Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Genting Highland

When Harold asked me where I want to go (except shopping mall) during our KL trip, I immediately replied Genting Highland because I had been there twice but never got the chance to explore their outdoor theme park because it's either 1) I was stuck browsing around First World Plaza with my sister, plus we arrived late evening and only stayed overnight at Genting 2) I was busy in casino, betting away my friend's money during my first visit to Genting.

This time I made sure that I played some thrill rides at their outdoor theme park. We woke up super early that day and rushed to KL Central to get our ticket. We bought the package that included bus ride, cable car ride and the outdoor theme park ticket. 
McD for breakfast but turned out to be my super late lunch

Genting Skyway. A 20-minutes ride to the top. Kinda freaking me out

Only 1/3 of the journey already this high

Love the misty view

After a long walk up and down the escalator, finally, we were greeted by this

The Spinner

The Space shot

The Corkscrew

The Bumper Boat

In all the thrill rides in the theme park, I only got to ride on 5 of them. We have to pass on the Flying Dragon because it was raining. The most thrilling one for me is the The Space Shot. Man, I seriously terrified of height and being thrown up and down in the air with that velocity was just killing me. As said I seriously cursing all the #$%^^ words that I know up there. Pardon me, I was scared. As compensation though, the view up there was amazing. The only ride that they got on but I couldn't was go-kart because I didn't meet the minimum height requirement. What a bummer, total discrimination to short people. Yes, the rides in Genting have that minimum height and maximum weight requirement. 

We have to leave the outdoor theme park early because our bus was scheduled to arrive at 5.30 and the cable car ride took almost 20 minutes. On our way back to Genting Skyway station, we looked out from the window and saw severals monkeys hanging right outside the window. We were so jakun, taking photos of the monkey. But what we didn't expect is this: 

The monkey just climbed into the building and sitting at the window pane people watching (??). He got angry when we took his picture and looked quite aggressive. Apparently this is normal there because nobody seemed to give a damn about monkeys hanging out ( I mean lepak) at the mall there.

The boys were sleeping while waiting for our bus.

Back to the city. The ride took almost one hour due to the heavy traffic.

I didn't shopped much during this trip this time because this is my first independent trip which means I paid for everything on my own. That including my air ticket which was very very cheap, RM15 only. Though so, I still burnt a hole in my account. Need to start saving $$$ again now.

How I wish the weather in Kuching is as chill as Genting.

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