Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting back on track

When I read back on my current posts, mostly are my backdated travel posts. Somehow that makes me feel like I haven't update much about the current happening in my life. But the truth is I always update on Dayre on the go. 

As much as I love Dayre for its convenience, I love my blog more as this is my original Dayre diary (Get it? hahahha) I am so not ready to let Dayre takes over my blog so here's the current update on what's going on in my life recently.

But first, my selfie

My right side is my good angle and most of my selfie post is like this. From left side I look like I have a bald patch on my forehead.

Like here, see the receding hair line? Partly is because my hair is flat that day.

It was taken 2 or 3 weeks ago during date night with the bf. I tried the Thai Fried Rice from Secret Recipe. It came with Tom Yam soup which honestly was pathetic. It was a cold chili soup with lime. But the fried rice was bombdiggity.

Recently I've been feeling bloated and fat, this one I'm sure is because my period is coming.
So I decided to embark on a healthy lifestyle. 
I know my own habit so I start small with basic stuff like less rice intake, no carb for dinner and exercise every other day.

So far so good la although I'm not quite consistent with my exercise.
I did yoga last week, just the basic stretching and my arm muscle was so sore the next day.
In term of diet, I normally skipped rice for lunch and no dinner.
But if I'm hungry, I made simple baked fish like usual.

Baked fish with veggies

For lunch normally I had soup like this

Baked fish with mushroom again

I am so used to eat till I'm full, so the sudden change of diet really affected me.
I got hungry so fast everyday.
But I'm slowly adjusting.
I still love all the carb and delicious food so I still enjoy it when I'm out with friends.
For me, the key is moderation because no way I'm cutting all those carbs and steak from my life.

I miss Danish, he has grown up so fast

I asked for my sis to pick up Danish last week to spend the weekend at our place because I miss him so much. He has grown up so fast and entering his Terrible Two phase.

I can no longer hold him for more than 5 minutes because he's getting heavier

Terrible Two show.
 He threw tantrum and cried on the floor when we won't give in to his demand

Awwww melts my heart

Cheat day with donuts.
But only half a piece was mine, 5 and a half were the bf's.

Now I find that grocery shopping is way more fun that clothes shopping
This is a definite sign of ageing T_T
Also I got sleepy after 10pm and must go to bed before midnight on weekday or else I'll get cranky the next morning.
It slowly sinking to me that I'm no longer a young adult anymore.
I'm in mid twenties now and next time before I know it, I'll be approaching my 30s.
Damn it time, slow down please!
I feel like I haven't achieve anything yet except for a growing wardrobe.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

More OOTDs

Compiling another set of my OOTDs taking with my phone for the past 2 months. This OOTD thing can get really addictive like it's a must for me to take my own outfit photo if I made up nicely. Even if I'm running late.

At least this helps me to keep track of what I'd wore and not to repeat the outfit way too often. If I could have it my way, I want to have endless supply of wardrobe just so I can not repeating my clothes. I bet this is every girls dream,

Dirty mirror never mind

Top - Bangkok
Skirt - Forever21

A different kind of ootd

Dress - Twenty3
Heels - Vincci 
Clutch - Bvlgari pouch wtf

Another wedding dinner outfit

Dress - Twenty3

Something borrowed

Cardigan - bf's sister
Dress - bf's sister

Lazy rainy day outfit

Top - Taiwan (?) Bought this from a friend sister when she went there I think
Jeans - Forever21
Headband - Sereni & Shentel

Fitting room ootd

Sweater - Padini
Short - Padini

Wedding dinner ootd

Top - Unmasqued
Skirt - Padini
Heels - Vincci

Bag - Nose
Flats - Vincci

Top - H&M
Shorts - Brand Outlet
Bag - Bangkok

Dress - Fahrenheit 88 (Forgot which boutique) 
Bag - Zara

I know by now you will notice that all of my footwear are from Vincci, This is because only Vincci carries shoes perfectly in my size, which is size 3 and sometimes 4. Sad but true. Anything that I bought online, I already linked it up there, the rest I just bought in store,

P/S: Do you notice that I have the habit of pushing my hair to one side and tilt my head when taking photo? Hehehehe, it is all about the angle.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stop complaining and be positive

I have been feeling very negative lately. I want to blame it on the hormone like every other girl does, but I know that is not the reason for all the negativity around me. Every morning I woke up feeling happy and ready to kick start my day even though it is Monday. But around 9am my oh-so-happy mood slowly depleting.

I believe in projecting positive energy and the Universe will attract positive energy to you. It's a simple set of karma. You feel good, you'll do good.

But why there are always people complaining and spreading the negativity around?
Come on, why pick on every little things to complain about? What for?
I know someone whom complain about every single things literally everyday.
I don't know what is her point? Maybe she will feel better after lifting those things in her chest?
If it is a big matter,then never mind.
But it is always the petty things like someone didn't use the recycle envelope, longer turn around time, someone park at their usual spot and the list goes on.

It is really depressing to hear someone yakking on and on about such a small issue and channeling all of her negative energy around and ruin others mood.

Just be grateful for what you have and focus on the positive side, can or not?
I just want a peaceful environment to survive the 9-5 job every weekdays.

Alright, rant over.
Now I want to get back to my Desperate Housewife, I watched this series long time ago when it started and stopped at season 5 I think. I forgot how much I love watching these bitchy housewives.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Penang Day 2

More Penang food post is coming up! Although I feel like eating is what we did all day, when I look back at all the photos that I took, I don't have that much food pictures in it. It is probably because we did eating all day but I already too tired to snap photos.

Went to hunt for the popular curry mee at Lorong Seratus Tahun

This curry mee is the bomb

When I said the bomb, I really mean it. I know it looks too oily because that's what I thought too when the aunty served me this. But after I mixed well everything when their chili, it tasted so good. But I have to refrain from ordering a second bowl because we were going to hunt for Char Kueh Tiaw next.

Your visit is meaningless if you never try Penang Char Koay Teow at Penang

Small portion but taste so good 

Too bad the great food is tainted by the bad attitude of the coffee shop owner. He yelled at us because we don't want to order drinks since we just had drinks when we had curry mee earlier. He literally went "You must order drinks! You think we don't need pay rental and electricity just so you can sit here and eat!!"

We're all like "what the hell" and quickly ordered drinks. I totally understand where he came from with all the rental and bills speech but come on, there's no need to raise his voice and scold us like that. Ish so uncle. So deduct point for his cafe even though the Char Koay Teow is amazing.

It was so hot so we seek refuge at Cafee Bene at Gurney Plaza (I think) and had strawberry Bingsu.

#Asian #girls

And we went for movie since we got all the time to kill
I miss being on holiday and no need to think about work T_T

I was very comfy till I almost feel asleep at some point

We went back to the hotel early since we're all tired. I can no longer went out till dawn for 2 nights in a row. But we girls being girl and had a mini photo shoot in garden theme room. 

Floral background checked, fake flower checked!

Sorry for the abundance of selfies, I don't want our time and effort for taking pictures went to waste, so must post a lot here hahahhaha

Ending this post with the dream catchers in our hotel lobby.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

I'm never one of those people whom catch on the Korean fever when it hits since few years ago. In fact the only Korean drama that I've ever watch is Boys Over Flower. I vividly remember one of the scene of the series was shot at Venetian Macau.

How spectacular is this view? 

Since my obsession with Boys Over Flower, Macau has become one of my must-go places. Just look at the photo above, how beautiful is this place? It is postcard perfect and will be an awesome Instagram feed. It might be my first ever Instagram feed that will make it to the popular feed hehe. I'm not a cheesy person but by just looking at this gorgeous view, I can already feel that love is definitely in the air in Venetian. Not trying to hint anything but would this be a perfect spot for a proposal? Come on, a girl can always dream. 

Beside the romantic air in Venetian, another reason for me to wanting to visit Macau so much is the Macau Tower. It provides the world highest commercial Bungy Jump facility. I've always scare of height but after my skycab adventure at Langkawi, I have sort of loving the thrill of descending from a great height. Bungy jumping will be totally different from sky cab of course. I already can imagine the adrenaline rush and excitement of jumping of the world highest bungy jump ever. This is will the proudest moment in my life although my parents will not agree with me on this :p

The Ruins of St. Paul

I can't believe how beautiful the shot of The Ruins of St. Paul that I've found online. When it comes to travelling, exploring the local attraction is high on my list. Macau is well-known for its spectacular churches such as Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Chapel of St. Michael and of course The Ruins of St. Paul. It will be such an eye opening experience to be able to set my foot on those magnificent buildings and learn about its past. Besides that, Macau has many UNESCO listed heritage sites which makes me want to visit Macau even more.

And maybe my dream can come true if I wish for it hard enough, the visiting Macau part yeah, not the proposal part :) Well, Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia might be able to make my dream come true as Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) is sending of 3 lucky bloggers on a 3D2N all expenses paid holiday to explore the city. 

Finger cross I can be selected to be one of the lucky winner. For more info about Macau, do head over to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Penang Day 1 - Food hunt

We're almost approaching mid November and I had been back from Penang for almost 3 weeks but my blog still remains un-updated. Is there even a word for this?
Before my Penang photos collecting dust, so we go.

Me all packed and ready to fly.

I coordinate my outfit with the bestie every time I'm meeting her. So the night before my flight, I was busy texting her "What are you bringing?" "What will your wear to the airport?" "What else need to bring ah? Oh must bring sunglass, Penang is hot, right?"

Annoying, I know. 

Reunited at Nando's wtf

One more selfie on the plane to Penang

It was raining when we touched down at Penang Airport. Geez, I feel so welcome, Penang.
Luckily a friend was picking us up from airport and we headed straight to check in.
We stayed at The Campbell Times Boutique Hotel. Our room for the first night was red and blue theme.

This is the exact room. But this picture was taken off the internet because I don't have time to take nice photo of the room. We checked in, freshened up and out to hunt for food and only came back at 4 in the morning. 

We wanted to try different theme every night so that means we need to move from one room to another everyday. But we so paiseh that we slept through checkout time (12 noon) and the front desk called to wake us up to change room. 

It was not a pretty sight for us. We frantically repacked our bag and dragged it to second floor, this hotel has no elevator, in our pajamas with sleepy face.

Did it worth it for another theme?
Sadly, no.
Our room for the second day was garden themed but it is too simple.

Enough about the room, now move on to the most important thing in Penang.
The food, of course! 

My first taste of Penang food was none other than Penang Hokkien Mee

I can't remember the place but it was packed. Not sure if I was too tired from transiting for two flights and light headed, this dish didn't cut it for me. 

Ice Kacang at night because why not?

After the late dinner, we moved to find Penang specialty dessert, tang yuan

It came in peanut and sesame fill and perfect for rainy night

We spent our Saturday night at Hard Rock Penang

Actually it was full when we first came in and the crowd slowly dismissed as midnight come.
Only then we could secured seats upstairs and enjoyed the live performance.

Supper at 3am at Jiao Sai
Maggie goreng has never taste so good in my whole life.
And if you're wondering why picture so dark, it is because we had supper in the dark. 
Basically the set up tables and stool on the walkway outside of stores which has no lights.
Again, Jiao Sai was full. Penang people really passionate about their food even if it is just maggie goreng.

Campbell Highway where our hotel located.

This is just sum up my first night in Penang.
More updates will come soon.