Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Early this year, I had set some challenges for myself to conquer in 2012 but I only post one up in my first post for 2012 and shamelessly admit that I failed the challenge. After that, a month had past and I completely forgot about these challenges. See, this is the reason why I didn't make any new year or whatsoever resolutions, I'll forget about it anyway. 

But when I was at work today, I made a little self-reflection about how much have I change lately. It all started when a once-was-friend-now-is-stranger (it's complicated) said something about what happened to the person aka me that once he knew. Pfft, I don't think I'd changed, even if I do, I hope it's for better. 

Truth is, I did change. Lately I had stopped doing things that I used to love. Maybe I was too busy, I just couldn't find time for all the activities or habits that I once loved. But it's not too late for me to pick up the old as well as some new habits. So, I think I can start small, doing the simplest thing first because you can't expect a baby to run when he takes his first step, right?

1. Reading
I can't remember what was the last book that I'd read. It had been too long. I used to be such a bookworm before especially when the Twilight fever hit me. I read all the Twilight series, including Midnight Sun (Edward POV) in less than 2 weeks. I miss the excitement of wanting to know more about the plot and let my imagination run free, directing my own version of book adopted movie. 

The abandoned books on my bedside table.
(Yes, it is my high school name tag at the back :p)

2. Cooking & baking
Okay, cooking is a new thing for me. I can't cook a proper dish, it's a fact. I tried before and let's just say I need more and more practice. I never really step into the kitchen unless if I want something from the fridge or during meal time or me cooking instant noodle. The only help that I could offer my mom in the kitchen is to wash the dishes. It's about time for me to put on the apron and pick up the knife or whatever and turn on the stove. I'll start with a simple dish, maybe a simple dinner for the family (hopefully). As for baking, it is a long abandoned hobby, I miss my cheese cakes

3. To listen and care more about family and friends
This is something that I always remind myself to do. No matter how busy or tired I am, I should always make time for them. Because these people are my pillar of strength. I'm trying and still is to be a better friend/sister/daughter for them. It doesn't take much to show that you care, sometimes a little gesture is enough to brighten up their day.

One step at a time. Finger cross I still remember all these after hitting the 'publish post' button. 

Bits of this & that

Some back-dated pictures from couple of weeks ago. For my farewell with my last company, we had pizza after working hour at the office ='= Since I was leaving earlier that my last working day ( I was entitled for 2 days leave and completely utilized it by going away with the boys), we couldn't plan a proper farewell dinner, so pizza it is then.

My fave girl, she would stopped by after office hour and waited for her mom (my colleague)

It had been a great 6 months journey with you guys :(

Now that I'm settling down with the new job, I found a new addiction. Taro bubble milk tea. For the first week, I had this bubble tea almost everyday. During lunch, after work, I would rush over to Easy Drink to get myself a fix of Taro milk tea.

I was crazing for one last Saturday, so I went to their outlet at Star Mega Mall but it was closed for cleaning and maintenance ='= Never mind I said to myself, they got one more outlet downtown. So, I drove all the way, only to find out that they were out of stock. WTF!! Apparently they are having shortage of stock right now and have to pause the production for awhile. Only by early March they will resume selling my Taro bubble milk tea, till then fml. 

Good thing I went back to work when the Uni still on break because that meant I could drag my friends to accompany me for lunch everyday. But the fun of lunching with them only last for a week since everyone went back to their Uni the week after. 

Xiao S even tapao-ed some home cooked meal for me because we were out of idea about places for lunch.

Had sushi for lunch at Sushi Tie because one of the boy were craving for it (and my name rhymes with it)

I had been quite busy for the past weekends, so that limits my time to be with the family. Last Saturday, I brought lil sis out for lunch to make up for it. We had Bak Kut Teh and I got diarrhea after that ='= But it was a fun Saturday for me, running around getting errands done and bonding with lil sis.  

I was very tempted to buy the pants and luckily my conscience got the best of me.

Because I can get the pant somewhere else with only a fraction of its price. Shopping at Sibu is killing me because everything is so overpriced. I had seen many times the same outfits sold at two different city with two major different prices.

To end our long day, we both went for facial at Angelynne (Hui Juan). It took almost an hour and damn, blackhead removal was pain. If you think waxing "down under" is pain, times it 100, that's how painful it was for me. Maybe the girl that served me that day was heartless or she was in bad mood, but the way she poked my face with the needles (from the blackhead remover thingy) was no mercy. I felt like sharp knife were sliced through my nose. But I was satisfied with the after result. Clean and clogged-free face.

Before facial

No after facial picture because my face was red and blotchy.

That's all for now. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspirations & what's not

The fun of blogging for me is jotting down the memories in my daily life and looking back at it years later. My passion of blogging started at 2009, after a year of loyally following some of my favorite blogs. Back then, I only followed few blogs, everyday refreshing their pages waiting for updates. Reading their thoughts and life had inspired me in so many ways, making me believe that passion can bring you success no matter what educational background you’re from.

The first blog I’ve encountered back then was thatgirlcynthia. I read about it in CLEO and it got me hook. Back then Cynthia was still a student but already started to manage business by selling off her unused clothes and been doing some freelance jobs for extra income. The passion for fashion drives this ACCA student to start up an online retail business, An Old Flame . I once read that Cynthia was torn in between getting a secure job and chasing her dream. In the end, she chose what made her happy. Not only she’s managing her online retail and work behind the scenes, she’s also a freelance writer. Cynthia plays as hard as she works. She makes me believe that one should work hard and play harder. Who says whoever party all night long and get wasted will never be success? Bullshit. Her schedule may be busy but she knows how to chill out with a glass (or two) beer and good music. 

Gotta love her alter ego tattoo

Another blog that I'd been frequent a lot, if not everyday for the past years is Proud duck. Who doesn't know Vivy Yusof, the founder of Fashion Valet. I've read her blog since she was a law student till now, a success entrepreneur. Who say you have to be what're you're studying at uni? She's law graduate but find her way in construction business and build a platform for all the shopaholics out there to get to know more local designer through her online retail site, Fashion Valet. This girl proves that nothing is impossible if you set your heart to it, doesn't matter if you need to start it from scratch. And you don't have to give up what you love the most (read: shopping) to provide food on the table. She's success, she's low profile, she's the inspiration for youngster out there. And she's funny too. This beauty with brain writes too. Do check out her article in The Star occasionally. Sometimes, I wonder how did she manages everything. Such a wonder woman.

Another blogger that I look up to is definitely Joyce, the ultimate fashionista, great traveler, amazing writer and the star of a party. She works harder than anyone else, juggling all sort of projects (you can read it here) and yet she still make sure she lives her life to the fullest. She's the girl whom never afraid to try anything new. I really admire here free spirit, I envy her travelling experience, Joyce had left her foot prints in far too many places. She's the girl that can work all day and party all night. And she cooks too. How's amazing is that? I'm not just talking about your everyday dish, her dishes were those of Nigella's recipes and she cooks for big group. She definitely living it up her best. Her spontaneity got me in so many ways. We only live once, might as well live your life to the fullest. What's the point of saying no now and regretting in years later when you already miss the chance. You know, some opportunity just knock once in a lifetime. But be smart in choosing what you're about to do, follow your heart but make sure your head agrees too (well, at least trying to agree).

Whenever I feel like I couldn't do it all at once (be it work or personal stuffs), I always remind myself that if these ladies can pull it off, so do I. There are times when I feel like the world is against me but I told myself to look at the bright side. Everything is ain't too bad if you know how to be optimistic. Don't be too hard on yourself, let loose and just enjoy. So when I'm down, I blast my music, make myself a cup of drinks and starts blog-hopping or rereading these amazing bloggers posts from their earlier days just to get myself inspire. Hope you are inspires too!

Go and do anything that you'd been putting off 

By the way, the pictures used in this post are all taken from their respective blogs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life, before and after

"My life feels like a roller-coaster ride lately. Too many ups and downs in such a short span. Sometimes I wonder where I'd summoned the energy and emotions to handle it all. I won't say everything is suck and terrible because it is not. I admit, I hit several low points in my life lately where I felt like whatever I do will never be good enough for others. I care too much perhaps."


The first paragraph was written earlier this month. Much to my surprise, I couldn't connect with what I've wrote up there. I don't feel the same way anymore. That's because my life is getting better now, I've learnt to accept what I can't change. I'm happy with what I have. I have awesome friends whom make me feel like I'm perfect and family whom love me unconditionally. I don't need to prove to anyone anything. 

Life is not that bad if you can learn to look at things optimistically. The cup is never half empty, it is half full. Positive thinking is the key maybe. I've stopped dwelling on the negative parts of my life. Shits happen, that's life. So, what I did now is looking past the things that once made me feel my worst and enjoy whatever I can right now. I live in the moment instead of over analyzing about my past and worrying too much about my future.

I do whatever I want. Quit my job, joined new company, got high and stoned, packed my luggage and went away with the boys, booked my ticket with Miao to go see Sara in Bangkok in December, almost getting a tattoo, bought the dress that made me feel good without second thought (tho I did this everytime), eat all I want, dance my heart out and so much more. And for once, I feel content. Life is good if you know how to enjoy it. Who cares about the people whom once hurt you. You know what they say, whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Cheers for more great things in life!

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Valentine's

The mysterious bouquet that toyed with my head and my heart.

I wasn't planning anything for Valentine's Day because it was just a typical Tuesday for me. Went to work, had lunch with hubby, back from work and stayed at home and received an unexpected rose bouquet. :)  My friends were kinda worry that I would spend the day alone even after I kept telling them it was okay for me. I never had a proper Valentine's in a long time already anyway.  In the end, I spent the last hour of Valentine's yamcha with the boys. Surrounded by friends, that's love too. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So, I'm back from my trip and bouncing back to work on Monday, in a new company. Hehehe yes, I'd resigned from my last position last week and joining the new company this week. Brave move, I know. So far so good and I'm happy with my decision.

Talk about my trip, if I could sum it up in just one word, it would be unexpected. Everything went completely out of plan, well, we don't really have a plan in the first place anyway. We're almost missing our flight because the boys took forever to get to the airport. I had to stall the check-in counter guy and waited for them outside boarding hall. Upon reaching Kuching, we were stranded at airport because the friend that were supposed to pick us up still sleeping ='= Bad start for the day.

We went to check in at a budget hotel only to find out it was fully booked. FOL. Luckily, a room was available in the afternoon. Relieved, we booked the room and much to our disappointment, it really live up to its name, budget hotel. The room was so small that it could only fit a queen size bed and a small bedside table. First thing we did the next morning was to check out and find a decent hotel to stay at.

Our main activity for this trip is to eat. I had been living in Kuching for the past 3 years and yet I haven't explore at least half of the place, especially little cafes. The only Laksa Sarawak that I love in Kuching is the one from Foody Goody Cafe (don't remember if the name is correct or not) but I stopped going there after I was down with food poisoning a year ago. But this time, a friend brought us to cafe shop (can't remember the name) to have this amazing Laksa Sarawak. I gulped down mine as faster as the guys finished theirs. We also went to BaSaga for quick dinner and partied all night long in private place. The party was the cherry on top of my trip :p

We also tried out the popular ABC at Jalan Song ( near 101 premier) and quite addicted to it that we went there two days in a row. On second day, we went to The Junk for dinner. I shared carbonara fettucine with a friend and yet still so full till I had to throw up after dinner. Had sashimi there too but the taste was just so so. Partied again the second night but I was too stoned to enjoy myself but the boys sure had so much fun being stoned.

All of us were totally exhausted after all the partying and eating. For the first time ever in Kuching, I didn't step into any malls or even doing any shopping. Being with the boys really had slowly turning me into one of them. The only window shopping that we did was car window shopping. Being surrounded by half a million Ringgit cars made me feel good. It would be even better if I could own them hehehe. Saw an Audi V8 going for RM650,000.00 just made my heart ache. 

My travel companions

Our flight back home was retimed twice due to some technical problem with the tyre. Had to wait for more than half and hour in the plane. No camwhoring pictures because nobody want to camwhore with me, no outfits pictures too because I was always the last one to get ready. 

Shall end my post with view from my window seat

Oh yeah, happy Valentine's day peeps!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Short trip

I'll be going away for a short trip to my favorite city with my current favorite persons.
Can't believe just last week I was whining about needing a getaway and a friend asked me to join them for their trip.
Without second thought, I cleared my schedule and got my flight ticket done.

I'm excited for coming back to a place I once called home yet nervous to be the only girl in this trip.
Talk about being adventurous, this is the most spontaneous trip I've done.
We will fly in 6 more hours and still haven't figure out where to sleep.
I have absolute no control over the itinerary.
My plan for this trip:
Just let loose and go with the flow.

Whatever, I'm looking forward to have extra fun in this 3 days 2 nights trip.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Instagram Diary

Looks like I had been missing awhile from blog-sphere :p I was too busy trying to make full use of my time to accompany all of my friends before all of them flying back to wherever they should be. When that time comes, I'll be back to my forever alone world :(

Here's a little something to make up for my absence, pictures from my Instagram about a fracture of stuffs that I had been doing lately.

Pino squeezing between me and lil sis for a good night sleep

On my way to work one day, I felt so easy driving because my heels didn't stuck in the carpet. Then I looked down to my feet and to my horror, I was in my flip flop. No wonder ='= Lucky I have my spare heels in the car. 

Caught Pino napping in my room while accompanying me

Saw this in a magazine and thought "You had done it right, ex!" wtf!

Birthday gift from my sister  <3

Care package from Miao, thanks dear!

Love the new casing with the matching ribbon

Someone got me Hello Kitty masks, used it once and love it.

CNY visiting with my family

Rocking red skirt for CNY

Baby Kelly is back for CNY too 

Brunch at Uncle Dom's

Trying out the new Easy Drink. 

The best part of my day last week was handling over my workload. Felt like a burden just being lifted off my shoulder. 

That's all for now!