Thursday, July 29, 2010


My faculty rocks! The wireless is super duper fast unlike last semester. But this is bad, I can't focus in class. I mean, lecture about fruit maturation stage and Facebook-ing+blogging, which one would you choose? Obviously I fall into the latter group. No doubt. But for my defense, at least I did focus on the first part of the lecture. Damn, I forgot to charge my phone last night, the battery is getting low now. So, that's all for now. And yes, I'm blogging from my phone. Ok, bye.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I went for present shopping for my friend today and guess what, I saw lots of stuffs that I need and want. But sadly, when it reaches the end of month, I can't afford to spend my moolah for anything that I desired because I need to set aside those moolah for bills and house rent. I hate being adult. The responsibility keeps filling up.

Here is the list of the things that I need and ehem desired:

  • Shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.
  • Vitamin C supplements
  • Air Optic monthly contact lens
  • Green top that I just tried earlier
  • My sister's MNG top
  • Another sister's legging (why am I such a good sister???)
  • A novel Eat Pray Love
I heard about Eat Pray Love before but I never actually pay much attention to it since I haven't bought any new novel for quite some times. When I was in Popular searching for August issue of CLEO, I picked up this novel and flipped a few pages, then automatically this novel made its way to my to-buy-list. Here's the excerpt
for the novel. Enjoy it people.

The feeling of not being able to buy something you desired is suck. That's when an idea strike me. I should start a fund for myself. Something simple like saving RM1 per day and 35 days later, I'll have the cash for my novel. This way I don't have to burn my pocket directly. Hehehe..if this works, I might do the same for other stuffs. Bottom line is, I need to start saving. Let's see if I can stick to this fund plan. Ask me again 35 days later ya.

Now I Can Cook

Because I have a complete culinary set now. Last Sunday, Angie, Vero and I hunted the whole Kuching town to buy the stove, tables and all others cooking essential stuff. Here's the snippets of our new kitchen.

Remember my empty kitchen? Well, now it's empty no more.


Our food supply

That's all. I just wanna show off our new kitchen. Hehehehe. Bye, off to make pancake for breakfast. Have a good day ahead people.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last Saturday I went on a picnic trip with my classmates. The original plan was to go to Matang Wildlife Center but once we reached there, we were told that the picnic site was closed for renovation. Boo! So, we switch the venue to Matang Family Park.

Us loading our food.

All smile setting up our table

The waterfall site there is beautiful and the water is so bloody cold because it is the water running from the hill. With the big rocks around and the shady trees, the scene is spectacular. Since it is a waterfall and surrounded by most big rocks, we couldn't really swim around. The water was shallow and I couldn't move much without bumping into rocks. But I enjoyed lying on the rock to interfere with the running water and made it splash to my back like a back massage. The greater we blocked the water, the stronger the current.

Part of the waterfall

This picture didn't do justice to the water because this is the nearest part to our barbecue pit. We actually explored the waterfall to a very far end but sadly none of us brought our cameras along. I mean who would actually tag along their camera while water-walking? Besides, we were too busy having fun. The taller part of the waterfall was great. Unlike the one in Kubah, this one has curvy rocks around it and enable us to 'wall-climbing' against the strong current just to sit at the top part and let the water splashed to against our body. I have to say, it was dangerous especially during the strong current. 

Vero with her Heineken, me, Steph and Bern showing my pink slipper and Steph with her green slipper.

We were busy playing with water while others were preparing lunch

The boys and the chicken wings

And the girls gossiping

It's munching time.

Happy and contented, ready to leave

Group picture for the day.

All in all, it was a fun gathering with the coursemates. I think these pictures didn't do justice for Matang Family Park, I love their running waterfall. You bet I'll come again next time. 

Marie is flying to Kuching this Friday. I haven't seen her in ages. Can't wait to rock Kuching town with you babe! Regatta in Kuching is happening this week too, my munyit Steph will represent Unimas. Do bring back trophy for us ya. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Should we or should we not?

Here the question, should the girl make the first move or should they wait? When asked, my friends and I came out with different point of views and thoughts. Some said we should, some said we shouldn't.  In the 80's, women have left with no choice but to take whatever coming their way, whether they like it or not. Now, we are a decade over the millennium era, women nowadays stand on the same level with the men, or some even a level higher than the men. What men can do, now the women can do it as well, even better perhaps? (I'm not trying to put the men down here, just stating the obvious).

But when it comes to relationship, we women still stand on an uncertain ground. We spotted a decent guy, exchanged few glances; smiled a little and that how the friendship started. After a few exchanged messages later, we get to know each other more and hang out casually. As time grows, we found ourselves smile and blush at the thought of him and when we realized it, we already fell into the love pit with them. Surely, we know that we were not alone because the guy had somehow showed a hell lot of interest in us. The up till the late night messages, flirty statements, been there for us through everything, somehow that got to mean something, isn’t it?

We sure are more than just best friend with him but we are not an item either. The only next step is for the guy to take thing to the next level, to clarify the relationship. But he moves in a snail pace, leaving us wondering what are we to them. So, where that left us, the women?

Should we women risk the beautiful uncertain relationship with him by making the first move? Or should we just wait and wait and wait? Bottom line, it’s all up to the individual. I think we women deserve to have our happiness, so what’s wrong if we chase it down a little. A little give and take wouldn’t hurt; you have nothing to lose as long as you play it right.

I’d been down both roads. I made the first move before and he (which is now is an ex) kept the pace up with me. But my mistake, I took thing too fast, ignoring the brain and blindly followed the heart. The relationship for sure didn’t last long. Learning from my mistake, I took my time and wait now. So far so good, I must say.

So friends, do not be scare to take the first move, bit by bit if you heart is telling you that he might be the One but use your brain too, to wait a while for him to come around. Because the one whom willingly to get to know you more, hold your hand through the hard time, curve the smile on your face and make you his world will worth all the chase and the wait.

P/S: This post has nothing to do with anyone or anything. I wrote this for the pleasure of my own, just something that came across my mind a while ago.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Out and About

Everything is moving in a slow pace right now. Classes are okay, my schedule is settled and everything in between still in a little mess. It's same old same old, in a weird way. I had been out and about last week. Since most of my classes are still not officially started yet, I took this time to enjoy myself. Dinners, movies, beach trip, you named it, I'd done it.

Last Friday I had a bad day. The indifference that the staffs at the Faculty of Economic regarding my procedure to change my elective class to another slot had driven me up the wall. At some point, I almost cursed right at their faces. But, it was another story for my Friday night. An impromptu dinner invite from my friends turned into the most satisfying dinner. Live band and seafood dinner, I got more than I'd bargained for.

The band. Can't really see them but if you can spot the red shirt and the grey shirt, it's them.
The oldies song that they played made me fall in love all over again.
The venue is Barouk's Village. I had been dining there quite a few times and for sure I'll come again next time.

Fish, prawn, crabs, squids, I had it all that night.

The company.

The next day, I tagged along with them to Damai Puri Beach Resort for their junior orientation. Knowing me, I'm not there for the orientation, I was there for fun. Yup, when they were busy listening to some talk from the lecturer, Angie and I wandered off the shore and exploring the beach. Since none of us were in the mood to soak ourselves with the salt water, we were just strolling along the beach and dipping our feet in the cold water running from the hill in the nearby jungle instead of the salt water.

Beach is always my favorite

The sunbathing couple. I want a bikini.

My partner in crime, Angie.

Yours truly

There are more pictures of us, hiking the big stone near the jungle but I'm still waiting for my friend to pass me some of the pictures.

P/S: I'm looking forward for a picnic this weekend.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Know You Love Me

Mummy dearest made my day today. She bought me a sneakers. How I love my mum. She always remember me in her shopping list. Ever wonder where I got my spending habit? Don't blame me, it's in the gene.

Only the white sneakers is mine, the rest is my sister's.

Next thing on my shopping list would be the Hush Puppies Spain Jersey. Will hunt it soon. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Day

It is just the first week of my semester and I'm already mentally and physically drained. The clash timetable has finally been settled. I seriously hope nobody will fuck up with my timetable anymore. Tolerance is no longer in my dictionary when it comes to this matter. I'd tolerated others for 4 semesters and I'd enough. 

I posted a status on my Facebook last night. "I know I had fallen deep. Crying is definitely a clear sign" I appreciated friends whom concern about me but actually there's more story behind all that. It wasn't the prank that got me. It is the fact that I had definitely falling for him. I thought I have control over my feeling but obviously I don't. It's growing bad. And the uncertainty kills me. We're doing good now and I afraid fate will burst my happy bubble. You know, it's like when you thought everything is okay, then suddenly something gone wrong and you're done.

Like usual, he managed to curve a smile on my face and made me blushing red last night. I bumped into him at the cinema and we talked for awhile . That's definitely a good sign. The smile on his face, it melts my heart. He seemed as excited as I was.

I need more sleep. Trust me, I felt so tired these few days driving others around. The stiff shoulder is getting unbearable each day. First thing first, I need to cut down my social outings with friends. My body demands a good sleep and it need to relax even if my mind don't. I need to shut myself from the world outside and give my body the rejuvenation that it's deserved. I going to have a me time this weekend. Just laying around, reading some books, watching some movies at home.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When I Volunteer, I Volunteer with the Japanese

Let's the picture talks, shall we?

Rise and shine

Camwhoring is a MUST

Jonathan and his demonstration

Jonathan had helped me before when I was surveying Sampadi Forest Reserve in Lundu for my Final Year Project few months back. Speaking of FYP, I haven't start mine yet. What to do? My supervisor told me he might change my research area, that's one good reason not to start doing my draft now. I know, lame excuse but whatever.

Has anyone been this exciting to plant a tree? I know I had.

Cool eh? Made it to history.

Bidayuh dance

Four wheel drive. First time.

The tour guide, on the way to Semenggoh Wildlife

Can you spot the Orang Utan? She's hanging on the tree

They watched Orang utans, I watched them

Overall, the trip was fun. It felt great to be able to give something back to the nature and be a tourist at your own place. The Japanese are very friendly and humble. One advice tho, you might want to keep some distance when talking to them. (Their saliva splashing like a heavy rain).

Friday, July 9, 2010


I won't ask for anything else if you give me these. Well, I'll just ask for purse and heels to go along with.
I'm so in love with these dresses.
DAD!!! read my blog please!

Industrial Training

In the midst if writing my report, I couldn't help but secretly wish that I'd started this report earlier. I was given more than a week to finish up my work. But me being myself, I'd waited till the very last moment to write the report. Same old me with the growing procrastination. In the end, I had to push forward the dateline. This attitude got to go when the new semester starts. This semester I am not writing down any resolutions as I know myself well enough that I won't keep up with any of it. Just a promise to struggle harder will I stick to the back of my mind.

Well, with the report almost finish, my practical has finally comes to its end. Words will not be enough for me to describe what had I learnt in this two months time. Reading about the work is totally differ than actually doing it, experience it. Working in the government sector might not be so bad at all, but I never work in the private sector, so no comparison can be done. What I learnt during this training is not just the working aspect, I learnt how to get along with my colleagues whom our age differences is like father and daughter. Now I have no problem to strike up a conversation with the old generation. Sometime I even found myself amused listening to them sharing their life experience. Some even introduced me to their family or precisely, son. Went to the field myself to interview the people whom are involved with the department projects giving me the first hand experience about their life. And the best part for me is I get to explore new places. Asajaya, Simunjan, Sebuyau, Sadong Jaya and Serian, I had been there quite a few times. And knowing me, I still get excited every time I go to any new places. Perhaps the only downside of this training is we didn't get any allowance. It will be nice to actually get paid, at least I will appreciate the moolah more since I earn it myself.

The experience and knowledge I get in this two months time.

I had a sense of New Zealand here, and I look fat too. FML

Oil palm estate

The oil palm

Sampan ride to get to Asajaya since ferry was not working

At the goat farm

Trying to make the Rempeyek. Nah, I was just posing.

Lunch with the local

Visiting the fish pond

Catching my dinner

Up in the hill with vegetables

Veggies paradise, eh?

P/S: I joined the Japanese Malaysian Association for their tree planting in Gunung Apeng, Serian yesterday. Very fun indeed to give back to the nature, will blog about it soon.