Sunday, April 17, 2016

Glam Glow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Review

I've promised to do a review for the famous Glam Glow Youthmud in my holiday haul post. So here it is. I used it twice a week or whenever I need a little skin pick-me-up.

My very first impression when I opened the jar, wow this is a very small product for a very expensive price. It is retailed at RM255 for 50ml. And it doesn't smell good too, it smell like mud, duh?!

They claimed that this is the savior for Hollywood celebrity when they need glowing skin for photo shoot. It is like Photoshop in a jar, okay, I exaggerated the last sentence.  

The contents are French Sea Clay, Green Tea extract, Camelia Leaf and Cucumber extracts which will helps to hydrate, absorbs dirt and oil without over drying the skin and remove impurities as well as brightens the skin.

When I first applied it to my clean skin, I couldn't help but noticed the strong mud scent. I spread thin layer over my face and it stung. I was not prepared for the sting to happen but if you have sensitive skin, it will be better for you to test it on a small skin patch.

The sting lasted less than 2 minutes and once the mud started to set, the stinginess gone as well. I guess you should have expecting the tingling sensation from the name of the product itself. The texture is chunky and not as smooth as your normal mud mask.

I let it sat for 10 minutes until the mud completely dried. You will know when the mask is completely dry because your face will feel tighter and it is impossible to smile, thus the non smiling photo.

This is how it looks like when it is dried.  I washed it off with water and exfoliate my skin with it. 

My verdict:

My skin does feel smoother and cleaner after the mask. My pore are less noticeable and blackhead mostly gone from the exfoliation. And the great thing is that it doesn't dry out my skin. However, after my first try, I got a huge pimple on my chin. I'm not sure if this is related to the mask but I rarely get pimple. Since I have the Supermud as well, I used the Supermud as a spot treatment for my zits and it helps.

If you have extra money to spare and your skin is not sensitive, I'll say you can give this a try. But if you have acne prone skin, this might cause further breakout in your skin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stanley | Hong Kong

I have zero expectation of Stanley prior visiting because I was not the one doing the itinerary for the trip. Our main purpose for going there is to have lunch at King Ludwig Beerhall for its famous German pork knuckle. 

We took bus from Central which I already forgot what number is the bus. It is certainly not because I am blogging this 4 months after the trip but because my friend was the one doing all the planning for us since he been to Hong Kong before.

The bus station was quite far away from the MTR station. It was a long but enjoyable walk because of the cold breeze. If we were to walk under the hot sun, we sure look like a hot mess when we reached the bus station.

On the double decker bus and we picked the front seat which has full view of the surrounding

From what I saw, Stanley is like the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Sports cars were everywhere, fancy condominium overlooking the sea, girls trotting Chanel while walking their poodles.

It is a quaint place and definitely a great place to retire if you can afford the condo their. We saw the ad for condo and it was like RM8K per night. Holy moly!

The market that selling little knick knack for tourist. The further we walked to the left side, the greater the view and that's where high end restaurants are located.

The gorgeous backdrop of blue ocean will definitely a perfect wedding photo shoot background.

The place is serene and beautiful indeed but in terms of activity, there are nothing much to do except to immerse yourself in ocean, dining at the restaurant, grab a coffee at Starbucks or do a little shopping at H&M.

I guess Stanley is my friend's favorite place of all because that's where she was proposed to.

Love bird

Done with lunch and sight seeing, we went back to town and went up the hill to Victory Peak.

Till next post then.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My episode of UTI

So this is what happened to me last Sunday.

I woke up late and rushed through lunch and forgot to drink water. I had chicken soup for lunch and thought it was enough la. Normally I have a glass of water once I woke up but that day I was rushing. We had quite a busy day ahead of us from picking up the bf's sister from airport, buying grocery with his mom and visiting his grandparents.

Then the super hot weather also not helping. I suddenly feel the pain ermmm down there. It was not exactly pain la but more like discomfort and had the urge to pee but no pee or very little pee came out. Sorry ar, this is a little too tmi.

So I've concluded that it must be because of my lack of water consuming and my body was dehydrated. To make up for it, I've downed lots of water. The urge to pee came even more frequently and it was really really uncomfortable down there when I was peeing.

I thought nothing of it and continued to drink as much as I can. Then Monday morning I woke up with abdominal pain and the same discomfort down there. It didn't matter how much fluids I was drinking. going to the toilet was a pain in the ass.

I got curious and Googled UTI symptoms since I know some people who had it before. I've got:

- Burning sensation when peeing
- Frequent urge to pee but very little urine
- Abdominal pain

Then that afternoon, I had blood in my urine wtf. That was when I was 90% confirm that I have UTI. Went to the doctor after work and they took my urine test.

And yes, I got UTI or more specifically cystitis. Got prescribed antibiotic and now everything is slowly getting better. No more blood in urine, no more abdominal pain and less discomfort down there.

I'm so grateful that this is just a minor infection. So ladies, listen up. Never took your health for granted. Always always take good care of your body and hygiene. After this episode, I am really anal about cleanliness, been washing my hand multiple times per day and really take care of my lady part.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Holiday Hauls

One thing that really excites me about travelling international is the duty free shop at the airport. I kid you not. Oh, I'm not talking about tobacco products (it is way way cheaper before tax), liquor or chocolate as well as perfume. 

It is the skin care and make up that make me beaming from ear to ear. Every time I browse skin care and make up at duty free, my logic all gone out the window. It doesn't matter that I still have 2 brand new cleansers, multiple masks/moisturizers/mascaras at home, I still feel the need to purchase more. 

It is like I'm only travel international a few times per year so die die must make use of the duty free. Not that I know how much the price difference but every thing does feel cheaper when you swipe your card. Just be prepare for the heart attack when you're opening your credit card statement that month.

I was away to Bali last week with my sister and we went a tiny bit crazy at the duty free. I was only looking for eye cream because I've ran out of my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repaired Eye cream. And I came out with basically whole set of skin care to makeup wtf.

My duty free loots

One of my biggest weakness at the duty free shop is travel size items. It is perfect for travelling (duh) and a great opportunity to try new products.

I got this travel size products from Kiehl's featuring the Ultra Facial Creme, Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment, Amino Acid Shampoo, The Original Rich Nourishing Creme, Hand Salve and a Lip Balm #1 (which is in my bag) for only RM299. 

I think this one is a steal considering the Ultra Facial Creme, Hand Salve and Lip Balm are in full size. I also got the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye which I still forgot to use at night now. MAC Studio Fix is an impulse buy for me. I've finish my compact powder and in need of a new one. I was using Loreal True Match (the rectangular one) but I think they discontinue it. So I got Loreal Real Paris Lucent Magique  Tri Powder. I did tried my sister's Studio Fix and really love it. So she dragged me to MAC counter and let the MUA picked my shade. Since it is cheaper than buying outside, I purchased the Studio Fix. 

Long story short, I had very little self control when it comes to skin care and make up shopping. Same thing happened when we're in Sephora in Bali.

My sister made me Googled Sephora Bali and made it a must for us to stop by ='=

And stopped by we did. In the span of one hour waiting for her to tried on all the lipsticks there, I came out with a big bag of stuff and instantly became poorer. Truth is, I do not need anything at all because I have so much excess skin care and make up products at home. 

But I just kept on putting more and more stuff into my basket.

And these are our hauls combined.

I got the Glam Glow set which came with full size Glam Glow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask, mini size of Supermud Mask, Facial Cleanser and duo applicator brush. I already tried the Mud Mask and loves it so much. I will do a separate review post soon. 

Another items which are mine are the Dr Jart BB cream and the Beauty Blender and Beauty Blender cleanser as well as Porefessional Matte Rescue which apparently a better version of the old one. 

I did have something on my must buy list for this trip, which is dry shampoo. Batiste Dry Shampoo is my holy grail product because it really helps my oily hair and extends the day between washes. Sadly, it is very difficult to get. It is sold online but they can't ship to Sarawak except Hermo but the price in Hermo is like almost double the original price.

The only place that I know carries Bariste Dry Shampoo is Jaya Grocer in KLIA2. I even purposely purchased 15kg of luggage allowance to lug back the dry shampoo.

I got 5 bottles of the full size.

My favorite scents which are Cherry and Fresh are not available so I chose whatever is left. I also wiped the mini dry shampoos off the shelf. I go through one bottle of the spray in a month. This product helps me so much in the morning because I can just skip hair wash and sleep for extra 15 minutes. Also it adds volume to my limp hair. 

Random buy from Bali:

Bath and Body Works mini candles. 

They're having Buy 3 get 1 free promotion so my sister and I get two each.

These are my random buy at Bali Airport because I wanted to finish off my Rupiah.

Oh yeah, I did bought something apparel wise and it is something that I have been on the hunt for. I missed the chance to get it while I was in Hong Kong and randomly stumbled upon it at KLIA2. It was on my birthday wishlist.

My black Nike Roshe

I am so happy to finally got this sneaker. It will perfect for travelling and will match any outfit effortlessly. That means two things off my birthday wishlist now. Feeling so grateful and thankful that my wishes are coming true.