Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I came home from work feeling hot and itchy yesterday. Figured it was just the weather, I completely ignored it. Came the night, rashes started to take over my body and it was itchy to the max. My NIGHTMARE came true!!!! I got skin allergic. It was definitely not from food, the doctor said it could be flower pollen, insect bite, dirty wind, dust or worst, my blood is polluted.

I had restless sleep last night and completely annoyed because I had to woke up scratched myself with my eyes closed, literally. Everything was okay in the morning, no visible rash and not so itchy. But it got worst in the afternoon. I had to abandon my work and rushed to clinic. I was so brave that I said yes to two shots of giant injections at both of my arms. The doctor suggested buttock injections as it will be less painful but I refused. The main reason I refused is because the doctor is my client and I couldn't look at him in the eyes anymore if I let him  inject my buttock. That was #awkwardmoment 9386723.

The last time I had a reaction like this was back in primary school. Now is not a good timing for me to get sick as I have datelines to chase and some cases cannot be delayed anymore. Plus, I already planned a year-end holiday. T_T

Just took my meds and applied skin cream all over the red spot, let's hope it works. Or else, I'm gonna try the traditional way, apply the cooked alcohol all over my body. *finger cross for the meds*


  1. Apu.mcm trk jak rupa gatal2 d nya suzi..huhu..dh ok gik ka..haha..yerr..dni d x'mas suzi??

  2. kena injection baru ku td amy, tspi mcm agi sama jak keadaan ku..maybe ba KK ku x'mas taun tok..

  3. ooo...hrp2 d jampat gerai la suzi..neway merry x'mas suzi..enjoy ur holiday...enti bc ke miri sound2 k..hehe..

  4. Merry Christmas Amy!! hehehe Happy new year too..bc ku singgah miri, tapi nda lama la..hehe