Wednesday, December 21, 2011

National service -after 5 years

Last week I had reunion with my National Service mates after 5 years out of camp. I really can't believe it had been 5 FREAKING years! It felt like I just marched together, ate together, slept together and got scold together with them yesterday. What's funnier is, a friend that I had been hanging out with last time is actually my camp mate too! We couldn't even recall seeing/meeting each other during NS. I was as shocked as her when we saw each other during the gathering #awkwardmoment. 

Spent two nights in a row clubbing and dining with them and I realized we are still the loudest group wherever we went. Be it the club or the cafe or the camp, all that people could heard were our voices. Some things just never change, everyone is still as kepo as before.

Charlie & Delta girls

Rewind 5 years ago, we were just a bunch of grumpy teenagers whom were unwillingly woke up at 6am every morning to march around camp, we used period cramps as excuse to be excluded from physical activities, we fought and bitching about others girls, we cried and hold grudges, we united together to win every company challenges.

5 years after, we all grown up. Look what we have here, happily married woman, a mother, executives, DJ, entrepreneurs. Writing is out made me feel old. Let's hope I'll be writing about another reunion after 5 years from now. It feel so nice to see everyone again, though some of us still don't see eye to eye. Told you, some thing just never change, the grumpy teenagers still live inside of us.

Quit trying to find me there 
I'm not in the picture :p

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