Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marry me, Edward..

Finally the day that I gad been waiting is finally here. A date with my vampire boyfriend. *wink*. It's all started a year ago, when the Twilight fever spread worldwide. For starter, my immune system was working really good, that's it until a lonely 2009 new year celebration. That night I was stucked at my uni with no plan nor celebration for new year. So, I asked my friends to accompany me to join the JPK countdown where Twilight was showing.

It was love at first sight. He was too good. No, hold it, I was wrong. He was perfect. What else you could ask for a man other than his undying love for you? He not just a gentleman, he very thorough. And he is physically perfect, and has musical talent too. *officially drooling now*.  After the movie, I was very keen to get my hand on the saga. I had read all of the books in less than two weeks. (When I said read, I was actually screening, can't really afford to buy the real book, so I downloaded it..hehe).

Okay, back to my date. It was perfect if I minus the part about the crying baby, the phone beeping, people talking and grunting and lastly the bastard who scratched my car. $^$#@#@. (I'll take about this later). First thing first. New Moon is exactly the way I pictured it. Truth is, I had been watching all the trailers (more than once)..hehehe..all thanks to a mister for the link and I read the book too. I know the story line from front page to the last page. For the movie, I'll give two thumbs up. (This is not because Robert Pattinson is in it, this is purely judged based on the performance and the setting of the movie).

I really love the wolf pack. They are all totally buffed up. Man, those six packs is totally gorgoeus. This is coming from a girl whose not into muscular guy, the wolf pack must have working their ass off to get that muscle. For once, I even considered to become a wolf girl and hoping Jacob will imprint on me.

 The breathtaking wolf pack.

As much as I love the wolf pack, I can never be a wolf girl because deep down I am a vampire girl. Kristin Stewart is doing good job in playing Bella, the pain from the sudden departure of Edward is portrait well.When I read the book, I was a little bit disappointed as I thought Bella will end up with Jacob, after all, New Moon is focusing on Bella's condition after Edward left her. I was so afraid that Bella will rebound on Jacob. When the news about the second movie was out, I thought there wouldn't be much scene with Edward in it. Thanks God I was wrong. My favorite scenes will be the birthday scene and the Volturi meet Bella scene and the Alice driving the Porsche scene and Bella cliff diving scene too. Okay, bottom line, I love the whole movie.

 It's true love that they have.

So the lamb fall in love with the lion

One thing that really annoyed me in the cinema is the inconsideration of human. So, please people, don't bring your baby to the cinema. It's a baby for God sake, he/she don't even know what is showing on the screen. We want to hear what Bella and Edward said, not your crying baby throughout the movie. And people, please turned your phone to silent mode. We understand if you want to text your friend about how handsome Edward is, but your ring tone is distracting others concentration.

Not only my mood was ruined by the movie-goer, when I walked back, I noticed a scratch on my dad's car. Some bastard had reversed and hit the right side of the car. Lucky it was just a tiny scratch. I quickly rushed to the workshop and had it polished. The scratch is basically invisible now and I hope my dad will never find out. Or else, I will be banned from driving his 'precious'. And for the bastard who scratch the car, karma will find it way to you. Bear that in mind.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Man Best Friend

I had came across a post which had hit me in my soft spot when I was blog-reading earlier. It brought back the feeling that I had been shoved deep down in my heart. I have to admit, yes, I do miss him. A lot. A video that my friend posted on my Facebook wall only helped to make the feeling grew stronger. I miss my Pino. And lucky me, now I'm home and looking forward to spend more time with him.

Don't be fool by his innocent look.

A year and a half ago, I was resenting my sister for wanting to have a dog. What pissed me of was that my parent agreed to it. The fact is I'm totally scare of any furry friend. We used to have two dogs when I was very little, around the age of 2 or 3. But I only remember the black one, named Nicky. Nicky was found dead because he was too old at the jungle behind my old house back in Balleh. After that, I never have any contact with dog, and naturally grow the fear of them.

I do have some pets when I was growing up, numerous fish that only managed to live in my mini aquarium for few weeks, three hamsters which ran away and two turtles which I gave away.I never managed to keep a fish for more than a month, they always ended up floating dead in the mini aquarium despite my attempt to take good care of them. After giving up with the fish, I turned to hamster. A friend of mine gave me  hamsters and I was so excited and turned the mini aquarium to a mini cage for my hamster. My brother and my cousin always been my victim to attend the hamsters because I was too scared to hold them. I guess my hamsters didn't like me too. They bit a hole in their cage and ran away. But I bet they didn't last long outside.To cure my sadness after my hamsters ran away, I bought two turtles. Turtles are easier to handle but they didn't stay long with me though. A Chinese friend told me if I rear turtle, my lifetime with cut short for every turtle I own as in Chinese, turtle symbolize long life and should be release to their natural habitat. Don't ask me why I believed her back then and gave away my turtle to my cousin.

Pino and his proud mama

When Pino first set his feet to our home, he was rebellious and scared. The new environment totally scared him off and he took quite some time to adapt to our house. Back then, he was just tiny little fellow. Though we still strangers to him, he hated to be left alone, always demanding company, especially at night. Often the little sis sacrificed her sleeping time to keep Pino accompany by playing with him by his cage. Since then, they are inseparable.

Now, Pino is the apple of everyone eyes. We love him but this little fellow can be very difficult sometime. It is a love-hate relationship for me and Pino. I love him very much but there are times when I really want to turn him into BBQ dog. Early in the morning, he would scratch on my room door, demanding me to let him in, as early as 6 am. It is bad enough he disturbed my beauty sleep, he even sometime scratch my comforter demanding my attention. I don't mind the comforter but sometimes it's my face that suffered from his scratching and yanking. There are times when I was too tired to greet him in the morning, my mom would open my door and let him in. He got the hint and sat silently next to me waiting for me to wake up. I was clearly not a morning person and he got tired of waiting and finally fell asleep too. 

He would sleep soundly like a baby next to me. Even so, a light movement or any noise would wake him up.

One thing that never change about Pino is he still hate to be left alone. Even when he's sleeping at the living room and I wanted to get drink from the kitchen, he would no doubt will follow me to the kitchen regardless how sleepy he is. Everytime we headed out, he would wail his tail as if asking us to bring him along. Two words that he totally understand are "am" and "bye bye". ( am means come in Iban). Once you said "am" to him, he would jump to the car once we opened the front door. He would sneer if you hold him back. The only word to calm him is "Bye bye" as he understood that he will not going anywhere.

He would wait patiently on the front door for us to be home.
One thing that he love the most is his evening walk. The little fellow is more than happy to explore the outside world after being caged whole day in the house. But careful not to let go of his leash tho. That's it if you don't want to sweat yourself chasing after him around the neighbourhood.

Panting after his long walk (or run precisely).

Now the poor fellow doesn't quite seem like his old self. That is because we give him a new haircut, a terribe one actually. Poor Pino, looked like a stray dog in my Uni.

Worry not, little buddy. I will always love you, maybe even more when your hair grow back.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love , anybody?

I just wondered, can people just fall in love without knowing  (or seeing) the real particular person? Okay, admiring the picture on the internet doesn't count as seeing the real person. You should at least saw her/him once in your life. I kept on pondering with this thought and realized this concept doesn't work on me. Love at first sight, acceptable. Love at first glance at others picture and never see the real person live, ridiculous. So, stop claiming how much you love someone that you never met in your whole life. Fact is, you don't even know them, how they behave in real life, what they like to eat, how they walk, what their habit and so on.

It is pathetic to beg for love from someone you don't know.  If you are looking for love, perhaps you should start with people around you, people that you can actually talk face to face with. For me, love (as in relationship) is not merely just a feeling, it's a bonding, a commitment but the commitment is not as big as marriage tho. Honestly, I never actually fell in love. What I experienced before this was just crush which never last for more than one month, or three months top. Then, there is one particular person came to my life. He is different from normal guys, not that he is not normal, okay. Truth is, I don't know how to describe him. I admit, before this, I know nothing about him albeit the fact that I had known him for over a year and a half. Only recently or precisely four months ago we started to get to know each other.

It felt so easy to talk (with the help of technology of course) to him. We basically talked about everything under the sun and I like it when he listened to what I got to say without being judgmental. He is quite honest too, I guess, since he is not afraid to correct me when I was wrong. Even if his little piece of advice is not that what my ears like to hear, I admire the gut he had. Sometimes, it felt like he is the best friend that I had known for long, very easy it is for both of us to share our life stories. Both of us are looking forward for our actual 'hang out' session. For the time being, we both opt for a low profile 'meeting' considering the 'controversial' we might caused later on.

To tell the truth, I don't know where am I heading for this. But I like where I am right now. Being carefree and enjoy what comes in my way even if I shed tears along the way, at least I get some lessons from it. The uncertainty did get on my nerves but I tried my best to look at the bright side. Have faith with the future.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eloping to Italy

That's the unexpected plan Facebook offered me. After choosing to be offline for quite sometime from Facebook chat, I decided to go online for the chat last night. A friend post something on my wall and had raised the interest of many, but that is not the 'hot' thing yet.

B approached me through the chat box and we talked about the issue: clubbing. Then he suddenly mentioned about his result in an application in the Facebook. He found out about he will marry me in Europe. Since it was all joke, so I played along. Suddenly he got this crazy idea. He sent me a request to confirm him as my boyfriend. How shocked I was. His friends started to bombard him with question after he published his update. What a hot topic it was. Everybody came up with their own theories.

The idea sound fun but the joke was too big, so I said no. I cannot afford the risk as I clearly know that it will result in a very deep misunderstanding. The request still remain in my notification and his haven't change his status as well. He did asked what I want him to do with the status, change it back to single or remain in the relationship. I really didn't know how to answer, so I left it for him to decide, after all it's his idea in the first place.

I have to admit. Facebook really does connecting people. I had been in the same class with a friend for over a year and a half, still I didn't have his number. We only managed to exchange it yesterday. Thank you to whoever inventing Facebook, you did me a great favor. Connecting people around the world. Now I sound like TM Net commercial. Holiday day 2 and I'm already bored. I have a feeling this is going to be a really long holiday, not in  a good way though.

P/S: I'm thinking of a new haircut...perhaps I should pay the saloon a visit.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chemical Analysis Of Human Elements

Found this note on my friend Facebook note and laugh my ass off when I read it. So, I thought I'll share it with you guys. Do enjoy.

Element name: WOMAN.
Symbol: WO.

Atomic weight: 'Don't even go there'.
Physical properties: Generally round in form. Boils at nothing and may freeze at any time. Melts whenever treated properly. Very bitter if not used well.

Chemical properties: Very active. Highly unstable. Possesses strong affinity to gold, silver, platinum,and precious gemstones. Violent when left alone. Able to absorb great amounts of exotic food. Turns
slightly green when placed next to a better specimen.

Usage: Highly ornamental. An extremely good catalyst for dispersion of wealth. Probably the most powerful income reducing agent known.

Caution: Highly explosive in inexperienced hands.

Element: MAN.
Symbol: XY.

Atomic weight: (180 +/- 50).

Physical properties: Solid at room temperature. Gets bent out of shape easily. Fairly dense and sometimes flaky. Difficult to find a pure sample. Due to age and rust, older samples are unable to conduct electricity as well as younger samples.

Chemical properties: Attempts to bond with WO any chance it can get. Also tends to form strong bonds with itself. Becomes explosive when mixed with Kd (child) for prolonged periods of time. Can be neutralised by saturating with alcohol.

Usage: None known. Possibly good methane source.

Caution: In the absence of WO, this element rapidly decomposes and begins to smell.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Divert and take a scenic route

Been trying to study whole night but I can't seem to put my mind to it. Most probably because I was in Cais. I can never study when I'm surrounded with my friends ( and Internet as well). Though so, I didn't feel like my time was wasted. I had fun spending time with my friends regardless who they are. The laughter seem to never stop when I was with them. God blessed me for crossing my path with them.

I can't believe that in exactly 12 days, this semester will be over. Time flies when you are happy, isn't it? The Earth never stop to revolve regardless what happened in this world. One thing that I can't bring myself to ignore is the fact that my friendship with a very best friend of mine had degraded to one point that I feel like a stranger to her. We used to be really close before, when there's me, sure there's her as well. Could it be the fact that we didn't have class together this semester be the factor of this? I doubt that. She doesn't seem like herself lately, being over-sensitive all the time. Even now I can't be myself when I'm around her as if any of my unintended remark or action might provoke her. Sure before this I wouldn't mind to reach out to her, but endless rejections when I asked her to hang out had put an end to my effort. We still see each other on regular basis though, but wouldn't be the same anymore. Could the lost spark in our friendship be restore? Perhaps. But I'm very grateful for other friends that I have. They colored my life in their own way. Besides enjoying the similarities between us, we respect the differences too.

I had learned a lot this semester, not just in the class I mean. Now I can see the world in different angles, I may not like what I saw, but I can learned to accept it. The shades of life is not just black and white. It's more than that. One thing for sure, a year ago, you can never spot me to initiate the first step to come up to people, but now you will see me laughing with them like I had known them forever. I learned to accept others and brush aside others flaw and appreciate their contribution in my life. Though some people can be total pain in the ass.

On the other note, I had done two of my papers for the final. Can't say much though. I did my best and lets just let them decide. I really hope I can get better result than my last semester. I had left a bad mark on my result slip last semester and finger cross that this one is going to be better. 4 more papers to go. Am holding on tight here and striving hard. Procrastination and laziness, stay away from me. I had prepared my shield and kelvar jacket to fight you.