Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Secret Garden Grill

Last Friday I had a date night with my little sister. We went to see Harry Porter and the Deathly Hollow Part 2. It was so much better than Part 1, of course. After the movie, I took her to Secret Garden Grill for dinner. I shall let the pictures do the talking.

I love the black and white pictures on the wall

I know, my face is getting round now.

Salmon fish ball

Secret salmon and mushroom spaghetti 

Secret mushroom and beef burger

Golden chicken wing

Yes, both of us ate this much

We were totally full after the dinner and just sat there and chat. Can't believe my little sister now is all grown up. Time really does flies. Next thing I know, she's probably already graduate from high school. But in my heart, she's always the little sister, no matter what.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The perfect pant

I admit it. I have trouble finding the perfect pant/skirt for my working wardrobe. Sometimes even size S is hanging on my waist. So when I found anything that fits perfectly, I quickly snatched it away, thinking I hit the jackpot. That's what happened last Sunday. After church, I went to a boutique just to look around. You know, window shopping.

One thing I like about a new boutique is, I always set my expectation low. Past disappointment had taught me so. But it was different with the new boutique, Momo. I felt like a kid in candyland. They cater just what I need in my size. In the end, I walked away with a top, blazer and a perfect pant.

Guess who's more excited than me about the perfect pant? My mom. Yes, my mom was so excited that she's offering to hand wash it. So I let her. But how I wish I didn't. Somewhere along the washing and drying process, my perfect pant was stained. STAINED! and I haven't even wear it, not even once.

I know I'm being such a drama queen. Most people would argue it is just a small stain and I know my mom was sorry too. She tried really hard to wash away the stain with Varnish but to no avail. I was already upset about something else that evening and finding out my pant was stained just pushing me to the edge. I was furious. A chance for me to stumble upon a pant in my size is like me hitting the jackpot, one over million ratio.

I felt like yelling at my mom but I just couldn't because I know how sorry she was. Another part of me really wanted to throw tantrum and blamed her for everything but another part of me felt sorry watching her trying to save the pant. I was trying hard to not say a word because I know if I did, I would say something nasty. She said she will buy me a new one but I said no harshly, grabbed the car key and left.

I did came back to the boutique to get a new one but as I expected, they only carry one item per size. I was still mad over this but I don't know where to let my anger go. I don't want to snap at my mom because I know she has my best interest and she just want to help me. The anger that she caused me had provoked other hidden emotions inside of me. As I drove away, I can felt every emotions were eating me out. I was angry at someone else and trying really hard to refrain myself from putting the blame on my mom.

In life, not everything will go our way. Sometimes, it easier to find someone to be blamed rather than to accept the truth yourself. Snapping at others will not solve the problem, the only thing you will get from it is the guilt. Finding the scapegoat for your anger does you no good too. As I drove, I recalled everything that upset me and cried my heart out. Now, I'm feeling whole lot better.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Last month Hoe entered a singing contest organized by The Queen and my talented friend got the 2nd place. I went to his quarter final but missed his final competition because it clashed with Rainforest World Music Festival. Since I missed his final, I'm not gonna miss his celebration party, a small gathering with friends at K-Pop Room in Tanahmas.

Don't let the look fools you. Much to our disappointment, the fried chicken wings were tasteless.
The fish fingers with tartar sauce was so-so only.

But Hoe already ordered 3 plates of fried chicken wings ='=

The source of my toothache

Sara, Me, Miao and Lily

When we're not singing, we're eating

Hoe, Sara, me and Miao

Bullying Miao's brother, Trevon

We They sang their heart out all night long meanwhile I was busying nomming the tasteless fried chicken wings. If you bring me out for karaoke session, you will be able to sing in peace because I will not fight for the mic. Trust me, I can't sing to save my life. The most line that I sang that night was "Woo Hoo" from The Time from Black Eyed Peas. 

After karaoke session, I met up with my Uni friends whom were in town for a while. Like usual, we went clubbing until the wee hour. Is it age catching up with me or what? I didn't feel like drinking and dancing that night. Maybe I was being a responsible driver or maybe that club just wasn't my kind of club. Either way, it was great catching up with the boys.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Queen

Left: The Queen Envy, right: O Hail Mother Martini

It had been ages since I last going out at night just for fun, chillaxing with friends and family. So, last night after I officially quit my part time job, I brought my sister to The Queen for hangout. The Queen is a lounge located next to Cafe Cafe in Sibu. Actually, it is operated by the same owner. I had been there quite a lot since that's my friends favorite hangout place.

We sat and talked about everything while sipping the house signature drinks. It felt so good to be able to enjoy myself again, being silly with my sister. The ambient was relaxing and with the live performance singing slow numbers made it even more romantic. Ah, if only I'm on a date. Just kidding sis, it was great catching up with you!

Mesmerized by the singer singing "Wonderful Tonight"

I jokingly told her that she should play "Wonderful Tonight" at her wedding. It is a perfect song. A song that I would play during my wedding, only if my sis do not choose this song. If she does, I'll settle for something else. No way I want to share my wedding song with others that I known, especially a family member :p

A night filled with laughter and silly talk, just what I need after not having any social life for almost 2 weeks. Gosh, I really cannot trap in a building for 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. It's driving me crazy. Bye to my dull and boring day and cheers to a fresh new start! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music, cultures & festival

Amazing weekend spent at Sarawak Culture Village attending the Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 with such a great companions. It was such an eye opener for me. I got to meet people from all around the world whom share the same passion in appreciating music and others cultures. Dancing along with such an amazing crowd was fun. The only downside was shirtless sweaty men, major turn-off. The perk, someone was actually using a pick-up line on me and Vero. It was totally unexpected and I actually fell for it ='=. But he sure know how to break the ice. For my male friend, the perk was of course girls trotting around in bikinis, looking amazing. More pictures coming up soon hopefully, if Kano remember to email me the rest of it. Pictures was stolen from his FB. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Voices in my head

I miss shopping. Walking around mall, trying out new clothes, the smell of new fabric.....

I miss being active. Sweating out jogging, taekwondo training, swimming, playing badminton......

I miss going to cinema. Enjoying the big screen, comfy seat with full blast air con, letting myself being immersed into the scene without interruption.....

I miss taking evening nap. Escaping the reality into my dream world, forgetting my tiredness and snuggling under the warm blanket..........

I miss getting ready to go out at night. Planning my outfits, applying my makeups, doing my hair........

I haven't properly pamper myself for quite a long time. I really need to readjust my priorities. What's the point of keep doing the same routine if I'm miserable throughout the whole process? I want my normal life back. I'm sick of being trapped, physically and mentally.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Skin Food

Remember the training that I'd told you guys about? It was about my part-time job. I had started my part-time job as promoter in Skin Food outlet in Sibu about a week ago. The training was about exposing me to all ranges of their products. It was quite easy for me because I had been using their product for quite some times now.

It was very spontaneous decision for me. I went to their store to buy some stuff and they put up an ad for a promoter. So, I was like "why not? I have nothing to do at home, might as well use the time to earn some extra money."

Form was filled, call was made and I got the job. I'm still adjusting to remember the products and their functions but I'm doing fine now. Serving the customer and answering their questions was hard at first, but I'm getting better now. The only downside is the long hours trapped in the mall. I don't get to go out and have fun anymore. Have to turn down some invitations for movies and hang outs too. :(  you just can't have it all, can you? The bright side, I get to use their products for free and $$$. 

By the way, I'm so excited for this weekend. My friends and I had been talking about this plan since months ago and now it is just a few days away. Will spill it out soon! I can't wait to meet my friends and have fun. Here's the hint: Cat city. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Of thoughts and life

I had been thinking a lot lately. Mostly, it's about life, the purpose of my existence in the world and money. My convocation is confirmed on 23rd October, so my student phase is officially over. I'm no longer a student, not exactly a career woman. This transition makes me feel so lost. I know I should have thought about all this long time ago, but I still couldn't make up my mind.

I don't know which path to venture on. Recently I went on an interview for a job. It is completely a different field, something that I have very little knowledge of. I have a long talk with the manager and he asked me is this really what I want as my career? At that time, I eagerly nodded my head and said it is a good prospect and I can see myself doing well in that field. My confident level was high and I felt good about it.

What if I said that too soon? Being in that field requires me to reach a certain target every month. I like the challenge but can I do it? I was working today (will talk about my part-time job next time) and these thoughts crossed my mind. I hate sticking to the same routine everyday. I came to work and all I did was waiting for the clock to turn 9.30pm so that I can get home. Where's the excitement, the accomplishment,  you tell me?

Well, my part-time job doesn't require any accomplishment anyway. Maybe that's why I feel so useless and start to question my decision and goal. But with that job, it will be a challenge everyday, not a dull and same routine. Definitely something that excites me. But with the bar set so high, can I pull it off? I think I'm rambling way too soon. It is not something that certain yet.

Being trapped in a building for 8 hours really messed with my thoughts and judgement, hence all the doubts. What a great way to welcome July huh? Anyway, cheers to July and hopefully a lot more great news coming soon.