Saturday, December 31, 2011


Finally, I'm home after a week of holiday in Sabah and Brunei. Nothing beats the feeling of spending the new year eve at the comfort of your own hometown with the familiar faces and place. Though it will be splendid if I could party the night away at other awesome place :p

It may sound cliche but time does fly! Can't believe it will be 2012 in less than 2 hours. 2011 no doubt is a remarkable year for me, I transformed from a student to a working adult, used to get easy money from my dad and now I have to earn it myself, huge difference there.

Let's see what had happened in 2011 in a non chronological order:

- I went to my first prom night

-Expanding my friends circle when celebrating my 22nd birthday at Amoeba Club
-Involved in lots of birthday surprises here and  here
-Went for an amazing one whole week of field trip across Sarawak
-Went on an impromptu trip to KL with HEMAS friends
-Lost a dear friend in an accident
-Got a Dean List for my final semester
-Finally finished my thesis which really sucked the hell of me
-Went another step further with a friend, wtf
-Went to Rainforest World Music Festival for the first time

- Had a part time job for the first time to earn money for Rainforest World Music Festival, wtf

- Started to learn yoga

-Getting a job after finish my study which is totally different from my study background
-Joined blog contest and actually won but I forgot to check my email and past the redemption period
-Won a Christmas wishlist from Azorias which Joyce just emailed me few days ago :)
-Went parasailing, snorkelling and tried banana boat (which I will blog about soon)
-Got into a relationship and left heart broken fml

-Got scammed in KL, fml
-Reunited with National Service friends after 5 years
-Growing apart from some friends, for good I hope
-Had my wishes granted though one of it only lasted for less than a month

Well, I know there's lots more happened in 2011 which I can't recall anymore. To sum it all up, I have a great 2011. I've gained some, lost some but it's the experience that count, it's what made me who I am today. For 2012, I'm hoping for a better change. I want to earn more and travel more, love more and hate less and for my dark circle to lessen and my hair to grow better wtf! 

Happy New Year 2012 everyone!
I'm going out countdown and let's hope I'll catch the fireworks!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve

Before I was down with the skin allergic, I went to a friend birthday dinner and post dinner party. It was a bit awkward actually because I had not been hanging out with him for quite some time and I barely knew his other friends.

Wore my LBD matched with blazer
Have to crop my head cause my hair was limp, didn't have enough time to wash it.

We had dinner at Asian Food Cafe, the newly open cafe near Medan Mall area. I didn't get the chance to see the interior of the cafe since we were sitting outside. But it quite okay though, I guess.

I ordered fish chips with black pepper sauce. The fish fillet was fine but the black pepper sauce was a bit overwhelming for my liking. They poured too much and the whole thing tasted too sweet and it soaked the fillet.

The "surprise" birthday cake from his friend. The so called surprised was ruined because his friends didn't know how old is him, so they called him and asked about his age. LOL of course the birthday boy already knew there will be surprise cake ='=

Packed some of my skin care and make up essential for a holiday trip soon. 
I'm so excited despite my skin condition right now. I went to another doctor for another shot yesterday and thank God I am getting better now. 
I'm totally in my Christmas and holiday mood now as my last day of work for 2011 is today (or yesterday since it'd passed 12 midnight now)

A little clue about where I'll be going tomorrow.
Hopefully the weather is fine and most importantly, I hope my skin will be 100% cure from the allergic or else how am I going to rock my bikini??

It's Christmas eve now, Merry Christmas you guys!
I hope you will have a great Christmas with your loved one.
And happy new year too, just in case I can't update during the holiday.
Oh yeah, it's a one week holiday for me :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I came home from work feeling hot and itchy yesterday. Figured it was just the weather, I completely ignored it. Came the night, rashes started to take over my body and it was itchy to the max. My NIGHTMARE came true!!!! I got skin allergic. It was definitely not from food, the doctor said it could be flower pollen, insect bite, dirty wind, dust or worst, my blood is polluted.

I had restless sleep last night and completely annoyed because I had to woke up scratched myself with my eyes closed, literally. Everything was okay in the morning, no visible rash and not so itchy. But it got worst in the afternoon. I had to abandon my work and rushed to clinic. I was so brave that I said yes to two shots of giant injections at both of my arms. The doctor suggested buttock injections as it will be less painful but I refused. The main reason I refused is because the doctor is my client and I couldn't look at him in the eyes anymore if I let him  inject my buttock. That was #awkwardmoment 9386723.

The last time I had a reaction like this was back in primary school. Now is not a good timing for me to get sick as I have datelines to chase and some cases cannot be delayed anymore. Plus, I already planned a year-end holiday. T_T

Just took my meds and applied skin cream all over the red spot, let's hope it works. Or else, I'm gonna try the traditional way, apply the cooked alcohol all over my body. *finger cross for the meds*

National service -after 5 years

Last week I had reunion with my National Service mates after 5 years out of camp. I really can't believe it had been 5 FREAKING years! It felt like I just marched together, ate together, slept together and got scold together with them yesterday. What's funnier is, a friend that I had been hanging out with last time is actually my camp mate too! We couldn't even recall seeing/meeting each other during NS. I was as shocked as her when we saw each other during the gathering #awkwardmoment. 

Spent two nights in a row clubbing and dining with them and I realized we are still the loudest group wherever we went. Be it the club or the cafe or the camp, all that people could heard were our voices. Some things just never change, everyone is still as kepo as before.

Charlie & Delta girls

Rewind 5 years ago, we were just a bunch of grumpy teenagers whom were unwillingly woke up at 6am every morning to march around camp, we used period cramps as excuse to be excluded from physical activities, we fought and bitching about others girls, we cried and hold grudges, we united together to win every company challenges.

5 years after, we all grown up. Look what we have here, happily married woman, a mother, executives, DJ, entrepreneurs. Writing is out made me feel old. Let's hope I'll be writing about another reunion after 5 years from now. It feel so nice to see everyone again, though some of us still don't see eye to eye. Told you, some thing just never change, the grumpy teenagers still live inside of us.

Quit trying to find me there 
I'm not in the picture :p

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Have you ever feel the pressure about being different from others? In the whole group, you're the only odd one. But nobody can tell the odd difference because it is not an issue at all. Yes, we may come from different background but you and I are the same human being. Correct me if I'm wrong, we breathed the same air, ate the same food, stand on the same ground. What makes us different is the attitude and mindset.

Narrow-minded people judge from the surface. Well, I know it's true because I met too many of them recently. I wonder what had they set in their mind? Our people are smarter than yours? Your people are loser? My people have higher standard than yours? Enlightened me please.

What even worst is, bitching in front by assuming no one understand what you're actually talking about and being hypocrite after that. Ummm hello, you live in the modern society, people are multilingual these day. Some even spoke more language than you dumb ass do.  Please master the art of bitching if you must.

Well, I guess some people are just born narrow-minded. Can't blame them, they're born this way. Couldn't find any reason why should I entertain such people. At least, my eyes are open now. Thank you for the "opening show". Bad impression last forever, I must tell you. For sure, I can't look at you the same way anymore. No offense, I'm just being bluntly honest.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sisterly date

Woken up by Pino on Saturday morning, went for brunch with the sisters and spent the rest of the day shopping for necessary. Surrounded by my sisters definitely cheered me up.  At night, we went to Baba & Siam 2 for dinner. This place is currently my favorite place for dinner. The ambiance is perfect and totally romantic. Food wise I can't say much as I only tried a few of their dishes, but so far none had failed my taste.

1. Mango pudding vanilla ice cream - my must order dessert
2. Baba set -The sisters dinner
3. Thai Chendol

Spent the rest of my Sunday staying at home and clearing the piles of old clothes to be given away. Damn, it was hard to be apart from those clothes because some were bought using my hard earned allowance during high school. Each and every piece of the clothing brought back different kinds of memories, from happy outings to first date. Hopefully the new owner will have great memories with the clothes too.

At night, I went to The Queen with the sisters. Felt so good to play dress up after staying put at home for almost two weeks. No wonder I'm #foreveralone.  

The only thing I hate about wearing this long dress is my bulging stomach ='=
I. Really. Need. To. Start. Work. Out. Again

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Red Corner

Exactly a month ago, I was in Kuching again for a business briefing and trust me to make full use of my weekend to see as much friends as possible. Started the weekend at Red Corner with Kano. It is a newly open restaurant and bar. 

Our usual drinks

The restaurant was warm and cozy, definitely a good place for hang out. But I can't say the same for the food because I haven't try any yet. 

A month ago, I was fat and my hair was a mess 

My friends and I have this weird habit. We love to walk around Waterfront Kuching and act like tourist. We would took some pictures with the same background every time we were there. Took the RM0.50 sampan ride back and forth to the opposite bank, sat on the bench, people-watching and bitching about whoever walked past us till the sun set.

Went clubbing at Check In on Saturday night

Had barbecue at Amy's house for Harold birthday on Sunday. Lucky boy been celebrating birthdays with us for 3 years straight ;p

Group picture

Looking back at these pictures made me want to take some time off, pack my bag and fly off somewhere to once again experience being the carefree me. Someday, someday I will travel around to see the world.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas wishlist from Azorias

Dear Santa, 

I may not be all good this year but trust me, I'm trying to be a better person than I was before. I curse less (verdict: lie, I cursed the slow drivers when I drove to work every morning), I respect others (verdict: true, I guess), I helped others (verdict: true), I tolerate more (verdict: lie, but I'm still trying). So, I think for Christmas this year, I deserve a little something. I won't be greedy, I promise.

All the items that I want are from Azorias. See, I save you the hassle already, no need to go to other shops/sites to get my desirable items. So, here comes the list:


Contract collar cheetah print sheer shirt

I fall in love with this top when I saw Joyce wore it. This will be the perfect work/play top. I can wear it for work and directly to lounge after office hour for a drinks or two.


Bow Georgette top with gold trimmings

The back details totally catch my eyes. This is will be the perfect top for a simple first date night. Not too casual, not too over the top either. From dinner date to movie date, this top is the perfect top.


Leopard print mermaid tail skirt

Again, another animal print item. Yup, I'm a bit obsessed with animal print. But the mermaid tail concept that grabs me. Been looking around for a skirt like this and Azorias caters my need. :) I already can imagine myself strutting in this skirt in a dinner party or girls night out.


Hot pink drapped tulip overlay skirt

A pink skirt! This is a must-have skirt. The bold color of pink no doubt can chase away my Monday blues. The thought of matching this skirt with my favorite top and heels can totally make my morning. No more grumpy me on a Monday morning, I promise. 

Here's a close up picture of my pink tulip skirt because obviously 1 picture is not enough to justify my love towards this :)

Told you I'm not greedy. I was having a hard time to pick the items for my wishlist but I resist the urge to click everything for the wishlist (Another proof that I'm behaving :p) I'd noticed one thing tho, item no. 1,2 and 3 are all out of stock T_T So please grant me item no. 4, Santa ;)

Hot pink drapped tulip overlay skirt lover.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The end

I don't really talk about my feeling and personal stuffs often. Normally, I just keep these things to myself, I found talking to myself is much more comforting than pouring it out to someone else ( I swear I'm not crazy, ok!). But sometimes, I just need to channel these emotions somewhere. I always thought of myself as a commitment freak, I got scared and back off when things started to get serious. Partly because I was hurt before.

Someone once told me I have a relatively short attention-span when it comes to relationship, none of my relationship last long. Truth is, I don't know what went wrong and we're better off without each other. Recently I walked out of my comfort zone, totally letting my guard down. It took a lot for me to get back out there and risk myself getting hurt again. Somehow, I just have to muster my guts and instill the believe that there's a guy whom are meant for me out there.

Everything was great in the beginning. I was smitten and totally got swept away. He really did a lot for me, from our first date and all the effort of commuting back and forth (we lived in different cities) just to see me. I should have seen this coming, when it was too good to be true, something bad is bound to happen in the end. In just one night, my relationship graph dropped much scarier than the stock market. I totally had no idea what was going on. I felt like I was being slapped hard on the face and stabbed directly to my heart.

Ending the relationship is the only way for us. The path ahead doesn't seem promising. The reason behind all the heartache is not something that I can change. It is not even an issue for me, or for anybody in the 21st century as the matter of fact. Well, I can't change my race, can't I? I wouldn't too if I could because I see nothing wrong in it. We all human, all the same, in and out (physically obviously).

The end

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Graduation day

Finally, a proper post about my graduation even tho it had past for more than a month. I didn't feel all the jitters or excitement until after I got my graduation robe and hat two days before the ceremony. I was totally clueless about what to wear for ceremony. I packed baju kurung, pant, blouse and heels but ended up only wearing the blouse.

My outfit:
Sheer white longsleeve blouse- Sungei Wang
White tube- Can't remember
Harem pant- ELLE
Heels -Vincci

Initially I planned to wear my grey pant and heels from Summit. But when I was shopping at The Spring a day before the ceremony, I saw the bag from MANGO that I had been eyeing since my last trip to KL. Then it occurred to me that I haven't got myself anything for the graduation ( I had been shamelessly asked my family and friends for my graduation gifts :p)

So the bag will be a perfect gift for myself. Then when I put my outfit together in my mind, the grey pant did not match my black bag, thus I must get myself a black pant. When I was browsing in ELLE, the SA suggested some black pants for me to try on and I instantly fell in love with the harem pant. It is the most comfortable pant but I had a little problem with it during the graduation day. The clip above the zipper on the pant got loosed and almost fell off. Lucky I had safety pin with me and had to pinned my pant the whole day. Thank God, there was no wardrobe malfunction.

I also did not get to wear my 5 inches heels because I seriously could not walk in it. On the way from my hotel room to the parking lot, I almost tripped 3 times. Lucky I brought spare heels, so from 5 inches, I went down to 3 and a half inches.


The proud parents

The munyits minus Bern plus Wong ;p

Soulmates <3

We party together and graduate together :)

We organized a little graduation party on Friday night at our usual club, Check-In and it was great to be reunited with the mates on the dance floor. The club was packed with almost all the students from my Uni. Everywhere I turned, I saw some familiar faces. 

Soulmates having a great time

A happy but tipsy me

Half of the group 

Phew, this is a long post and a proper closure for my student life chapter. Growing up and finally leaving the student life feels so surreal for me. Feels like yesterday I was just registered for my University and now I'm a graduate. Damn, time flies and I miss my crazy-loving bunch of friends.