Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Past life

I was blog-walking to keep myself calm because I was angry at my dad and found this entry about past life. It's something like who you were in your past life before you were reborn. Some people believe that we are reincarnate into this world after we died from our past life.

Can you guess who was I in my past life?

Apparently I was a male whom born in modern USA South-West in 1175. So, if I'm still alive, I'm 835 years old. Holy shit, that's an old grumpy man, even Edward Cullen is not that old. Hahaha. And I think I was a ship captain, I actually in charged of Titanic and when we hit the iceberg, that's how I died. Ok, I got a little carry away here.

Well, being a man in my previous life could explain my boyish side. But timid, constrained and quiet person sound so emo, plus the environment considered I was strange. Now I sound like an emotional Gothic man.

The purpose for me in my present life is to make the world more beautiful. wtf hahahaha. So, now you know why the world is beautiful, because of my existence. Okay, I couldn't stop laughing now. Did my smile brighten up your day? hahahahaha, admit it ok.

That's me in my past life, what's yours? Find out here and let's laugh together.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basic finance

#1 I don't like finance.
#2 I don't understand any 'finance' term except profit.
#3 I like attending my Basic Finance class because my lecturer cut the 3 hours class one hours short, spent 10 minutes on break, 10 minutes on whining how tired he was and another 10 minutes of telling stories about other people.
#4 I love money, no doubt. $$$

I have my finance midterm tomorrow and I'm nowhere from starting now, so I figure we should study together. My teacher always taught me to share my knowledge with others, so never say I never share anything with you guys, ok. 

So, where should we start? Let's see, do you know that there are 3 types of legal forms of business? I bet you don't. The first one is sole proprietorship, a business owned by a single individual. For example, you have your clothing store and managed it all by yourself, from the inventories, promotion, accounting etc. By the end of the month, the profit all goes to you, that's it if your store is making money.

Wide awake still or you start yawning now? Please bear with me. The second one is partnership. Same situation as the sole proprietorship except that you have partners. I mean, partner in business ok, But this partnership has 3 types: general partnership, limited partnership and limited liability company.

The last one is corporation. It is a business entity that legally functions separate and apart from its owners. Owner's liability is limited to the amount of their investment in the firm. Got it? Meaning, you invest your money and what you got is based on how much you invested. Like buying share and bond. The ownership can be transferred by selling the certificate. For example, the company that you're invested in is losing money, so what should you do? Sell you stock la, in my opinion.

You still with me? I'm yawning already, are you? Let's take 5, ok. Hey, do you know that HIMYM, Vampire Diaries, Chuck, Gossip Girls and Supernatural are all airing their new seasons? I need to get my hand on those. 

I think we had done enough here. Let's call it a day and watch those series. Hehehe

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Technology repels me

Like seriously. I always have problem with technology stuff, be it like a simple installation of my antivirus or my external hard disk. Does everyone has the same problem too or is it just me?

Last week my beloved laptop failed on me and I felt like my world is crushing down. It's because I stored everything in my laptop, my pictures from National Service, Matric, literally everything. My laptop is in tip top condition, I upgraded the RAM, installed the antivirus and what else a laptop should have, but in the end, the screen just went blank and will cost me a bomb to fix it.

Last year, I bought an external hard disk, it was working fine. Sadly the life span of it was just 6 months or so. One day, I was bored and wanted to watch some movies in it, then I realized it couldn't be detected. So there, good bye external hard disk #1. For a replacement, I bought a new one last April and I was super excited. But God know a way to grab me from the cloud nine. As expected, the new one broke down too. I'm still waiting for the warranty but it takes forever, literally like FOREVER.

I was in a very nerd mood today and wanted to do my Basic Finance assignment but I haven't print out the balance sheet of the company that I'm reviewing. So, I take out my printer from its box and trying to install it. Guess what, the installer CD-Rom can't be read. FML. I tried and tried but to no avail. There's nothing that I can do.

Why is my technology life so pathetic? I spent so much on those stuffs and yet it failed me. It feel like watching my hard-collected money getting burn just like that, feel like they peeled my skin, you know. I know I sound kiamsiap (lokek/stingy) but still, it's my money. If I didn't spent my money on those single item like that, I could buy lots and lots of clothes/shoes/bags, or even the Iphone. T_T.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday but I'm not excited.

It's Friday but somehow this feels like the longest Friday ever. Everything seemed to be moving in a slow pace, not that I'm complaining but it gave me too much time to ponder on stuff that I shouldn't have to. I tried to nap but failed. I went to the pool for a dip but it was closed. Been planning to go for a swim but something always got in the way, I guess I have to wait till another time maybe. I miss the comfort of water.

Classmates had planned a Raya visiting tomorrow but I'm not exactly in the mood for visiting. Plus, with the amounts of assignments and midterms I have next week, I'm kinda freaking out. I always feels so tense when the semester is coming to its end. Same thing happened last semester where I had 13 assignments needed to be done, I'd survived that and I'm sure I'll survive this one too. Just the thoughts of those amounts of works scare me, not to forget my Final Year Project too and my student life is dreadfully coming to its end as well.

Right now, life's good but something doesn't feel right and I have no idea what it is. I felt this way before, the first few days I reached home. Perhaps it's just me trying to take in the transformation and the changes. It took awhile for me to get used to everything. I was happy to be back but felt lost at the same time. The same thing is happening right now.

I just realized I can't sit still doing nothing at home or else I'll start to overthink some stuff which will turn me very emotional. Like the moment when I found out my laptop screen cable broke down, I felt like the whole world was crushing down. Tears formed automatically in my eyes and couldn't stop rolling down my cheeks.

Sound pathetic, I know. And I know very well the reason I cried was not only because of my laptop, I'd been trying to hold everything but I failed. I was an inch away from totally breaking down, and the disappointment from my laptop had pushed me, resulting in my nonstop sobbing. Watching The Sister's Keeper that night was a big mistake too. I was practically crying bucket. It felt good to let go of all the emotion once in a while. It may not change any circumstances but it sure make me feel better.

Phew, that sure is a lot for you guys to take in. Told ya, I'm rambling a lot when I have nothing to do or the truth, I have tons of stuffs to do but not in the mood. Happy weekend people.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blast from the past

3 years had gone by, not a single night I'd think about it. But last night, a sudden walk down the memory lane brought everything back. The familiarity, the scent, the place, everything seems like yesterday. The memory we created together stays vividly at the back of my mind.

The smiles, the tears, the tantrum breakouts, the fights, the special occasions, we had it all. It was beautiful though it ended badly, at least for one of us. Many would say that I treated us just like a fling. When they recall about us, I'll just shrug and smiles.

Maybe it was just a fling, a meaningful one nevertheless. Because I never regret any moments that I'd spent with you, even during our fights. I know I'm heartless towards the end, being all stubborn and headstrong. I couldn't hang in there anymore, I didn't think we were worth saving. And I was right.

I'm sorry. For everything, for being selfish, for putting you through the darkest moments in your life, for turning everything upside down in your world.

I'm glad we're going our separate way. Because we better off without each other. We're not meant for each other, not even as friend.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sophie Kinsella, world most brilliant writer.

My Shopaholic Series collection will complete if someone bought me the latest Shopaholic book, Mini Shopaholic.  It costs RM69.90 in hard cover. But I'm not really a fan of hard cover book because it heavy and gigantic. Give it a few months and I'm sure they will release the paperback version. As for my Sophie Kinsella collection, the only missing book is Twenties Girl. I was too broke to spurge on the hard copy so I downloaded the soft copy instead.

Sophie Kinsella is my favorite author ever, next to Elizabeth Noble and Stephanie Meyer. Her writing is so hilarious and once I started reading her books, I couldn't put it down until I reached the last page. Her books never let me down. She also wrote under pseudoname Madeleine Wickham but I never read it. I'm sure it is as great as her Sophie Kinsella books, I'll give it a try in the future when I have enough money to spurge on novels.

If you're looking for a laid back and light reading, Sophie Kinsella is definitely your best choice. Girls, if you love shopping as much as I do, you should meet Becky Bloomwood. You guys could end up as soul mate because when it comes to shopping, Becky is the queen, after all she's the ultimate shopaholic. Trust me, she knows exactly how it feel not to be able to buy that particular tops that caught your attention. So girls, what are you waiting for? Go grab your Shopaholic series now.

As for Sophie Kinsella, cheers for the brilliant work and don't you ever stop writing. I mean it. :)

Failed domestic attempt

Random picture I took because I bored. 
Stuffs in the picture:
  • My Samsung external hard disk which broke down few months ago. No worries, I just sent it for warranty yesterday. 
  • Toiletries I got from hotels that I'd stayed this holiday.
  • Mom-passed-me-down handbag which I love so much.
  • Cupcake recipe book.

Since I got nothing better to do at home other than gluing my butt on the couch in front of the tv, so I figured I should do something productive. That's when the cupcake recipe book came in handy. Yes, I baked my first cupcake today with my siblings.

I'm so excited that I dashed out to buy the ingredients that very instant.

Weighing and mixing. Baking is so much fun.

Sadly, I have no muffin mold so my cupcakes are out shape like, seriously out of shape.

Dad told me not to pour too much mixture but being the stubborn me, I poured the mixture to my desired amount. When they said you should listen to the eldest, well, you really should. I didn't and look what happened to my cupcakes?

Overflowing from its cups. 
May I insist, this was my first trial. Hehe

But the second batch turned out well. Got to learnt from mistake, you know.

Looked pretty good eh?

We each designed our cupcakes any way we wanted it.
Some put chocolate chips on it, some chose the star design and some simply poured a packet of Milo on the icing. But some went a little overboard and design hers with crackers.

See? My sister sure is creative, too creative sometimes.

I don't know why but my cupcakes were as hard as stone when it cold. Right out from the oven, it was nice and yummy. Put it aside a few minutes, it turned into stone and hardened so hard that if I throw it at you, you will got black and blue. Trust me, my sisters and I tried this. It was fun fooling around with them, mixing and creating a mess in the kitchen. And of course we ended the baking session by scrubbing the kitchen sparkling clean. 

Domestic goddess.

First trial of cupcakes and I was satisfied. But one thing for sure, I have to cross out baker from my career list until I figure out a way to bake the moist cupcake. Hehehe.. Baking is fun, everyone should try it. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sea horse city

After my cousin's wedding, we continued our journey to sea horse city, Miri. It was a short 3 days 2 nights stay but I managed to fit everything from meeting my aunt, shopping with family, strolling on the beach, moonlight rain walk in City Fan, paying the seahorse lighthouse at Marina Bay a visit, catching the sunset at the Grand Old Lady and tasting Miri delicacies. Fuh, I'm a busy lady. :) All thanks to my wonderful tourist guides. 

At the backyard of a shop in Niah. 

My baby cousin is growing up so fast.

I don't know why but my family always dressed in the same color coincidentally.
Or maybe we all have the same favorite color. :P

With my tourist guides at City Fan.
 Too bad it was raining that night or else we could explore Miri more.

My bodyguards. Hehe

I couldn't ask for a better guides than them. They got everything planned out for me and very attentive. We laughed, we ate, we enjoyed. When I said we ate, we really ate a LOT. We went to Hartz Chicken for buffet and it was worth every penny. From the chicken, rice, salad, mushroom soup, veggies, fruits, desserts and ice cream, I had it all. Did I mention it was buffet? Hehehe..

Luak Bay

Sunset with whole Miri view. One word, spectacular.

Making fun of the statues. Yeah, we're lame like that. :p

The Grand Old Lady with 5 old men.

After the sunset, we're hungry and went to Ming's Cafe for dinner. Foods and us, inseparable. Most of them were not satisfied with their food but I finished mine with a smile. It rained again the second night, so Celest suggested we went to After 3 to meet his sister. So, we off to eat again. Their motto for my trip was to feed me as much as they can. Well, they really lived up to their words. My stomach was as happy as I was.

Marina Bay

A giant seahorse without his head and me.

The next day, we packed and cramped at the back of the car for our trip back to Sibu.

That was a wonderful start for my holiday albeit the little hiccup about my cancelled flight. I'm now safely at home. I never imagine I would say this but I'm bored. Maybe 2 weeks are a little too long for a holiday? Ask me this again after a week of classes and for sure I'll say I want more holiday. Hehe. 

Thank you Angie and the gangs for the wonderful hospitality and the pictures too. I get more than I'd bargained for. See you guys in Kuching. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Holiday first stop - Bintulu

Half an hour I reached Sibu Airport and my family tagged me along to Bintulu for my cousin's wedding that very night. I'm more than tired but it was fun. A big family gathering, what's more than I could ask for?
I'm still tired from all the journey across Sarawak, so I'll let the pictures tell my story. Beware, lots of pictures ahead. Brace yourself ya.

Breakfast at Selangau, still a long way to Bintulu.

Our hotel lobby, I'm tired thus the spec. :)

Loaded our bags and headed over to my uncle's house.
Sis, sis bf, lil sis, me and bro.

Camping at the backyard while helping out. In my case, texting.

Sis and I helped Kath get her makeup done.
It's her big night.

The crowd during 'beterang'.

The couple blessed by the Father.

Exchanging rings.

Sweet <3

A drink from the newlyweds.

Family from both sides 'belaban ngirup'

Next day, we're packed and headed to Miri. 

This is just part of my fun journey, the excitement continued all the way to Miri. Congratulations Kath and Buni on your big day. May God bless you two for the journey ahead. Pop niece/nephew soon for us, ok? 

*'beterang' means the newlywed declares that they're agree to tie the knot and announce it to the relatives. I hope I explain it right. My Iban is not that great actually.
*'belaban ngirup' means family from both sides will have a drink battle or something like that. Bottom line, both sides must have a representative to drink till they drop.

And to my Muslims readers, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. For non, happy holiday! Enjoy all you could.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pet peeves

Let's talk about minor things that piss me off. By the way, it's called pet peeve. "A minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it." (Wikipedia).

  1. I CaNt sTanD PeOple TyPinG LiKE ThIS. Please, I beg you. This is beyond my tolerance. Enough said.
  2. People whom intentionally take FOREVER to load their groceries into their trunk and drive away even when they know other cars are lining up waiting for them. 
  3. Stupid short form like "aq nanya chat ea diato?" I can't bloody stand this, let alone to understand it. By the way, in plain Iban it is "aku nanya sihat iya diato?" (translation: I ask him how are him now?)
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Know It All. Guys, you don't know it all. Nobody knows everything under the sun. If you do, then tell me the exact age of my grandmother's chicken?
  5. Cruel people. Let it be cruel to human beings or animal. This kind of people do not reserve the right to live. Okay, this statement is overrated. Sorry. :)
  6. Slow drivers on fast lane. Don't they know why it called fast lane in the first place?
  7. Female cashier. What with the sour face when female customer pays her stuff? When it's male customer, million watt smile is flashed, eye lashes are batted. Typical female cashier.
  8. Skuntap boys lepak-ing by the streets with their pheeewiiiit. Wonder what the hell is skuntap boys? High school boys in skinny jeans and super tight baby tee with their one-tube-of-gel hair Hope you guys get the idea now.
So, those are my pet peeves so far. What's yours?