Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Melaka & JB trip

Finally I just finished selecting and editing some pictures from my trip to Melaka and JB last month. There are so many pictures that I had to go through. Clicking through each of the pictures make me miss going away again. But I shall work and save money harder now so that I can go for another holiday again, preferably somewhere out of the country.

Selca of me to start the post

I met the bf at KL since he accompanied his parents for a convention there. The haze that time pretty bad. Right after I stepped out of my plane, my nose was greeted with heavy smoke and I couldn't see far. I really really regretted not buying mask at Sibu because masks were sold out every where there. But at KL street, there are people selling mask for RM2 per piece. It was ridiculous really.

Shopping break

We didn't get to do much during first few days because haze was still pretty bad. Went back to Melaka the next day and I tried the coconut milkshake that the bf raved about all the time. It was really good that I ended up having it two days in a row. The one that we went to was at Batu Berendam which is near to where the bf lived. I heard the popular one is at Klebang but I don't know the exact location. I did went to Klebang Beach but the stall that sell coconut milkshake was closed. Not sure if that's the stall that everyone's talking about.

At the Ruins of St. Paul Church

I wore my brand new flat and it hurt so bad. Plus the bf parked quite far when we went to the Ruins of St Paul church and we climbed a lot of stairs too, up and down the hill because we went to the wrong way and ended up at a dead end. 

Camwhore with the trishaw

Christ Church Malacca

Sunset at Jonker

We took a lot of pictures around Jonker and Stadthuys but most of it turned out to be quite unflattering (read: sweaty and blurry pictures). The bf practically asked me to pose with whatever that we came across. The windmill near the Red Building, the leftover cannon, the bridge, the roundabout to Jonker, I had it all. Sadly, I looked like I just ran a marathon with sweat drenching down my top, smeared eyeliner and damned forehead.

The haze was slowly getting better and the sky was clearer when we were in Malacca but we stayed indoor mostly because it was too humid outside. We went to movies two days in a row, roaming around shopping malls and eating and eating and eating. I felt like I was eating the whole time when I was there.

Had my first try at Nadeja Mille Crepe but I think I prefer the one from Noodle House (Sibu)

Had satay celup and it was surprising very satisfying. Great but a messy experience.

Then the bf was very excited to bring me to eat lala and kerang by the longkang. Like seriously a real longkang, we sat on old school stools and wooden table at the backstreet enjoying cockles and clams fresh from the boiling pot. Served with only chili in soy sauce, it was really good. Lucky us didn't queue for the seats but the people after us had to queue since the crowd keep growing. 

It was featured in 8TV show "Ho Chak" too because I saw the newspaper clipping about that there

This uncle preparing roasted bean curd 

After 3 days of stuffing ourselves with good food in Malacca, we packed our stuffs and moving down south. My major plan for Johor is only Johor Premium Outlet since our time was limited because we wanted to explore Singapore.

My comfy ootd for travelling

Will continue about my Universal Studio Singapore trip soon.
But you can read about my adventure at USS last year here.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm Back

Hello Internet! I had been neglecting this site of mine for almost a month. Well, like I've said in my last post, I was away to Melaka-JB-SG with the bf for a week. Right after coming back, I had a lot to adjust to because bf is finally finishing his degree and now back for good. Plus, work was piling up for me.

And now I just got back from my beach holiday at Phuket. I had an amazing time exploring the island. More updates will be coming soon. I miss my blog. In the meantime if you want a faster update, do follow me on Instagram (@suzmellisa) or better yet, let be friends on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/suzmellisa) but please message me first so that I know who you are and can approve your request.