Sunday, May 25, 2014

April + May Snippets

I was clearing some photos from my phones and camera and thought share some of it here. Everything was taken end of April till recently. I feel really upset with myself because I umm misplaced my brand new memory card. This is the second time that this happened *facepalm* I lost it once before but found it. Then I seriously have no memory of where I placed it afterward.  

I looked everywhere for over a month but found nothing. :(

Danish turned two last month

I kinda sad that he's growing up too fast. I want him to stay cute like this forever #obsesswithtoddler He can say quite a few words lately and my favorite line are I lap you and Guuud night.

This beautiful sunset was taken at Mukah last month as well.

I went there for duty on weekend. It was my first time going to Mukah town and I totally underestimate it. I've heard stories from people about how boring the town is and it is just a small town. To my surprise, it was quite okay, I've been to smaller town and Mukah is doing well and fully equipped with the necessary facilities.

But the beach is really dirty.

Sipping on milk tea while watching the sunset

We tried Back to School Cafe few weeks ago and it was really disappointing, Half of the food on the menu was sold out because they didn't stock it. The bf's sweet and sour fish fillet rice tasted more like sweet and super salty fish fillet rice. My chicken chop was not bad but the mushroom soup was obviously from Campbell packet and too watery.

Definitely not coming back there anymore.

Just one of those good selfie shot out of 9874635 shots

Too lazy to edit the lighting in Pino photo

Two weeks ago, he injured his back leg while running. I think he torn a muscle or something and had been limping for quite some time. We got him checked and the vet said it will recover soon. Thank God Pino is recovering well now. From not being able to climb the stairs, now he race upstairs. But he's still limping a little bit. 

Danish caught in the act of playing with my phone.

That's all for now. Gotta get ready to go out now.
Oh yeah, I'm back to being blonde now. Not too blonde tho.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sereni & Shentel

I bet this name is familiar to all of you, especially Gossip Girls fans. I have heard about this brand few years back when it started to blooming. Back then, I can only admire it through the screen of my laptop because well, I was just fresh out of university with only meagre earnings. I really couldn't justify the purchase to myself.

Few years after, I thought I'm over it. But man, how wrong was I! I don't know how I ended up on their site today, . I swear my mouse clicked on it itself. I was just browsing through and read on how they started it. These women are really superwomen, they have their full time job, families and still can make time for their business.

I'm not exactly an accessories kind of girl. I barely put on any accessories on daily basis and realized how boring I am. I decided to stop that, I don't want to be boring. So now I put in some efforts in my accessories department, adding some earrings to pair with my outfit. Baby steps you know.

When I saw these gorgeous headband today, I knew I need to have it. Poppies in Sibu stock their headband and I'm itching to get my hands on these babies but it is raining outside. So I just let the mouse did its job, clicking here and there and soon the babies will be in my hands. Can 't wait!

See, even Blair Waldorf and her muses are donning it. 
Images are taken from Sereni & Shentel website

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A weekend away

Accidentally locked my phone because I forgot my own passcode that I've just changed a minute ago. Seriously wtf! I feel like my finger and my brain are not connected at all because I have no idea what number I just keyed in a minute ago. Haih, serves me right for wanting to change my passcode. Now have to restore everything from Itunes and it states there I have 57 minutes remaining. Might as well update my dead blog.

So last 2 weekends ago, I went on trip with my family to Kuching. It was mainly for shopping because we all needed the retail therapy. Turned out I didn't even shopped much. 

Unrelated selfie that taken weeks ago

I don't know what gotten to us but when we're there, we mostly eat at chain restaurants that obviously available in Sibu. *facepalm* For lunch we stopped by Singapore Chicken Rice because it was fast and convenient. And dinner every night was at Topspot because my dad needed his seafood fix badly.

Then we had our tea break at Sushi King *facepalm again* Both me and my sis love the egg mayo sushi which is the cheapest one. RM2 only and we had about 9 plates together.

My half cup chawanmushi ='= Don't know why the quality keep dropping.

My sis curry which just mediocre 

A blurred photo of me 

I don't know why I only have the urge to take photo when I wore something plain. Other days when I was in my skirts and dress, I totally don't feel the need to snap any photos. 

Trying out the green tea frappuccino in Starbucks. Tasted good but left me feeling nauseous afterward or it was because I had empty stomach that time. 

Dim sum for breakfast the next day but sadly we couldn't finish it all.

Bright lips selfie

By the way, I managed to try pure yoga two weeks ago. And man, I was struggling hard to find balance and stay relaxed, exhale, inhale the whole time. I was probable the youngest in the class whereas the rest were middle aged. Watching them doing headstand was amazing. I'm not too sure if yoga is the thing for me but I would love to practice it once in a while. 

Who know, maybe someday I'll be able to do headstand too.