Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 challenges

I was blog-hopping and having fun reading other bloggers 2012 resolutions, I was inspired by some of it. But towards the end of 2011, I told myself I'm not gonna set any resolutions for 2012 because I know better than anyone that I will never keep up with any of it. So, I set a very easy goals for myself which are earn more and travel more.

Last night I couldn't sleep and a thought came across my mind, why don't I set some challenges for myself, a little nudge for myself to strive for whatever goals I want. And of course, every challenge will comes with a little reward :p

Here comes my first challenge for 2012:



To spend only RM100 for two weeks!

A tough challenge this is because this RM100 will include everything in my spending from petrol to lunches, parking tickets, yoga class and etc. Basically it will covers everything from food to my basic necessities. The RM100 for two weeks challenge start today and will end on 15th January (a day before my birthday yo!) I will let you guys know how am I doing after 2 weeks. I'll record every tiny bits of my spending and see how am I doing.

I'll set more challenges for myself in time to come. But first, I must overcome this one! Way to go to save more $$$$! 

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