Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bags, not a glamorous one

Throughout the years, one thing that I notice about my face after camwhoring is my eye. First, it all started with minor dark circle. I blamed the internet/movies/assignments/exams for the dark circle. But lately it got worse. I have a real visible eye bag and my dark circle has worsened too. See it for yourself.

Minor dark circle

One dark circle is bigger than the other one
Or maybe it's my smeared eyeliner, but you can clearly see my eye bag 
Pardon the messy hair, I just got back from work and went directly to dinner.

See! My dark circle cannot be saved already T T

No amount of concealer can cover that. I tried blending lots of concealer but still failed, or maybe it's just my skill sucks. Sleeping early is one of the way but I ermm failed too. Every night when I tried to sleep early but something always came up and required my immediate attention. 24 hours a day is not enough for me. I need more time to socialize, to relax, to sleep etc..

Haih..are there any ways to ease up the dark circle? Anything like food? fruit? Besides getting enough sleep and rest of course, and also skin care. Most of skin care that I'd tried did no wonder. Yeah, my dark circle and eye bags are hopeless.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brunch at Uncle Dom Cafe

Weekends are my favorite days in the week. Who doesn't love weekend anyway? No work, no waking up early, such a bliss. Last Saturday I need some quiet time to refresh myself, so I brought my lil sis to Uncle Dom Cafe for brunch. I rarely go to Uncle Dom in the day, normally I just went there for lim teh session at night. 

The atmosphere was nice and quiet, just what I thought in mind. Uncle Dom Cafe is an Ipoh Kopitiam-themed cafe. What I love the most about the place is the ambient, it is very vintage and reflects Sibu amazingly through their old vintage pictures of Sibu which are displayed on the wall (but I didn't take any picture of that). The pictures were taken during British colonization era and it's nice to be reminded how Sibu had developed thorough out the era until now.

We picked a seat near the window at the corner

My brunch date

The table with the cushion is my fave spot at night

The cafe was quiet during the day but at night, I sometimes can hear the conversation of people from a few tables away. It made me felt like I'm at Tanahmas (with the crowd and the noise). But being the typical Sibu people, we still chatted away happily and loudly too. Who cares if the people from other tables can hear you? Hehehe, this is so Sibu.

My brunch set. Sambal mee hon with cincau milk. Delicious.

When waiting for our food, we were approached by two men, whom started the conversation by asking are we from other country? Because he said we didn't look like local ='= Then he started to introduce himself, telling us he's from KL and came to Sarawak for mission to help orphanage kids by collecting funds from public. He even showed me articles and pictures of the kids. I secretly think he's bluffing but still donate some money for the charity. For good cause, of course. Well, I hope we were not scammed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Straight vs curly


A small step towards changes, what do you guys think?

Carefree & happy

I forgot how it feel to be carefree anymore. Not to worry about anything, no dateline, no pressure, no commitment. It'd been a while, a long while. I think I seriously need a getaway trip. I hate being trap, doing the same routine everyday suffocates me. The once truly happy and carefree me is missing somewhere. 

Many had said that I've changed. But the question is, do they know the real me? How many of them had been with me through my ups and downs? Not many I would say. I may have evolved as a person, but deep down, if you know me well, I'm still the same girl that you once laughed with.

Maybe it's time for me to rediscover myself. To be spontaneous, carefree and truly happy again.

Be random and stop a total stranger for picture

Be playful and naughty

Be a high dreamer

Be brave to take the leap and knowing that the loved ones will always be there to catch me

Be truly happy and contented again

I am happy right now but not as happy as I was before. Maybe it because I'm so used to my own fake smile. These day I often masked my own misery and worry with fake smile, a little bit too much till at one point it became a routine. 

Often I'm the one whom cheering for others, pulling them up when they fall. But sometimes, I need someone to cheer for me too. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for you out there, at least I know whom are my real friends. 

Hope this is not too depressing for you to read. I just need a space to let something off my chest. Kthanx bye.

*Pictures were taken during family holiday back in 2009

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Playing dress up

This is what I wore for a family dinner few weeks ago.

The back side details.
I love the lace detail of my top.

Went to Toledo after breakfast today and as usual, I tried some outfits with my lil sister.

Floral romper

The overall

I love all the outfits that I've tried. The sheer top is great, so does the overall dress. But too bad I decided to go slow on my shopping budget this month.  T_T I'm saving for something that I've desire for quite a long time. Hopefully I'll get it by the end of this month. Oh, paycheck, please come faster. I came home empty handed but not lil sis. She bought the sheer top that I'd tried on and the brown short. Good thing about being the same size with your sister is you can steal her clothes :p 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Morning routine

6.20 am- Alarm went off and I snoozed it for another 10 mins.

6.30 am- Unwillingly got up and played with Pino for a while. Grabbed my towel and hit the shower.

7.00 am- Out of shower and picking out the outfit for the day. Sometimes, I changed a few times before deciding on which one to wear. I wonder how the same top that made me look good last week can make me look horrible today -__-

7.15 am- Slapping the needed skin care stuffs on my face and lotion all over my body. Made myself a cup of hot Milo/milk tea.

7.25 am- Putting on makeup. Line my eyes and realized both sides were not even. Readjusting the eyeliner with cotton bud and it still looked the same. Giving up and towel dried my hair.

7.35 am- Rushed to kitchen to make scramble egg and hash brown for breakfast.  Letting my mom took over the cooking half way and continuing doing make up.

7.50 am- Finished breakfast, grabbed my bag and drove to work.

8.00 am- Stuck in jam, cursing some slow/stupid drivers on the road. Singing along to my favorite songs and feeling a lot better.

8.20 am- Arrived at workplace and switched into working mode. ='=

So, that's my weekdays morning routine. When I told people I work at Sibu Jaya, a new township about 23km away from Sibu town, their reactions were "What? So far?" "So now you live there?" "You must be waking up very early everyday!".

Truth is, the distance is okay for me. It is almost the same distance from my flat back in Kota Samarahan to Kuching town, so I'm used to the distance. Besides, I enjoy driving, it helps to ease my mind.

Yesterday outfit

Today outfit:
Bag was stolen from my mom :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Notice how my face is getting rounder now?

Yeah, that's what I got from all the brunches/ dinners / tea-time/ snack time. Yup, I love eating. No doubt about that, but I do not fancy the excess fat that came with the habit. Back in Uni, I jogged occasionally to get fit. But that was months ago. I can't really remember the last time I break a sweat. I figure it's about time for me to get active again. 

I've always wanted to try yoga but never actually made an effort to join any yoga class. The plan remained a plan until a few weeks ago.

 Introducing to you, IOGA.
Can you spot my hand in the reflection? :p

It is a yoga institution which focusing on health and beauty. My friend, Xiao S introduced this place to me. She brought me for a tryout and I'm hooked ever since. At first I was having difficulty doing the bending forward and all sorts of stretching. Mind you, my last Taekwondo training was years ago. So, pardon the rusty muscles ;p 

I dragged along my sisters with me and they loved it! I go on weekend only because they have no class at night during weekdays. The classes are divided into pure yoga and belly & cardio. In pure yoga, you will be doing all sorts of stances and bending, it's the pure yoga. Besides that, we do meditation too. I'm still learning in controlling my breath and energy.

Meanwhile in belly & cardio, the teacher will blast the latest hit songs and we will move along to the beat. The routine, of course is focusing in the belly area. It was so much fun, I felt like clubbing in a room filled with middle-aged women and mirrors hehe.

The only downside was my sore muscles the next day. ='= After the pure yoga, I couldn't walked up the stairs properly. Every time I laughed or sneezed, I felt like I'd broken a rib. Now that I'm a regular, my body is getting fitter and not much sore muscles anymore. 

Xiao S aka the childhood friend/the hubby
Yup, she called me wifey. :)

Now I've found a new passion, yoga. The next thing I need on my list will be some gym clothes. Another good excuse for shopping :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August already

A lot had been going on for the past 2 weeks and I'm so caught up in trying to catch up with everything, hence the lack of update. But I like it. Being productive made me a happy person.

I'm settling with my new job right now. It is something totally new to me and I'm learning from the basic. With the help of my colleagues, I'm getting better at it. Rewind a few years back, I never foresee myself going to this path.  Growing up, I was told that working for government is what I should do. But truth is, I always despise the idea (due to personal opinion), till now I still do actually. Therefore, I decided to take the least travel path. For once in my life, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, taking the risk to fulfill my own dream. I know it will not be easy but never say never.

Working aside, I'd been out and about. It doesn't take me long to find my way back in my hometown. At first, I thought it would hard for me to adjust myself in Sibu. I had been away for 4 years and my life and friends revolved around Kuching. Leaving them behind, I thought I will be friendless in Sibu cause most of my friends here are away too, study and work. Lucky me, now they are having their intersession break/summer break. I will cherish their company until September.

Supporting friends for their live show

Childhood friend

Shopping, lunching, lim teh-ing

Dancing and drinking

July was a month fulled of roller-coaster ride. One minute I was on top of the world, next thing I knew I was dragged down to the bottom. Unexpected things happened to people around me, a friendship was stained with false allegation, friend found new phase in life, a lover dream was crushed with a change of heart. Whatever happens, it happened for a reason, good or bad, it depends on how you look at it. Either the glass is half full or half empty, up to you to decide. Happy August peeps!