one hand grabbing my bag and the other had grabbing anything that I could to save my life including the driver shirt and being dropped off in front of our 5 star hotel.

No wonder the valet is not interested to serve us after our glamorous ride. Pffft 

Complimentary drink while checking in.

The spacious hotel lobby

View from our balcony

Our hotel is actually located right next to the sea.

And the best part is our hotel has infinity pool but we didn't have time to check it out.
We only swam awhile at the swimming pool (the one that we could see from our balcony), basically to test out our bikinis that we bought at Chatuchak Market :p


Yeah, just pictures of me and Miao because miss Sara was busy somewhere on the phone :p After we were done exploring our room, we freshen up and went for lunch and sight seeing. The weather was scorching hot and the beach area was filled with tourists sunbathing. Us being the Asian, were trying to stay under the shade as much as possible.

I think this is the only shopping mall there. It called Central something if I'm not mistaken.

We hit the food court first as we were all starving after the 2 hours ++ journey from Bangkok. Sick of having too much meat on our meals recently, we opted for more veggies for lunch. It was delicious as always. Seriously, Bangkok is more than a shopping heaven for me, it's a food heaven too!

Next thing after we done filling our tummy, we went shopping. First stop, Topshop. Various stores such as Armani Exchange, Topshop, Zara and so on were having their year end sale. But we didn't not managed to grab anything for ourselves tho, just some gifts for family.

Miao and I were having a little outfit shots while waiting for Sara in the changing room. I tried on a pair of studded short in one of the stores but didn't buy it. Too expensive :( While in Bangkok/Pattaya, one must try out their Thai massage. We tried the Thai massage after shopping and a foot massage after dinner. Both only for 300/200 Baht each. It was amazing.

Night view from our balcony

At night, we went for seafood dinner at The Walking Street.

There was nothing much for us to see/explore at The Walking Street as it was quite dangerous for 3 girls to walk around in a street filled with strip clubs. We saw lots and lots of characters of strippers but didn't went in to any of the clubs. Well, it is probably the heaven for guys, but not for us.

Next day, checked out. 

We went to the Central again for lunch the next day before leaving Pattaya. This time we chose steamboat and went for MK Restaurant. It was Thai father's day that day, everyone were wearing yellow shirts and out having lunch with their families.

Just a simple but filling meal.

We took the van back to Bangkok and slept the whole 2 hours ride. Reached Bangkok around 7 something which is Bangkok traffic jam prime time. To avoid the heavy traffic, we decided to go dinner at Eat Am Are. I know, the name is weird but the steaks are good, just as they claimed!

I'm exhausted

While these two still energetic enough to camwhore

When I say food in Bangkok is heaven, I was dead serious. For my one week stay there, I have never had a disappointed meals. My favorite will definitely the salted egg squirt at W Restaurant and the green curry powder squirt at the diner near Sara's apartment. 

I'm so in love with their food that I grabbed quite a handful of the food spices home. I did tried to cook the green curry once but failed. :( I still miss Thai authentic tom yam soup. 

The day before we leaving Bangkok, we had lunch at the diner near Sara's apartment again. Just to have another foodgasm. Seriously, I wanna go back to Bangkok just to have their food again.

Curry powder squirt

Tom yam soup

Taken before boarding our flight home.

I shall be back again, Bangkok! 
For your food and shopping experience!