Sunday, December 11, 2011

Red Corner

Exactly a month ago, I was in Kuching again for a business briefing and trust me to make full use of my weekend to see as much friends as possible. Started the weekend at Red Corner with Kano. It is a newly open restaurant and bar. 

Our usual drinks

The restaurant was warm and cozy, definitely a good place for hang out. But I can't say the same for the food because I haven't try any yet. 

A month ago, I was fat and my hair was a mess 

My friends and I have this weird habit. We love to walk around Waterfront Kuching and act like tourist. We would took some pictures with the same background every time we were there. Took the RM0.50 sampan ride back and forth to the opposite bank, sat on the bench, people-watching and bitching about whoever walked past us till the sun set.

Went clubbing at Check In on Saturday night

Had barbecue at Amy's house for Harold birthday on Sunday. Lucky boy been celebrating birthdays with us for 3 years straight ;p

Group picture

Looking back at these pictures made me want to take some time off, pack my bag and fly off somewhere to once again experience being the carefree me. Someday, someday I will travel around to see the world.

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