Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One by One

Okay, demo Taekwondo is successfully over.

 Can you spot me?

My proposal is officially finish.

Just a few editing need to be done.

My proposal presentation is over too.

I'm damn nervous and talked real fast. 
I hope they understand what I said despite their convincing nodded head.

What's next?
  1. 3rd April - Final Year Project site visit ( Sampadi, Lundu)
  2. 5th April - Taekwondo upgrading 
  3. 9th April -11th April - Field trip ( Lundu again) (Originally, I was supposed to hop on a flight to KL on this date)
  4. 12th April - Going back home for study week

* Taekwondo picture is the courtesy of Stroyan, taken by Benny.
* The presentation picture, I stole it from Vero's blog.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Indirect Date

Finally, now I can relax a little bit. My proposal is done and accepted, I guess. It must be right? Because when I hand in my proposal, my lecturer just nodded and flipped through it and said okay. Taekwondo demo is done too. 3 days straight of training nonstop and we only experienced 5 minutes of fame. But it was all worth it. At least I got to spend time with the certain someone. I spent my whole Saturday with the demo gang. It was tiring but fun nevertheless. 

Honestly, me and him literally is no stranger to each other now. He started to let loose around me now, sometimes we even talked. The occasional eye contacts really is revealing a lot. He pretends to look away when I caught him and I pretend to scan for other people when he caught me. During BRC Open day, we saw each other for two consecutive days. He even standing behind me at one point. The most that we do was caught a glance at each other. Yeah, we are that shy. Pathetic, isn't it? Someday maybe we will break through all this, and I foresee that someday is very near..hehe..

Two more weeks and my study week will start and Final exam is approaching. It marks the end of my second year. Next semester, I'll be in my third year. This time I really determine to work on my CGPA. I missed all of my classes on Thursday and Friday last week. Hence, I lost my mark for quiz as well. I don't know how was I doing for my midterm papers, but I did all I could to get a good carry mark because I can't score on Final alone. Let's hope the super infectious disease of procrastination stay away from me. I shall build a stronger immune system for this. I know he will accompany me for my revision like he did last semester. We both make a pact to at least score a dean list once. That aim is too far for me but like he said, the determination and support can actually make a dream come true. I hope you are right, mister. Let's give it our best shot. God, please give us our strength.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I want you to serenade me

I love listening to your voice when you're singing.
It soothes me.
So, I keep on repeating your song to accompany me throughout the night when I work my ass off for my assignment.
One day,
I want you to serenade me.
That day will be my happiest day.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Today will probably be the day I went to see the most lecturers outside class. All thanks to the Final Year Project. Technically, for the Plant students, the topics for the FYP haven't been released yet. Since others courses students already had their pick for the topic, this has sent we the Plant students into panic attack. I had running around the faculty all day and seeing abouts 6 lecturers just to get my topic. After our field trip to Sarawak Forestry Center last week, I was really intrigued by their tissue culture lab. Visiting their working area at least gives me some idea where will I end up in the future if I take tissue culture. Well, it seemed like I'm not the only one whom interested in this particular field. The competition is too tight and I have to start looking for others topic that interest me. At first, landscape sounds great to me. That's it until I met the lecturer and asked about the topic. It's totally differ from what I had in mind and this really frustrate me. Most of the lecturers are fully booked by others students. Well, when they say there's always light at the end of the tunnel, it's definitely true (unless if you're going through a cave, not a tunnel..hehehe). By the end of the day, I had found my supervisor for my FYP. The topic sound good to me.

Perhaps you can sense that I'm not that excited at all about my FYP. The problem is not the topic as my lecturer said I'm free to propose any topic that interest me. Well, that's the problem. I don't know what I want anymore. I'm clueless about my future. One thing that I always try to get away from is the 9-5 desk job and government department. Scratch that, I wouldn't mind the 9-5 desk job as long as it is something that excites me. Now, the greatest problem is to find what I like. Well, real life is hard. The job that pays the bill is not always the job that thrills you. Honestly, my head is a mess when I'm thinking about the future. During the younger day, the motto back then was study hard and go to university. Now that I'm in the university, what's next? Graduate and secure a job? further my study to master?  I am interested to do master but interest is not enough. I must work on my CGPA. I can't afford to flunk another subject anymore.

Seriously, the road ahead is totally in a blur. Should I just go with the flow? Is this field is really what I want? Will I regret this 20 years later if I go down this road? Why do life gets harder when you grow older? Haih, even rambling like this doesn't help me. I really admire those who know what they want to do with their life. They had their future plan long time ago and know probably halfway establish them. Maybe I shouldn't get too caught up in planning the future and forget to live in the present. But I can't help it. I feel so lost right now. For once I feel like I have no direction in life. I seriously need to talk to my dad. He always know what right for me, or at least give me the idea about career. This mid-20 crisis is suck.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's weekend!!!!

Finally a day for me to sleep in. Waking up without the "Nothing Else Eh Eh" is a total bliss, and just laze around on the bed reading my magazine in the morning is amazing. But I can't really enjoy my weekend to the fullest, in fact I probably glue to my desk as I have proposal to write and lab reports to finish. What a waste to my weekend. To make up for it, I had started my weekend early, hehe..My friends and I went to catch Alice In The Wonderland on Thursday. The movie was not as I expect it to be. It just good good, you know, not amazing-good-that-I-had-waited-for-this-movie-for-so-long. Johnny Depp is amazing as Hatter but the rest of the movie is just plain. This kind of disappointment happened before in New Moon. Often my long anticipated movie turned out to be just so-so. But the crews especially the buffed wolf pack really did made up for that tho. Now, I'm starting to hate movie trailer, it really did spoil the fun for me.

Last night impromptu supper was great. I had great laugh with my friend as we drained our glass of beer. Honestly, we really laughed a lot and believe me, our imagination level is not your ordinary imagination level. We can really think of something totally out of the box. Well, that's us, unique and amazing.

Now my hope to shop around in Bukit Bintang is really crushed. Before this, I did have my Taekwondo event that clash with my vacation date. But God answered my prayer and the event postponed to next semester. I was totally relief until yesterday when my lecturer announced the confirm date for our field trip. This trip is compulsory as it is part of the assessment, so now I have to wave goodbye to my ticket. No Bukit Bintang, no Sunway Lagoon this year. My dad said it's okay but I had planned this vacation since last year. Remind me again next time to not plan something way ahead. Something always managed to spoil my plan. Spontaneous is way better. Next time I'll just grab my bag and hop in the car and go somewhere near.

P/S: The once a****** finally agreed to sign my sticker application. Yippie!! Bless you Mr. hahaha..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's have a barter system


What would you say if I give you all this? 

Let's hope you will be the happiest monkey in the world.
In return, I want this:

Or this:


Either one will works for me,
 in case you can't decide, you can give me both.


Bold what YOU ( and only you) own

1.A cell phone.
2. A hair straightener.
3.Your own computer.

4. Your own car.
5.Chanel/Dior/Gucci sun[glasses].
6. A designer purse.
7. A boyfriend/girlfriend.
8.A curling iron.
9.Every Fall Out Boy CD.
10.Something from American Eagle.
11.Something from Hot Topic.
12.Something from Hollister.
13. Something from Abercrombie.
14. A pet.
15.Some type of trophy/award.
16. Full/Queen-size bed.

17. King-size bed.
18.An iPod.
19.Something from a professional team.
20.Ever had more than RM100 at a time.
21. Monster, Full Throttle, Amp, Red Bull, etc. in your fridge.
22. Something Green Day.
23. Xanga.
26. A desk in your room.
27. A hill in your backyard.
28. DDR.
29. A pair of skis.
30. An alarm clock.
31. A pair of ice skates.
32. Rollerblades.
33.A treadmill.
34. Your own phone line.
36. Yahoo!
37. MSN.
38. ICQ.
39. AOL.
41.Bath lotion.
42.Necklaces and bracelets.
43. A journal/diary.

44. Yogurt and peaches in your fridge.
45.X’s in your screen name.
46. A birthday in September.
47. A famous relative.
48.A relative in a different state/province.
49. A disowned relative.
50.A relative that lives in Florida.
51. Your own bathroom.
52. Your own band.
53. Any rock band shirts.
54. A guitar.
55. A hammock.
56. A basketball hoop.
57. A soccer net.
58. A bike.
59. An electric scooter.
60. A minivan.
61. A V.C. Andrews book.
62.A friend that does drugs/alcohol/smokes.
63. A locker at school.
64. A baby.
65.Sparkly blue nail polish.
66. A “Vote for Pedro” shirt.
67. The movie “40 Year Old Virgin”.
68. A promise ring.
69. A pool table.
70. A swimming pool/hot tub.
71. Trampoline.
72. Livejournal.
73.Flip flops.
74. Steve Madden shoes.
75. The Sims 3.
76. A ping pong table.
77. An air hockey table.
78. A basement.
80.Construction paper.
81.Markers, crayons, etc..
82.Coloring books.
83. A nice singing voice. 
84. GameCube.
85. Xbox.
86. Playstation.
87. PS2.
88. PSP.
89. Some type of disease.
90. Rose Red movie.
91.VCR/DVD player.
92.A mom or dad.
93. An older brother.
94.An older sister.
95. A younger brother.
96. A younger sister.

97. A twin
98. A sled.
99. A lake/pond/river/ocean near your house.
100. Friends who like you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This Body Is Not Made of Steel

I don't even know what was I thinking when I let my friends put on that body guard on me. ( This body guard is not the security guard type body guard, it's for sparring, to protect your body when opponent kick you). I was really not ready to let myself being kicked nor to kick. Like usual, heart pumping faster, face flushing bright red, knee felt like jelly, I tried to ignore the eyes watching me and focus on my opponent. Pap!! Damn it, her leg came flying toward me. Natural response, I blocked it by trying to kick her and our leg collided. Shit, I really shouldn't do that, I should just move backward. My left leg was seriously in pain. After all, it just endured quite a rough day last week. Three huge bruises with throbbing pain. It hurt so bad when she kicked me but I acted cool. ( control babe, somebody is standing behind me, watching my move..hehehe). I hate fight. Don't get me wrong, okay. Taekwondo is not that violence. It just that I don't like watching people fight just to hurt others. Let alone myself to be involved in such incidents. (By the way, self-defense is a totally different case). But I do enjoy the thrill and the adrenaline rush in the spar. Then again, if the opponent is someone I know, I'll feel guilty for hurting them.I couldn't help but to mumble sorry to my opponent every time I kicked her, even the judge get annoyed and told me I don't have to be sorry. (Come on, I'm not that heartless, she's really in pain). Her last kick totally got me. I cant barely stand well. The friends all were getting nervous for pushing me into the spar. Me and my opponent, we both really got some serious bruises. We're not even that violent towards each others but wrong technique we both got lead to the injury. Really feel guilty to my left leg, it stood all the pain tonight. The already bruise part is getting a new bruise again and my feet is swollen, badly. I had to hide my tears when Yan rubbed my leg. Even now my leg 'berdenyut-denyut'. Haih, maybe I really need to take that painkiller after all. The doctor must had foresee this for he insisted on prescribing me the painkiller. Conclusion: I guess I am fragile. 

See, this body is not made of steel.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm bored, so this will be random

  1. When I had too much assignment, I whined. When I had nothing to do, I complained. 
  2. I can listen to the same song over and over again until I get sick of that song, but when the song is played again randomly, I will smile and sing along.
  3. I hate replying some irrelevant texts that asked me have I eaten. Come on, even my mom don't ask me that.
  4. I always do my work/assignment/studying last minute. I always mad at myself for doing this every time, still I didn't change.
  5. I can hang at bookstore for hours to read some books when I'm too stingy to spend my money. Then, when I'm home, I will download it and spend hours in front of laptop reading.
  6. When I spot a must-buy item, I must buy it or else I'll be staying awake at night thinking that my must-have item could be somebody's else now, then I'll regret for not getting it first.
  7. I always postponing some stuff in my to-do-list and in the end I totally forget about it.
  8. Sometimes I wish I never said anything but I can't.
  9. I hate it when I spot a gorgeous shoes but they don't come in my size. Talk about shopping frustration.
  10. When I'm bored, I start daydreaming. About anything that it can be so random.
  11. I'm a sucker for good movie. Ask me out for a movie and I'll never turn you down, still there are some exceptions.
  12. I'm not good in financial budget. Always overspend when I'm budgeting and didn't spend anything when I'm not.
  13. I sleep with my window open even when I'm scared.
  14. Trust me, I'm not a light packer. I tend to pack everything even if I might don't need it in the end.
  15. One pillow is not enough for me, I at least need three.
  16. Megan Fox is not hot. But I'm not a guy, so what do I know, right?
  17. My eye-liner skill sucks. 
  18. I enjoy spending hours stalking others profile in Facebook and reading others blogs. It's a hobby.
  19. I want to keep my hair long but I always wanted to cut it short when I spot a great short hair. Dilemma.
  20. I always forget what I had in mind 5 minutes ago and I had to think hard to remember it back.
  21. Sometimes, I left my phone at home on purpose.
  22. Often I forgot to reply a text from a friend because I got distracted, only after half an hour then I remembered  I have an important text to reply.
  23. Okay, I got my Chuck season 3. Got to go, the sexy spy geek is waiting for me.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Week Of March

  • 2 midterm was done. I was suck but I had done my best. Last minute + procrastination = my fault.
  • Assignments piling up, some was done, some was halfway and some was untouched.
  • Inter-faculty games. I joined netball and futsal. 5 years and now I'm back to the court. I miss the moments damn much. Futsal? Fun and fun. First trial actually.
  • Injured from the netball match, swollen toe and nail. Just minor case, I have the painkiller but ain't taking it.
  • Grace's birthday surprise, good job well done. We make it and she loves it. Hehe..
  • Unstable hormone problem is solved.
  • Car mileage had reached the service point. I hate car maintenance.
  • We finally talked. Real life conversation. Love it. : )
  • Industrial training accepted. No longer jobless.
  • Bowling and dinner and ice-breaking. Super fun way to start the weekend.
  • The past is revealed and a friend finally know the truth. 3 years is not that long actually.
  • Saturday: Staying in and catching up on my sleep.