Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 resolutions

So, it's time for me to put up my 2013 resolutions here. This is not exactly a resolution for me, it's more like the goals that I want to achieve this year. Last year, my resolution is simple. to save more money and to travel more. I won't say I'm doing good for both of it but I think I was not doing bad either. I've traveled to Singapore for a short weekend in June (you can check it out on the right side bar labelled Singapore) and Bangkok in December (which I haven't finish blog about yet).

And for this year, I want to travel more. I really really love going to a new place and discover new culture, trying new food and of course, having some self discovery during journey like this. With that said, I've already planned my vacations for first half of 2013. I'm so excited for this :)

My other resolutions/goals are going to be simple and hopefully I can stick by it as good as I can.

1. To travel more as I wrote up there.
2. To be financially secured which means save more and no more dragging my credit card payment and start paying my student loan.
3. To love myself more. I kinda aware that I'm getting older so my skin and health condition may not be as tip top as it was before. Therefore, this is the year that I'm going to be health conscious and delay my aging wtf.
4. To start my own side earning.
5. To move somewhere out of the country. This sound bizarre but I have always wanted to live in other countries, so finger cross for this. Bf, please make this happen for me <3 p="p">

I hope by writing these goals in this space will help to remind me what I want to achieve this year and tick everything off by the end of 2013, you know kinda like the secret of The Secret.

Cheers to the fresh new start!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Being domestic

I never see myself as a domestic person. I mean, I clean my own room and make my own meals if I have to, but that's the extent of my domestic side. I can't cook without instant pack and I don't do house chores. But when the parents were out of town for new year, I was forced to show my domestic side.

Having a full off day one the new year itself, I woke up as usual around noon. Maybe it's the new year thing, I had a sudden urge to clean the house and cook lunch for myself. Armed with instant green curry paste that I bought from Bangkok, I tried to reliving the foodgasm that I've experienced in Bangkok. As expected, failed. My curry turned out to be too salty and way to spicy. Obviously, adding chili and capsicum was not a great idea to a readily made curry paste.

And then I swept and mopped the floor, did the laundry, checked the dishes to make sure they were all cleaned, wiped the counter top. Watched Gilmore Girls for 2 episodes before I decided to change my bed sheet. Having done all that, I sat in living room and decided to give my dog a bath. Before I knew it, it was almost 6 pm. Time for dinner. I had some leftover fish fillet and decided to make fish and chips. This one however was a great success. Who would knew adding beer to my batter would make my fish so good. Thanks Youtube!

Somehow I felt calm and collected after doing all the chores. It came across me that doing house chores is one of my new way to de-stress. I love the outcome, the feeling of walking on a clean marbled floor, seeing everything is where it should be, nice and neat. Maybe it's because I was having the house all to myself, or maybe it's just me. The new me, the obsessive compulsive me.

Happy new year 2013, everyone. Let's see how long we can keep our new year resolutions.