Monday, May 31, 2010

One extra chair for the bags, please.

By the end of the day, I always complained about stiffed shoulder. The person to be blamed is myself for carrying almost a 1kg handbag. See, we girls can't live without our bag. That's where we toss all of stuff that we need before we're heading out. When we are out eating, my friends and I always get ourselves an extra chair for our bag. Our bags are like our best friend, they go everywhere we go and will definitely not sitting on the floor. Once, a guy friend of mine asked why my bag is always big? Well, I just smile and said you wouldn't want to know.

Now, let's take a look what causing me the stiffed shoulder after all day of carrying it around.

  • The basic stuffs: purse and my phone.
  • Stationary: A small notebook and pens ( and marker too?) I don't why I carry the marker around, it was in my bag and I never take it out I guess.
  • A black gold stripped purse on the upper left corner. That is where I store my pendrive, some earrings, memory card adapter and dental floss (??) . I actually never use the dental floss but I keep it anyway.
  • A book, currently I just finish reading The Books Lover Appreciation Society. It is the compilation of some great shorts stories from great authors like Sophie Kinsella, Elizabeth Noble and Cecelia Ahern and so much more.The transparent file at the back is actually for my work.
  • Sunsilk leave in conditioner.
  • The Body Shop lipbalm.
  • Oxy 5 (for the sudden zit).
  • Clean & Clear oil control paper blot.
  • Old school hair tie ( getah amoi as my friends refers it to).
  • Some tissues.
  • Hair comb.
  • Hansaplast, very important because I always scrapped my feet when forcing myself to wear some shoes.
  • Blue polka dot purse, where I put my coins, keys and candy.

Notice that I don't carry a mirror with me? I don't know why but I don't carry one around. If I need to check my reflection, I'll just find any thing that can reflect, eg: phone screen, windows, or any shiny objects. Now I know where all the weight came from. Pheww, can't live without those necessities even if the quite a burden to be carried around. And some days, I carry my water bottle with me and the bag gets heavier. When I too tired to carry this around, I picked a small tote and only put the basic and lipbalm. Going out without bag makes me feel like going out naked. Hehehe..we girls really need our bags.

Site Visit

As one of the practical module, we were taken to a field visit last week. It was the perk of my training so far, if you exclude the dramas at the office. Our first stop for the morning is Agriculture Institute in Semenggok.
Upon reaching there, we were given a brief introduction of the institute. It was old, you can judge it by the building there. It was a big estate but with only few students. Each intake which as once in every two years, only 100 students are accepted. And they have to go through interview for that. The upside is the study loan is fully sponsored by government and RM 150 allowance given each month to the students.  Still, I won't be jumping at the opportunity to study there because it is just for the sake of certificate and you have to continue to Diploma for a higher level. 

We were taken to the Fetigasi (Fertilizer Irrigation) farm. It was fun because we were allowed to harvest the tomatoes. The tomatoes were firm and taste good too. We were so sakai and picked as much tomatoes as we can stuffed into our bag.

The tomatoes in Fetigasi

Loves the tomatoes

Our next stop is ARC. The staffs there weren't friendly at all. We waited for about half an hour for the person in charge but still he never showed up. So, we left for Serian instead. 

Step and I did managed to take a picture in the ARC office.

Our supervisor, Encik Johan  is super nice. When he found out that we never explore Serian before, he took us around the town. We went to the dry market and Encik Johan did some groceries shopping there. He told us about Ranchan and since none of us ever been there, we were so excited when he took us there. The trip to Ranchan was not in the plan actually. The trip to Serian was more like sight-seeing.

I was really tempted to dive in when I saw the Waterfall

The three stooges.

Since we couldn't do much at the waterfall besides dipping our feet to the cold water, we didn't stay long. Our last stop for the day was the Tarat where the Agriculture Department's Research Center is located. We were taken to see the netting vegetable. This is where the vegetables sold around Serian, Samarahan and Kuching are planted.

The well-grown veggies.

It was during the afternoon and the sun was high, so all of us were sweating bucket. Imagine that we were strolling around Baju Kurung, the damp clothes practically stick to our skin and very uncomfortable. I saw some farmers were weeding the vegetable bed under the hot sun. The scorching sun was unbearable. It was hot and dry and we were tired. These people really had worked hard. They amazed me with the ability to stay under the hot sun tending the farm meanwhile we tried to find any shady spot to avoid the sunlight. For now on, I'll eat more veggies as the appreciation to the farmers. Hehehe. 

Inspecting the Chinese Mustard

Given the briefing about the estate.  

Honestly, I didn't take much notes at the end of the visit because I was already worn out and it was too hot. Such trip was great though. I had gained much experience and enjoyed the journey. I would love to go on such trip again rather than sitting around doing nothing at the office.

** Happy Gawai Day to all the Dayak. I'm celebrating Gawai at Song as usual. I was shocked when I tried to connect the broadband and it actually worked.  The longhouse really had improved a lot now, flashback to few years back, I couldn't even found a signal even if I climbed up to the top of the longhouse.

Got to go, tonight is the night for the celebration. Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai, Chelap Lindap Lantang Senang Nguan Menua...OooooHaaaaa!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quickie Update

I loath meeting when I have no idea what are they talking about. What figure? What budget? Today is my second meeting which is the extension of our first meeting. I had pleasant experience during the last meeting because I enjoy listening to them discussing the current issues and projects. It helps to expose me to the real working scope. But today they are talking about figure and budgets, which I find absolutely boring. The only things that keep me going through the meeting is my broadband sim card and the meal afterward. Yesterday I have my first site visit. It was fantastic. I'll share the experience later. If you notice, I'm typing this without paragraph. Well, that because I'm updating this from my phone. Didn't bring laptop today because the meeting is scheduled for whole day. Thus, I'm making full use of the available facilities. Dear time, please fast forward to evening so that I can pack and tune into Gawai mode.

Monday, May 24, 2010

When it's Monday, I'm grumpy.

I literally have to drag myself out of bed this morning. Been sleeping in for the weekend and the habit kinda grows on me. Decided to have mushroom soup for breakfast instead of the normal bread. Bad decision because it made me feeling sick and getting headache. Even a tiny little thing will annoy you when you're feeling sick. Trust me, the shining bright sunlight annoyed the hell out of me this morning. And that made me even more grumpier. The air con in the office doesn't seem to work for me. I felt hot and sleepy.

The real intern works start today and I'm assigned under Administration & Account Department. No serious task yet today, just a briefing about the whole how Administration & Account work. Very boring I tell you and the Chief here seriously needs to learn to leave his personal problem at home. Ranting about your personal problem in the middle of briefing doesn't seem professional. I really try not to bitch about work but this seriously annoyed me. Showing off and trying to make us impress only made you look even more pathetic that you already are. And no, I won't be thankful when you paid for my beverage. And one more thing, we're not interested to have our morning tea with you. I'm not taking that risk to ruin my day. You disgust us.

Not everything is going wrong for me today. Got my result today and I thank God for that. I'm quite disappointed it didn't reach my target but I'm grateful still. That was my effort after all and I know I could do better. God did answered my prayer and thank you very much for listening.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gawai To-do-list

Seriously, I was too stress on being worry about my Gawai leave till I forget the Gawai is just a week away. Actually it was my dad, he kept bugging me to ask about leave for Gawai even on my first day of internship here. Yes, my dad is that excited about me coming home, he even took the risk to book flight for me as early as Chinese New Year without consulting me first. God answered my dad prayer and I got my leave, exactly match the flight ticket. 

Though Gawai is the festival for Iban but I have to admit, the excitement of the Gawai is not as high as other celebration. Heck, I'm even more excited for Chinese New Year. The sole cause for this perhaps I was surrounded by Chinese since primary school. I got more Chinese New Year wishes rather than Gawai. Now that I realized, I never actually shop for new clothes for Gawai but I'm going on crazy shopping spree for Chinese New Year. Weird, eh? 

Nothing change much for this year. I'm still very excited to reunite with my family and going back to our long house. But that's all it. Still I decide to spice things up a little bit. So I came up with this to-do-list.

  1. I need to fix my bang. It getting longer and messy now. I'm going to get it reborn. Just the bangs, not my whole hair because I want to let the hair grow naturally. I'm thinking about coloring but that need to wait till next semester. 
  2. Actually I can't think of anything else. Shopping? I'm going back to long house, the attire will be just shorts and shirts. But, I'll check Padini and Nichii for something new tomorrow. Truth is, I'm saving money for something else. Translation, I'm broke.
  3. I want a camera. This have nothing to do with Gawai but I'd been thinking about this.

Office environment scares me. I'm living in reality show drama. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter for you from me

I miss the high school love letters day. The old-school letters seem so rare these day with the existence of Internet and phones. Re-reading the love letters from high school still make me grinning like a sick puppy in love. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Only Exception


One of my favorite song. By Paramore. 

I feel bad today

I hate being caught in the middle.
I wish I have the courage to help.

The Unwritten Book of Short Girls

This relates much to me and I just have to share it. Enjoy.

  1. We are short, we know this, we don’t need to be reminded of it everyday.
  2. We are petite, and easily picked up and moved, don’t do this just because we are in your way, ask us to move just like you do with everyone else.
  3. Exception to rule ..2: we kind of like being picked up and pretended to be thrown into a pool, or river, or other things, but when you do pick us up, humor us and tell us that we’re light.
  4. If two people who are referred to as “short” meet for the first time: don’t immediately ask who’s taller or tell us to stand back to back.
  5. Don’t piss us off just because you think we can’t fight back, we can still kick you in the balls.
  6. We don’t mind height jokes, because we kind of find it humorous too (unless they are directed at us), but they get old very very fast. 
  7. We may be at that level, but we are not armrests. 
  8. If we can’t reach something don’t make us get a chair/stool/any sort of help, just get it for us.
  9. We don’t wear heels just because we need the height, we do feel pretty in them.
  10. We know you can hold both of our wrists with one of your hands, just don't take advantage of it and tickle us with the other.
Finally, we love who we are and nothing is going to change, accept it, live with it, and love us for it. 

The Old Good Times

           Top left: National Service day.
           Top right: High school reunion. How long has it been?
           Bottom left: Geng Munyit Cummil first field trip to Lundu.
           Bottom right: Nothing beat the great sightseeing experience.

           Top left: The adventurous and spur-at-the-moment hairstyle.
           Top right: The crazy late night hang out.
           Bottom left: The narcissistic side of me.
           Bottom right: My little fella.

But I miss this little girl the most.

Baby, do behave okay?
I miss you a lot. 

Monday, May 17, 2010


I can't believe that I'm so cheesy. The culprit must be the overdose blushing moment. Hey you, I think it's your fault, but keep doing that, please. Because you made my day. I <3 the moment when I'm busy getting ready for work every morning and you greet me with a simple 'Good morning Suz'. I found myself smiling at my reflection in the mirror while applying my mascara. Heck, I'm even grinning widely when I'm typing this.

I'm so glad to know some facts from you. Thank you thank you thank you. : ) We're doing great now, aren't we?   It's a long journey I've going through with you. I don't know what had made me hang in there for you all this while, it must be the faith. Yes, I have faith in you. You always know what to say when things aren't going my way and you listen to me rambling about some stuff that doesn't make sense.

I'm trying hard not to fall head over heel for you. But it's getting harder. Man, you got me under your spell. Part of me hate myself for succumb to this feeling. Perhaps I'm afraid to get hurt again. I always remind myself not to let love conquer me yet I feel like I want to surrender now. Yes, you is the risk that I'm willing to take. I can't hide forever under the shield.

I told you I'm getting cheesy now. Pardon for that and thank you for reading this.  I need a place to rant about this feeling. Have a nice day, everyone.

Hey You

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Think I'm


For no particular reason. I just felt loved by my loved ones. The family and the friends, you made my world. One doesn't need something big to feel appreciated. Often, it's the simple gesture that we've neglected that can warm our heart, make our day and give us hope. Take some time and appreciate people around you. Make the world a better place and spread the love, people. Till then, xoxo.

Sheena The Art Lover

I want a room like this. I always wanted to paint my room but to no avail. Blame the procrastination and laziness. Plus, I don't spend much time at home anymore, guess that my room will automatically belongs to the little sister then. Someday when I have my very own space, I'll decorate it this way. This picture is the actual room of a blogger. I love her room, she transforms her love for art into her real life. Sheena has inspires me much and her art works are magnificent. When I read her blog, I was touched by her honesty and humbleness. This young girl is not afraid to go after her dreams, even when some people find it ridiculous. Her stay free and positive spirit keep me glued to my screen reading her past post. Do try to stop by her blog, it wouldn't hurt to see her artwork. Who knows you might get hooked too. 

On the other notes, I am so freaking happy right now. Hey *ehem*, you have no idea how happy you made me. Thanks for keeping me company during those boring office hours. 

Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm not suppose to do this but I don't care. I don't have any task lining up on my table so I figure a little update on my internship won't hurt. It had been a week already and I'm doing well here. The first two days quite a pain in the ass because my boss still on sick leave. Nobody have the authority to assign us yet, so, that left us with nothing to do for the whole day. Sitting in my cubicle reading any reading material that I could find and yet the time still seemed to pass real slow.

But on Wednesday, we had a meeting with boss and were briefed about the work scope of the department. Our supervisor is great, making us feel welcome here almost instantly. The staffs here are friendly as well, none of them give us the you-too-young-and-know-nothing look. I must say, this working experience had somehow alter  my personal opinion on working with government agency. Well, the old myth about how lazy the government workers are, only part of it is true. They're not lazy actually, just there is nothing for them to do. So, they laze around. Can't blame them though, as I might probably ending up doing the same thing. Well, I am now. Blogging during the office hour.

The 8-5 working hours really drain me. Now I understand how my dad feels after a whole day of work. Working in the office may seems like a breeze but seriously, it can drain you mentally and physically. After long hour at work, I have to go home and tidy up and prepare dinner, you can add laundry to the list on some days. When the clock strike 10 at night, I get sleepy. I can't remember when was the last time I slept before 12 and waking up to the morning sun. Now I have the taste of all that. But I love this. It may sounds crazy because I loath 8-5 job before but now? Damn, I like this. I enjoy being busy and productive. This is only my first week here, I hope I didn't say all this way too soon. Who knows? The torture might start next week.  Till then, thank God it's Friday.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I smell freedom, do you?

Done with my last paper today. God, please let me pass my exam, Amen. I won't be greedy, just give me a C and I already grateful. Last paper today was totally the paper that I fear the most. Since secondary school, I was never good at chemistry. Well, I just don't care what will happen if you add bromine into alkene or what is the linkage stereoisomer of this that bond. Who cares anyway?

It's sure feels great to walk out the exam hall and realized you don't have to stay up at night feeding your brain with the notes that you know you'll soon will forget right after the exam's over or worst, even before the exam start. Man, this is such as relief. All the burdens had been lifted off. Now I can sleep whenever I want, surf the net without feeling guilty and having as much guilty pleasure as I want. But first, I have to pack. 

I hate packing. It's tiring and depressing. I have way too many stuffs. Often I take two to three days to pack all of it. Then I have to carry it all the way down from 3rd floor to the parking lot. Somehow I realized my stuffs keep increasing or are they expanding? I already sent some back home but still I noticed no changes. Hmmm...way too much shopping perhaps? I wish I could leave some of my stuffs in my hostel but then I realized next semester I probably will not stay in th college. Yeah, they kicked me out.

So, I'm moving. I have to anyway. Next Monday I'll start my Industrial Training and I rent a flat with my friends. This is will be my first time staying on my own. No rules no regulation. I feel so grown up. Hahaha. Anyway, I should start looking for a house for rent. I'll need that next semester. Till then, I'll be enjoying myself till I got bored. Happy Holiday everyone and Goodbye Year 2. Next semester, it will be a new clean start.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's true


You have no idea how many things I'd hide behind those smiles.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

3 more to go

Been trying to study the whole weekend but only manage to start now. Luckily my exam tomorrow is in the afternoon. Finger crossed for me to cover Plant Propagation tonight, at least two third of the lecture notes. Honestly, procrastination is getting the best out of me. Studying straight for hours is so not me. That's why I need to have food and drink by my side, and the internet connection too. Add some music and movies to the list too. Only by this I can study comfortably and happily. I have 3 more papers to go then I bid my goodbye to my second year. Geez, I feel old. After finishing the exam, I have Industrial Training waiting for me. A real taste of working life. Frankly, I don't know what to expect. Let's hope it goes smoothly. 

This is my study zone.

A mister once said this



We called this slumber party

It was Friday night and we decided to stay in. So, we armed ourselves with this stuff and decided to have a little slumber party in my loft. Who says 20s is too old for slumber party? Foods,magazine, a little pampering session, TV show and a little gossip, we called it a night.

Two members of Geng Munyit Cummil are missing. Hello, hello? Where are you guys? Hehehe..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

High in the sky

That's one of my wishes.
To step into the real world.
Shall we?

Hello my long lost friend : )

I'm so glad you managed to track me down. Honestly, I can't remember the last time we contacted each other. Sorry my friend, I got busy and somehow forgot to pick the phone and text you. And you change your number too. But hey, I never change mine. We all got tied up with busy schedule I think and Facebook do the wonder again.  It's nice to keep up with you again friend. One thing though, why? Why you always bully me? Haih...

Oh, you missed my birthday for 3 conservative years. But better be late than never, right?

You owe me that secret recipe cake.

Honestly, I look better than this when I'm excited.

Do keep in touch, friend.
Sarawak miss you, do come back fast.