Saturday, December 26, 2009

~Christmas Vacation~

 Merry Christmas!!!

I just got back from my friend wedding 2 days ago, barely have any time to unpack and prepare for Christmas. My family is not really into all this Christmas thing, well except for me and my sisters of course. So, like any other years, it was just a simple Christmas for us. Family bonding and spending time together over a brief meal and we did went visiting. Really fun it was.

Speaking of the wedding. it was a fabulous one. A great adventure for me to travel all the way to Uma Bakah, Belaga. I super love the traditional wedding, making me secretly wanting a traditional wedding too when it's mu turn..hehe..The people there are really friendly and helpful too. Despite some difficulties that we encountered during the visit, the bumpy ride, the weather, our sleeping was all worth it for such an experience. Will upload pictures later on because guess what???  

I have to pack again. For my family vacation. My aunt had invited us to spend the holiday at her place in Tutong, Brunei. I hadn't been the for like 5 years. Not that I really miss that place, I mean Tutong is just like a small town. But I'm looking forward to spend some time with the family before I'm packing for Kuching. Plus, Dad say we will further the jorney to Sabah and Limbang and spend a day or two in Miri. Am really excited to sight-seeing and shopping.

My parent and the boys are already on their way to Miri. Where else we the girls will take off with the evening flight later on. Have to pack now, bye!

And Happy New Year too

Just in case if I can't online before New Year.
Will be back on 1st of January 2010.

P/S: If you can't get to me through my phone, you can try my Facebook. *wink*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Midnight Snack: It's for Ah Tung and Baby

 It's one in the morning and guess what I'm doing?

Having my midnight snack.

Mind you, it's not your typical midnight snack.

It's my brother idea.

The mastermind/the chef.

Adakah patut dia goreng ayam tengah malam??

But I like his fried chicken. Totally finger-licking, kalah KFC.

The hot and mouth-watering chicken wing in the middle of the night.

 The satisfy face of the the sister.

Now we all full and satisfy. Let's hit the bed.
No picture of yours truly as I'm in my glasses with my hair tied up in a bun in my ugly pyjamas.

P/S: Bro, can you cook tomorrow lunch?

Insomnia Attack

As the title of the post suggests, I'm having insomnia this few days. I find it hard for me to sleep at night. What's worse is I got terrible sore throat few days ago and kept coughing at night. I couldn't even sleep on Monday night as the cough getting worse after midnight. It was so terrible that I swear my ribs felt like snapping out of my body everytime I coughed. Even my lil sis whom slept next to me kept shhhhing me. My mom kept nagging at me to have my medicine. All thanks to her, I'm getting better now. But the insomnia, it ain't getting any better. I guess perhaps I had push my sleeping time over the edge. I only could sleep after lying down and tossing around my bed for over an hour and normally went to bed around 2 am in the morning. Sometimes I even woke up in the middle of the dawn and I only could sleep soundly after dawn and would woke up at noon.

Seriously, I live an upside down lifestyle. Such a restless sleep routine had cost me big time. My eye bag is getting worst. I looked like a walking corpse. This is not good as new semester will start soon, as soon as in two weeks. This sleeping routine need to change and everyone who knows me better know that I'm so not a morning person. Morning class gonna be so hard as I have to literally drag my ass out of bed. I hope the new class schedule will not be too tight and let's hope there are less class start at 8 in the morning. *finger crossed*

2009 is coming to its ends in a matter of few weeks. It had been a great year for me. Although there are ups and downs throughout the year for me, I'm still grateful I can be as joyous as I want and blessed with great people in my life. And I can't wait to welcome 2010.

PS: I will welcome 2010 in another country. Hehe..can't wait for the family gathering. I miss my little cousin.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All Solved!

I'm more than ecstatic to find a black dress which had been stashed behind the clump of my clothes in the closet. And I just remembered I have a high-waisted dress bought by a friend not long time ago. Thank God my major outfit crisis is now all solved.
Now I'm only need to focus on accessories to spice up the outfit.
Thank God.

p/s: No hair makeover will be done. The money should be well spent on others priorities. I sound so grown up. Hehe..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Outfit Crisis

I need a dress ASAP. Not just a dress, I need a conservative yet beautiful dress. Damn, why am I so clueless when it comes to shop for dress in Sibu. Of course there are some dresses that quite fit the occasion but the prices are ridiculously high. I cant afford that, not since I'm planning to have a hair makeover. By the way, what color should I go for? I'm thinking of red but I'm not sure if I can pull that off. Back to dress, basically I'm gonna need two different set of attires. One for the church service and one for dinner reception. Oh, forget to inform, I'm gonna attend a friend wedding next week. Hehe..that's what the dress for. Any idea where to shop for dress in Sibu? I'm gonna survey some other stores tomorrow. God willing, I'll back home with the perfect dress. *finger cross*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My imaginary brake

I can't decide whether it is because I'm the big sister in the family or I'm just having trust issue, I always feel oblige to take over the wheel every time I'm heading out with my family, that's it unless my dad come along. Because other than him, I don't trust my other family members to drive. Yesterday I was going out to pick up my brother's boat and my sister drive because we use her car. I can't help myself to step on the car floor to brake as if I'm the one whom drive when she tailed too close behind others car. It's an automatic response, okay. My life depends on the driver, okay, I'm hanging on to dear life when my sister or my mom drive. My mom is the worst driver ever, she drives by her emotion not by the law. Even if she's wrong, she never admit it, what's more she will shout and honk the others driver as if it's their fault. Then she will push on the gas and accelerate regardless the condition of the traffic. Huh, I wonder how she got her license in the first place?? Remind me to fight for the steering next time when I'm out with her. Perhaps it's my own trust issue that lead to my paranoia. I feel more comfortable behind the wheel than sitting at the passenger seat. ( This only apply to auto car cause I'm suck at manual..hehe). Knowing that I myself in control make me feel whole lot better than sitting on the passenger seat stepping on my imaginary brake every time the driver tail too close to the car in the front. So next time, I'll fight the car key or else I just staying in. Hmm..perhaps I won't do the latter, but I'll make sure my seat belt is safely secured and for the driver, drive safe or you have to bear my deathly stare .  I put my life in yours hand.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I want to be greedy

Can I be greedy for this upcoming Christmas? Please Santa, only for Christmas. It's a season for giving. I had been a really good girl throughout the year,or at least I thought so, *put on innocent face and shining big eyes*. Try imagine me doing that but make sure you already have your dinner or else you will lose your appetite..hehe.

Still, it wouldn't  hurt to dream and wish for the impossible, is it? So here go my Christmas wishes:

Should I give you a fair warning before you proceed, prepare yourself to gag over my impossible wishes.

  • I hope it snow on Christmas eve, so that I can wake up watching the snow fall outside my window.
  • Okay, since wish # 1 is totally impossible, then I hope it chill on Christmas morning, at least I can feel the Christmas atmosphere. I don't know why but I always like Christmas morning to be cold and chill. Sun will just ruined the mood, don't you think? 
  • > I browsed through a couple of Blake Lively earlier and her long and wavy hair got my attention, besides her hot body of course. I so want her hair, I just wish my hair can grow faster because I'm sick of my mid-length-going-nowhere hair.
    •  I want to grow a few inches taller. Don't get me wrong tho, I love my height (can you sense how pretentious I sound? hehe..ignore that), but it will be way cooler if I'm a bit taller than I am now.
    • I'm not going to grow an inch, that's fact.So, I want my feet to grow a size bigger, can't I? At least it won't be such a trouble for me to find a suitable heels or shoes. I get it if  this wish will be turned down, so as a back up, I wish that shoes or heels inventor/designer or whoever made shoes or heels will consider the customers whose have kind of small feet. It is practically a customer bully for not considering someone with small feet especially when that someone is me.

    •  I just realized my hard disk had turned his back on me, swallowing all my must-watch-during-holiday movies. Can I wish that tomorrow when I plug in my hard disk, it will magically functioning like nothing had happened before? I just want my bloody movies. I had been running around asking my friends for movies to be watched during holiday and after I got it and dying to watch it, the hard disk failed me. Do you know how frustrating it is? Perhaps a technician can help me with this.

    • I just realized the more I write this wish list, the longer it will be. So, long wish short, can I have a mind-reading power like Edward because I'm sick of not knowing and guessing. Wait, on second thought, I prefer not knowing at all rather than knowing something that I might don't like. No, no,no..on contrary, knowing something that I don't like perhaps can be beneficial for me. In what way? I'm still clueless. Oh, what am I babbling about here? I myself don't get it.

        Man, it's December now. Christmas is just a few weeks away. Will it be too early if I set up my Christmas tree now? With all the decorations and Christmas songs being played at the mall, I'm so in the mood for Christmas now. Let's set up our Christmas tree.


        Aren't these Christmas trees beautiful? It's so Christmasy..I love all of it.

        Merry Christmas everyone!!