Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lie to me

This is my current favorite series. This show got me thinking a lot. People lie all the time. Don't deny it, because if you did, you just lied. Human and lies are inseparable. Imagine how it feels if you have the ability to detect lie just by studying people facial expression? It must be suck to know that you're being lied to by people around you everyday. That's what Dr. Cal Lightman faces everyday. The truth hurts and so do lies. I just finished the Season 1 and now I'm on a hunt for Season 2. 

p/s: Dr Lightman looks exactly like my uncle. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When we slipped into dresses and heels

I put an abrupt stop at my post about my Saturday because I think the post is too lengthy and my connection is unreliable. Now let's move on where we left it last time, shall we?

Remember when I said we switch the shirts and shorts for dresses and heels when the night fall? It's because my friend Bernadette had just turned 21 that week and a 21 years old deserves a celebration. We drove home from Angie's village at about 8.30 at night and transformed ourselves into a lady. Hints: makeup, heels, dress.

Free drinks and snap snap :)

The excited Bern

With the birthday girl

The chocolate cake 

Bern, me, Angie and Vero
Obviously who took this picture is not a natural cam whorer.

Tipsy? Hehe, who gets tipsy after 4 rounds of Whiskey Coke? Not us.

We didn't stayed long though obviously because the free flow of Whiskey Coke ended when the clock strike 12 midnight. A little like Cinderella story, eh? So yeah, this is the another part of our story. I finished my presentation today and it was ok. Overall, I did my best to deliver my research and tried my best to answer my lecturers question. The feeling right after I said my Thank You and finished my presentation was a total relief. It felt like a great burden had been lifted off my shoulder, I kid you not. So now, I will focus on my midterms before packing for my mid semester holiday. Hello Sibu, Bintulu and probably Miri!  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wish me luck

My FYP presentation is tomorrow and I'm freaking nervous now. What I scare the most is if I talk too fast and and nobody get what I'm trying to say. My teachers in school always gave me the same comment : I talked too fast. Another thing that scares me is what if I can't answer their question?

I already started rehearsing, torturing my housemate to be my audience. Well, practice makes perfect, ait? A friend told me not to let my mind take control of my nervousness because if I do, I already lost in my mind set. Great advice friend, let see if it works tomorrow.

Dear God, please let everything goes smoothly tomorrow. Amen.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Siramat Mundog

That's Welcome in Bidayuh. I can't remember when was the last time I staying in during Saturday. There's always plans and activities with friends on Saturday. Because my Final Year Project had drained my energy, so I decided to stay in today. Let's talk about my last Saturday, shall we?

Angie took me, Vero and Bern to her village last Saturday at Padawan. The plan was totally spontaneous. First we were just want to swim at the river at her village but one thing led to another, we ended up at Anah Rais and Borneo Height. Anah Rais is well-known for Bidayuh traditional longhouse. That's where I picked up 'Siramat mundog". I had quite an adventure Saturday, so brave yourself for lots of pictures ahead.

First pit stop: Anah Rais. We were touring the longhouse and watched how the local lived. It was fun and reminded me of my mom longhouse back at Batang Rajang. We even went inside the Headhunter's house where they display the real sculls.

It was raining and the bamboo was slippery.

The hunted heads

The old-school cooking style

The bridge that joined the village. The river below is where people always have their picnic. But of course not right under the bridge. 

 Another part of the Anah Rais

It was raining when we reached Anah Rais but it didn't stopped us from exploring the village and snnapping pictures along the way. The villagers there are nice and friendly too. I guess they used to visitors coming around. On the way back to Angie's grandma house, we stopped at Borneo Highland Resort. Well, at the entrance actually. None of us can afford the tour there since a day trip (actually half day trip) at Borneo Highland Resort cost us RM100 per pax. 

We managed to fool around and scared the guard. Typical us.

Sipping hot Milo and filling our stomach before having our river swimming session

A happy me and excited Vero

The river is amazing. Seriously, I feel like a child missing her childhood when I saw the river. The water temperature was fine even after the rain and it was very deep, especially near the waterfall and the water current was good too, not as strong as the one in Bau. Notice the color of the water in the picture above? The one with the brownish color is the shallow part where the water reached my shoulder and the green part is very deep. 

Cliff diving, superb because the water is very deep

Us in action, channeling our inner child. Hehe

We were very active that day.

Wow, this is a super lengthy post and I'm just talking about my adventure on my Saturday day. When the night fell, we switched the t-shirts and shorts for dresses and heels. Of course, that is another story for another day. :)

It's back

My Formspring is back, for good. I deactivated it a while ago, for no apparent reason actually. Maybe because I'm too lazy to check it and felt guilty for leaving it rotten. But now, I'm joining the bandwagon. Reactivate it. So, shoot me here ya.

Happy Weekend, people. I love this gloomy Saturday.

Love, Suzi

Dear FYP,

You're the worst gift ever. You have been keeping me wide awake for the past few days and I look like crap now. I've tried to figure you out but it's not an easy task, I followed the guideline, still everything is quite a blur. After several drafts and drowning myself in education books and journals, finally I'd submitted you to my supervisor, co-supervisor and coordinator. Be good and let them like you, ok? You're smart in torturing me, submitting you is just one quarter of completing the whole process. We still have an important date next Wednesday which I don't look forward to at all.

Trying to love you but fail, Suzi.

Dear hair,

Sorry I'd been neglected you this few weeks. I know some comments from my friends are hurting your feeling. Well, at least that what I thought when you went all wild and frizzy this few days. Please bear with me, ok? I'll book us a treatment session soon. Or I'll give you a new color if that makes you happy.

Always love you, Suzi.

Dear face,

I know you are rebelling against me by popping those pimples. Sorry for the dark circles, it's not my intention to torture you. I tried my best to give you enough rest but to no avail. What's with the dull and pale complexion you gave me? My friend thought I'm sick. Even the smile seems so fake lately. Please be by my side and shine, will you?

Love you the most, Suzi.

Dear laundry,

I know you are glaring at me angrily every time I piled my clothes on you. Don't blame me please. FYP been driving me crazy lately and I don't have time to do you. Blame the water supply as well, he been throwing tantrums and rebelling by messing the supply. I promise I still couldn't find time you this week, I'll let you have a blast at the laundry shop, deal?

Love, Suzi

Dear study,

Sorry I'd completely ignore you. I know I'll regret that later but I can't help it, FYP been stealing all my time with you. But don't you worry, I'm all yours after my date with FYP next week. I'll catch up with you soon, just don't be so hard on me, please.

Love you but sometimes I hate you, Suzi.

Dear home,

OMG OMG, we'll meet in about two weeks. Do you know how long have I waited for this? This 3 months away from you is a torture. I can't wait to reunite with you, to immerse myself in the comfort of you. 2 weeks, 14 days, I start counting down the days now.

Miss you the most, Suzi.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All is well

I realized I had been enjoying myself too much lately. Every Saturday I always ended up either on the beach or my friends village for a little getaway. Every plans came spontaneously  and  being the outgoing person, I couldn't say no. Well, who would say no to fun activities anyway? It's already been 2 months into my new semester and frankly, I still haven't doing any serious study and revision yet. Now where's my study enthusiasm had gone?

I really need to get myself back on the study track. Before this semester started, I promised myself that I will get a 3.0 GPA for this semester. I had done good last semester but I failed to achieve my 3 pointer target. Count me as kia su, I always had the feel that I need to catch up with other's grade. I've always been like this since primary school. Things are easy back then since I'm still the naive little child. But now, with the temptations out there, I find it hard to stay driven and focus. Now I miss my parents and their little nagging. When I was a school student, I have them behind my back to keep me right on track.

I'm practically an adult now and my parents are counting on me to take care of myself. No matter how hard the road ahead, I need to be strong to keep going. Once in awhile, I need to take a step back and be reminded of my goals in life. I count myself lucky as I still be able to keep my feet in the ground. To be honest, I have no idea what the future holds for me. Heck, I don't even have a single idea about my career. I learned to be contented with what I had now, still I need to start planning ahead for my future. Everything is a blur but I'm positive I'll have it figure out soon. So, I guess it's time to switch on my nerd mode.One thing for sure, the outgoing-fun-spontaneous-live life to the fullest me will always be there. After all, live life to the fullest is the motto that I live by.

Monday, August 16, 2010

We're cool

It's just the heart

Nothing serious actually, it just that my heart is shattered into pieces. I'll pick it up and put it right back into places soon. Give me some time okay. Honestly, I feel numb, in a good way. Don't worry. Life's still good.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sorry Sir

Here I am, still in my pajamas, in my room surfing the net while watching the clock turns 10 am. I should be on my way to my Nature-based Recreation and Ecosystem class instead of sitting here. Nothing much I can do, my flat has water problem and I haven't take my shower yet. So, I guess I'll be sipping my Anlene Milo in my room while my lecturer is giving lecture in his Najib's style at my campus. My second time cutting class this semester.  I feel guilty actually. LOL.

I fb-ing, tweeting and blogging

Facebook is the social network where I'd wasted most of my time on. This is where I stay in touch and being updated by my friends and family. Yes, guilty as charged, I log in to Facebook everyday. But I play by one rule when it comes to my Facebook. I do not accept friend request from strangers. I have my Facebook not to make friend, I have it to keep in touch with friends, there's a difference. Do not bother to add me if you don't know me / never meet me / never talk to me. But if you're a friend/ sister/ brother / girlfriend / boyfriend of a friend, I'll consider you. If you're none of the above, let's stay free from each other account, ok? I made my account private for a reason.

I tweet to rant about stuff in my life. Let it be a small stuff like I broke my headband or the weather is too hot, Twitter is where this stuff will ending up. I welcome followers but only for those valid twitterers. Once I had a bunch of followers with extra weird names such as Sex09 bla bla bla and their tweets are dirty filthy. I had to remove those followers and keep my tweets private. So, let's tweet to make ourselves feel better. This where you are welcome to rant and rant about anything without having to worry about response from others.

I started blogging a year and a half ago. It's for the pleasure of myself because I found it comforting to write down how I feel. Blogspot is where I become personal because this is where I poured my heart out. I do not set my blog in private because I welcome readers but let's stay low profile, shall we, readers? What in the blog stays in the blog, that's how I rule. 

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Off the chest

Not everyone has the best interest of you in their heart. Some are secretly smiling at your failure, proudly bragging about their performance. They made it to the par, so what? It's not like it is the best one. I learnt not to let those get in my way, I don't have to sink into their level. Like it or not, this is life. So, I just have to deal with it.

Pardon the rant above. I need to let it out of my chest, nothing personal though.

Today is the second day of Ramadhan and my Muslim friends had been fasting for 2 days. As usual, during Ramadhan month, food bazaar will be held nearby my flat. I went there for 2 consecutive days and I shopped like I was the one that fasting. The food choices are too many and I felt super hungry just by looking at those food. I won't be surprise if I gain weight this month. This is good though, some of my friends had been complaining that I'm too thin. If they take another look at me now, I'm sure they will take back their comments. My face is getting rounder now. Let's hope I will not overdo this gaining weight resolution.

On another note, I just got back my car. Last Friday a foreigner bumped into my car when he reversed his car. I was taken aback and my mind went blank for a moment. But thanks God, he's a good Samaritan. He got off his car and inspected mine. Then we drove around looking for workshop. He kept apologizing and willing to pay for all the expenses. So I got my car fixed and sprayed. Lucky me it was just a minor collision. Thank God nobody got hurt.

Next thing on my list, getting my final year project proposal done. I'd sent in my first draft and my supervisor wants me to edit a few things here and there. I still have two weeks time to prepare for my proposal presentation. Wish me luck ya.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

His village and his mates

He took me to his village for a picnic with his mates last Saturday. It was awesome. We ate, we laughed, we enjoyed. I love his 'storybook scene'. Just as he promised. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm homesick

It's been 3 months, no wonder I have the heavy feeling. I miss my family.
Don't mind me if you see me feeling down.
I can't help it and it's nobody fault.

Friday, August 6, 2010

They say

Yeah, it's unfair. You led me on then left me wondering, you came when I almost giving up on you, you give me hope then you disappears. And worst, the circle keeps on repeating itself and I let it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One year checkpoint

It becomes my routine to talk to you almost everyday. We shared everything, from our annoyance of the white head leader to our favorite shirts.The connection that we have, it's amazing. We don't have to see each other everyday to know that we will always be there for each other. This beautiful friendship started from a simple comment. Somehow along the way, I'm falling for you. 

At first, I tried to convince myself what I feel for you is just a temporary crush. The more I denied it, the stronger the feeling had become. I'm afraid that I'm too clingy now. Anything that happened to me, the first thought I have is to tell you about it. But most of the time, I lost my courage and kept those to myself instead. 

I will never forget how you always made me feel better when I'm falling into the bottom pit. The late night study date that we had, I have to thank you for that. No doubt my pointer is getting better. You always have a way to chase away my homesickness. Bottom line, you made me open up to you. It's annoy me actually, it made me feel fragile and vulnerable.

Hey mister, have you realized that it had been a year now? More than 365 days had passed and yet you still give me butterflies in the stomach, you still made me blushing red, you still melt me with your smile. But one question is my head stays still. We are not an item but we are definitely more than just friend. So, what are we actually?  

We met and this is what happened

The Coffee Bean, Sarawak Plaza.

Cutting Edge, The Spring

Kado's Cafe, Jalan Padungan and Starbuck KIA

King Deluxe Room 701, Pullman Hotel


Thank you for flying down to Kuching to spend the weekend with me Marie. You're the best. It's been four years since we last met and to be reunited for 3 short days was amazing. The girlie night, make-ups, gossips, foods and us. That's all we need for a great weekend. When I have my travel fund filled, I'll fly to KL to see you and then we can head to Penang as planned.

Love you darl, xoxo

Monday, August 2, 2010

Study Mode On

Proposal writing is no fun and formal journals are the most effective sleeping aid.