Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas wishlist from Azorias

Dear Santa, 

I may not be all good this year but trust me, I'm trying to be a better person than I was before. I curse less (verdict: lie, I cursed the slow drivers when I drove to work every morning), I respect others (verdict: true, I guess), I helped others (verdict: true), I tolerate more (verdict: lie, but I'm still trying). So, I think for Christmas this year, I deserve a little something. I won't be greedy, I promise.

All the items that I want are from Azorias. See, I save you the hassle already, no need to go to other shops/sites to get my desirable items. So, here comes the list:


Contract collar cheetah print sheer shirt

I fall in love with this top when I saw Joyce wore it. This will be the perfect work/play top. I can wear it for work and directly to lounge after office hour for a drinks or two.


Bow Georgette top with gold trimmings

The back details totally catch my eyes. This is will be the perfect top for a simple first date night. Not too casual, not too over the top either. From dinner date to movie date, this top is the perfect top.


Leopard print mermaid tail skirt

Again, another animal print item. Yup, I'm a bit obsessed with animal print. But the mermaid tail concept that grabs me. Been looking around for a skirt like this and Azorias caters my need. :) I already can imagine myself strutting in this skirt in a dinner party or girls night out.


Hot pink drapped tulip overlay skirt

A pink skirt! This is a must-have skirt. The bold color of pink no doubt can chase away my Monday blues. The thought of matching this skirt with my favorite top and heels can totally make my morning. No more grumpy me on a Monday morning, I promise. 

Here's a close up picture of my pink tulip skirt because obviously 1 picture is not enough to justify my love towards this :)

Told you I'm not greedy. I was having a hard time to pick the items for my wishlist but I resist the urge to click everything for the wishlist (Another proof that I'm behaving :p) I'd noticed one thing tho, item no. 1,2 and 3 are all out of stock T_T So please grant me item no. 4, Santa ;)

Hot pink drapped tulip overlay skirt lover.

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