Saturday, June 22, 2013

Travel woes

I have been very very excited about leaving behind work for a week and just enjoy myself shopping and roaming around the streets of some new places. But my excitement kinda die when the Indonesia decided to get rid of forest by slash and burn in Sumatra for the development of their crop. This irresponsible act has jeopardize the air in their neighbors country, Singapore (which is badly affected, the PSI yesterday reached 400 which is hazardous level) and some states in West Malaysia.

Coincidence enough, those are all the places that I'll be going to tomorrow. I have planned this since last year, to take a week off and just travel across the states from KL and down to Singapore. But the irresponsible party just ruin everything. I don't know the rules and law in that country but it is common sense to know that burning the forest will cause terrible air pollution and haze. It's okay if their people are actually accepts the fact that they will live in such a polluted environment but why never think of other people outside of their country? Hmm hello, smoke can travel across country, you know? And why is it okay to use the slash and burn technique on your crops? Did the management never learn the environmental impact assessment? It's like the basic of everything. I still have my notes on EIA if they want to learn the basic? *totally in rage*

I had just recovered from a bad cough this week and don't want to be sick again especially when I'm travelling. The bf had been updating me with the haze in Melaka and it's not pretty. It's been few days but still hazy. And I guess it is pretty bad in Johor too. And to think that I'll be in that haze to shop and eat, I already feeling pretty sick.

And I just bought my Universal Studio Singapore tickets last few weeks. T_T How to enjoy outdoor like that the air is not clearing out? Lucky the tickets valid till December, so I'll probably will have to cancel everything. Also I just found out last week that I will miss Rainforest World Music Festival too because of my USS plan. First I thought, that's okay if I miss RWMF, at least I can have some fun at USS, but now I'll be missing both. *fucking piss off*

I really really hope the haze will be clear in the next few days. And I also hope karma will get back to whoever cause this haze. (You fucking know who you are)

Bye, I got to pack now.

Oh, if anyone have any tips or must do/ must eat things in Melaka/Johor/Singapore, feel free to let me know.
Thanks in advance. Bye

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Recap #1

Nothing really exciting going on in my life this week as I had been down with mild fever and fucking nonstop hardcore coughing. Sigh, it must be the combination of overly hot weather + lack of sleep last week. Every now and then, I could feel that my body is burning hot inside, if you know what I mean. My breath is hot and nasal and throat feel hot too. I've watched everything that I've eaten this week (last Thursday's KFC is an exception because I wanted it so much) and drink only hot lemon and water but still, no progress. I even religiously took Scott's Emulsion to build a stronger antibody. 

What even worst is that I couldn't get a good night sleep these past two days. I was really anticipating weekend because this weekend is the only free weekend for me with nothing lining up but the fact that I couldn't sleep well at night already ruined my mood. The worst was on Friday night, I went yamcha with my girl friends and I almost lost my voice. Then I couldn't sleep AT ALL at night. I was probably overdose with cough syrup too because I took a big gulp of two different cough syrup within half an hour. I was tossing here and there on bed, frustrated because my body was so tired but my mind was wide awake. I only slept around 5-ish in the morning and feel even awful waking up at noon. 

My girl friend and me with her puffy cheeks

I'm currently working on a secret project of mine which is something that I have always wanted to start. I'm so excited but it still a long way to go as there are a lot of things that I need to finalize but once it is ready, I sure will share it with you guys. Finger cross everything will goes smoothly.

Other than that, I'm very excited for my mid year vacation soon with the bf. Only one more week to go for my much needed holiday. The only downside is that I realize I will miss Rainforest World Music Festival this year. I thought RWMF is in July but it is on the end of June which clashes with my holiday. That's a bummer but one can't have it all, ain't it?

At Father's Day lunch today
Am so in love with this dress but too tired to take any full length picture because I still feel sick

Gonna hit the sack early tonight to prepare for another round of tossing-here-and-there-till-my-mind-is-tired-enough-to-sleep because I need to work tomorrow. Bye!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vero's Wedding

A week late update on my best friend from Uni, Vero's wedding reception.
Because I got sick the day after her reception because when you got the chance to reunite
with your party friends after years of not partying together, you will
simply ignore the fact that you're too old to party hard like before.
Who said growing up old is fun?

With my dayung/flatmate in Uni/best friend, Angie

The newlywed, Vero & Lester

It was a great and intimate reception and we're so happy to finally meet up with everyone from Uni again.
Last time I saw all of them was during our graduation day and now everyone scatters around Sarawak settling down with our jobs.

The three of us <3 p="">

I really miss living together with the girls, we practically glued together during our final year in Uni.
If you been reading my blog since yearss ago, you probably had read lots of our adventures together.

Bern, me, Vero and Angie 

My ootd

Dress: Lil Sis's
Necklace: Bangkok
Heels: Emilio Valentino

This is my friends all from Uni <3 much="" p="" so="" them="">

We were seated at two tables next to each other but apparently we hated being separated and began cramming together at one table. Typical us lol.

Fred and wife

Dez and Angie

And a selfie of me to end the blog

I'm so happy that one of my best friend is trying the knot with the love of her life now. It just feel like yesterday we were going to classes together and now we are all knowing and starting a new chapter in our life. Cheers to a new phase <3 p="">

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Long distance

I once told myself I won't do long distance relationship, I speak too soon, am I? 
Can't wait to meet the bf and go on our little trip soon.
2 weeks of countdown.
I'm so excited.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Merit, Batang Rajang

I went back to my mother's village last two weeks with my family. I actually can't really remember when the last time I went back, must have been around 9 or 10 years back. In my lifetime, I think I have only been back less than 8 times. The thing is, my mother's village is at Merit, Batang Rajang. Last time the only transport to go back there was by using express boat along Batang Rajang. 

You guys might had heard about the boat tragedy on 28 May 2013, I want to emphasize a few pointers here because I have heard a lot of speculations going on about what actually happened, as in why would the express boat was overloaded with passengers. One, the only mean of transport that available to the public is by express boat. Two, the tragedy happened near Gawai Festival, so most of the people live there celebrate Gawai and wanted to go back to their villages. Three, the express boat ticket is not cheap as claimed by certain people (as saying that's why the people are overloading the boat). Four, as far as I know, that express boat is the only express boat that operating from Belaga to Kapit. See, these victims have no other choice other than to board the boat to rush back for Gawai. It's such a sad tragedy and nobody hope for it to happen. Finger cross that some time in the future, the people in that area can be provided with other mean of transport to go to Kapit/Sibu/Bintulu as promised long time ago.

Okay back to my own journey back to Batang Rajang, we went back by car. Truth is there are no proper cemented concrete road available. It's more like unpaved dirt road made by the logging company and coal mining company, so we were driving through thick forest and up the hill after we left Bintulu.

Us in the car waiting for them to even the dirt to form connecting road to the other side

I have never been so scared in my life before while travelling by road. This time was a real adventure. It was definitely the road less traveled. It was narrow and winding up the hill, steep slope kind of road. To make it worst, it was raining the night before, so certain parts of the road are muddy and slippery. There are times when our back tires slipped and swayed. If you know what I mean.

And once in a while, we passed by the logging truck carrying super long logs. We were inch away from the truck, I'm serious

The constant view (apart from thousands of trees and forest) along the journey

The abandoned coal mine area that they turned into dead lake
This was obviously taken from inside the car

The ride was gruesome and bumpy. I had the worst motion sickness ever and throw my guts out in the car. It was more painful that any roller coaster ride, I swear. 4 hours of that and we finally reach our stop, which was by the river because the long house is actually located across the river. And yes, that river is Batang Rajang.

My aunt super small sampan waiting for us here.

My aunt (my mom's eldest sister) and her husband are the only family of us that live there. My maternal grandmother died when I was 14/15. There are no phone reception here but my mom already confirmed my aunt that we would arrive that day around noon. So she and my uncle had been waiting since 1pm and we only arrived at 4.30 pm due to slight delay. I can never imagine waiting for someone that long.

I kinda love boat ride like this if you minus the scorching sun and heavy rain 

The entrance of the long house

It was so green and peaceful there but of course the grass is not always greener on the other side. There are no electricity and clean water supply for the villagers there. So it was kinda hot and sticky in the afternoon but the rain water that my aunt collected for us to shower was freezing cold no matter what time of the day.

The long house is the traditional wood long house. It was a nice change of environment once in a while. Away from the city and just enjoy the nature way of living in the outskirt of town.  

Actual fireplace where we did our barbecue

That giant blue cylinder is where my aunt collected the rain water for washing purpose

Kitchen area

Outdoor shower area

Natural lighting were made by poking hole on the roof to allow the sunlight in

I was sleeping under the hole and it was so bright at 9 am in the morning

Traditional staircase

Some of the stuffs have been laying around the house since my mom was a teenager

The rules of long house

Surprise! They have flat screen TV along with Astro

In case you were wondering how did the villagers watch any shows on TV if there are no electricity, they use generator at night which operates from 6 to 9pm. Personally I think this is a stupid facility. Why would you provide the villagers with such a 'luxury' if you can't even provide them the basic necessity in life such as electricity and clean water supply? 

I think that they can benefit more with electricity and clean water supply than just a 3 hours TV program every night, just my two cents. Just an info though, they can listen to radio program as the frequency did reached Merit.

It was a short 2 nights stay but enough for me to experience the kampung style of living. And I don't know when I'll be back again, probably some time in the future when the road is properly cemented.