Thursday, October 27, 2011


1 year of Matriculation and 3 years of University, now I'm graduated with a degree. Couldn't be more happier, I almost shed a tear during the convocation ceremony. My parents are definitely the strength behind my success. Will upload more pictures soon because I took about 9847626284 pre and post convocation pictures. Works are pilling up and  taking over my life now T_T  Stay tuned peeps!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Room 18

Food post again ! Sorry peeps, all that I did for the past 3 weeks in KL besides shopping were stuffing myself with food, and training of course :p  I had almost 6 meals a day. Breakfast buffet at the hotel, tea break in the morning, lunch with colleagues, tea time again and dinner with friends and junk food before sleep. No wonder I kept panting and feeling bloated running after the LRT (long story really).

Last time I was there, Xiao S and I explored T-Bowl and Ben's. This time, we went to Room 18 at Berjaya Times Square. We both were really hungry and got lost a little bit in finding Room 18. We were spoiled for choice but in the end we settled down for a combo set for 2. 

Lemon tea and I-don't-remember-what tea

Our set consisted of 2 beverages, Udon with roasted chicken, chicken with prawn wanton, 2 bowls of rice, 2 buns and 2 tomato soups. Man, we're such a glutton.

Udon with roasted chicken

Ok, I'll be honest. Udon is never my favorite and this Udon was the worst that I ever had. It was too floury, if you got what I mean. It felt like I was chewing just the flour and it had a strong taste of flour. A little bit too much, I guess. It was sickening.

Chicken with prawn chicken

This dish looks like it was served for a sick person. And you're probably right because it was almost tasteless. I had to pour in soy sauce and dried chilies to make it edible. Maybe I was being skeptical, but I like my soup to be tasty, not tasteless.


These buns were the highlight of our dinner. The main dishes were so suck that we had to depend on two small buns to fill our tummies T_T  But really, these buns match its name. No.1 buns in the world (translated from Chinese), tho I doubt it is the No.1 buns in the world. We were probably too hungry to notice actually it was just taste alright. ='=

I haven't show you guys the worst part of our dinner yet. It was our tomatoes soups. It looked a bit too disgusting and oily. We only took two sips and completely ignored it. And yes, it tasted too plain as well.

Super oily tomato soup ='=

After dinner, we both went back to hotel because we're too tired to shop around anymore, (read: broke). Back at the hotel, I switched my role and turned into Sensei hehehe. Xiao S was having her Japanese test the next day and yet she came all the way from her Uni to accompany me. Of course, as a true friend soul mate, I drilled her to read her notes and tested her before the real test. :p And of course she passed the test the next day, I think. :D

Poor her hehehehe

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sakae Sushi, Sephora and me

During my second trip training at KL, my schedule was jam packed with training and assessments. Even on Saturday, I had to drag myself out of bed for a half day course. It was so hard for me to arrange a meet- up with friends, in the end I just decided to stroll alone. It was nice tho, to have some time for myself.

I was craving for some sushi fix and head over to Sakae Sushi at Fahranheit 88. I have to admit it was awkward to request a table for one but I'm so getting used to eat by myself alone now because I always travelling alone.

Surprisingly, I ordered their chicken teppanyaki (or something, I really suck at remembering food name) as my main dish. So much for craving for sushi ='= 

Chawanmushi, it's my must order dish in any sushi outlet

I love the Chawanmushi. I know it was just a simple dish but I tried make it once and failed miserably. It was nothing close to the soft steamed egg. Mine become more like a fried egg, probably because I put it in the microwave instead of slow-steaming it. Pardon my poor domestic skill, I was looking for a short cut to make chawanmushi but after the 3rd try and totally wasting 8 eggs later, I gave up.

I can't remember the name but the salmon was a bit too thin

I had been dying to go to Sephora to check some things out. During my last visit, I couldn't find some time to drop by. So, this time I was determined to check it out. I spent hours eyeing, touching and trying the makeup products and tools. I felt like a kid in a candy land. So much to look at, so much to buy but so little money left T_T

Of course I'm not gonna came out of Sephora empty hand :p

Bought some Soap & Glory stuffs.

I used the bath cube that very night too because soaking up in a hot bath was the best thing ever after all the long walk. The dark circle concealer is great too. It helps to cover up my helpless dark circle. My favorite would be the Scrub Your Nose In It. I have large and clogged pore, but I just find it tedious to always put on nose strips every other night, especially after long day at work, all that I wanna do is hit the shower and straight to bed. Tho the scrub does not completely pulled out my blackhead but it makes it less and refines  my pore as well. I also bought the body scrub and it was better than my last Watson (or is it Guardian?) scrub. Soap & Glory scrubs and cleans well but it left my body with some redness. Maybe because I scrubbed it too hard and the scrub grains were a bit harsh.

Love the top

I tried the top and the pant but I regretted not buying it. When I tried it on, the top was a bit too big for my shoulder and it kept falling off. But now when I looked back at the picture, it looks nice on me. Damn, I should get it on the spot. >"< 

Now I couldn't even bring myself to any boutiques and malls because of my shopping ban. Never mind, two more weeks to go and I should be okay. So far, I'm doing good with the shopping ban and stayed at home almost every night but that's mainly because I got off from work at night and feeling totally exhausted to think about anything else other than my bed. By the way, I got good news to share, I passed my Computerized Unit Trust Exam yesterday. Oh yeah, now I'm a licensed agent, come and invest your money with me :p 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Money talk

I have a serious problem. I think every girls have. It's very common and there's no scientifically-proven solution for it. I COULDN'T CONTROL MY SPENDING HABIT! Seriously, I've tried before but I failed, everytime. I've made budgets, lists and whatnot. In the end, it became another ignored piece of papers in my notebook. I'm an impulse buyer. Anything that catch my eyes, I'll have a talk with my head and my heart. And the heart wins, almost every time. What the heart desires, the heart get. Haih...

It's time for some serious action before I go completely out of track. So, to save myself and my bank account, I've came to the following actions:

Complete shopping ban for whole month (October)
-I know I was on my shopping ban on September but no surprise, I failed. Last month,  I went to KL twice and just landed on Sibu today after spending the weekend with my aunts and her family at Brunei (will blog about it later). Hopping from place to place made me spent more than I should. I really did the shop till you drop thing. This month, I determine to not buy anything new. *hide away my purse and ATM and credit card*

No more dining out (except with family)
-So, guys, you probably won't see me posting any food/new place post for this month. T_T not being able to dress up and dining out is suck. Maybe, just maybe I could try my domestic skill this month. I haven't properly cook in a long long time.

No more going to movies (except on date)
-This one is doable I think. I don't really go to cinema in Sibu because of the limited showing time and movies selection. Besides, someone owe me a movie date hehehe

No more karaoke/clubbing session
-I will make one exception for this. You won't see me on the dance floor in Sibu but in Kuching, that's probably where you can find me :p Since I'll be in Kuching next week for my convocation, how could I say no to dance the night away with my mates. *evil laugh*

That's my short plan for October. I must by hook or by crook stick to it. *think about the reward...think about the reward*  Of course I'm planning to reward myself for being so determine :p In my next posts, you probably will see some of my hauls and food post, but fear not, all those are back-dated, when I was in KL and Brunei. My official money diet starts today. This sucks.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Another food post as promised! This time I'm going to talk about a toilet concept restaurant. Yes, you heard it right, I was having my lunch on a toilet bowl. And it's not gross at all.

T-bowl, a toilet concept restaurant

Their menu, it's so cute and they have a toothbrush attached to it

Told you, I sat on toilet bowl

Basically, the whole restaurant was designed based on toilet concept. So, you will sit on a toilet bowl and have a sink which covered with glass as your table top. You can see anything toilet related stuff all around you, even the poop. I kid you not, they serve poop ice-cream. It sounds disgusting but I heard it taste real good. Boo, I didn't order the poop ice-cream, so I can't justify the taste.

The person whom brought me to have lunch on toilet bowl

Since you're in a toilet concept restaurant, you shouldn't be surprise if you see they serve your food in a toilet bowl too. Well, they make you sit on toilet bowl, might as well eat from it too. I bet you must be imagining the real big toilet bowl with your food in it hahaha

Our drinks in urinal bowl 
Xiao S's tea really looked like pee LOL

My pudding and Xiao S's soup in a bath tub

Tom yam noodle in toilet bowl

My Guinness pork rib

Not only T-bowl is unique in its concept, the food was good too. I love Xiao S's tom yam soup, it was sour and spicy, just the way I like it. My rice was nice too, just that the Guinness dipped pork rib tasted a bit too sweet for my liking. The next day, I came back to T-bowl for their grilled lamb mix chicken chop (or fish, I can't really remember) which I like cause I can have both instead of choosing either one. Now I can tell everyone that I'd eaten in on a toilet bowl and it's not disgusting at all :p

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today all that I"m going to talk about is FOOD! During my one week stay in KL last month, I had been going around trying all sorts of restaurants and food outlets. Now I know where those extra fats came from. Should attending more yoga and dance class when I'm back to Sibu next week. Gotta shake those fats away ='=

My first dinner. Chicken bento at Midvalley food court. Taste real good!

Mian Mian was having ramen. Extra hot and spicy even I cannot tahan

Actually it was Mian Mian's Lunar birthday the next day (Saturday). So Xiao S and I decided to treat her for lunch. Plus, she had been such a sweet heart chauffeuring us around town, though we got slightly lost even with the help of GPS #totallyfailedinsenseofdirection hahahaha  She wanted to try Ben's at Pavillion, so off to Ben's we went.

The interior of Ben's was nice and cozy and it was jammed pack with crowd. It has 2 sections of seating if I'm not mistaken. The indoor which is warm and cozy and the outdoor which is garden style. We picked the indoor because simply because we were not really into the sun wtf. 

Our Garden something spritz, damn I forgot the name already but it taste like cough syrup

Moi with spaghetti carbonara. Super yummy and fulfilling. I love the bacon in it. 

Xiao S and her fish and chips

If you notice, there's a stack of cards placed on the table (in the yellow cube). It's actually the Recipes cards for their food, Table Topics cards for discussion while waiting for food and Suggestions cards for feedback. The Table Topic was fun and a great ice breaking tool. We're laughing hard at each other crazy answer especially : What's the biggest lie you ever told?

Mian Mian's chicken breast chop 

Mian Mian felt bad that we actually treat her birthday lunch, so she decided to treat us dessert. We went to Snowflakes for some healthy Taiwanese dessert. It was a mixture of red beans, yam, potatoes and some taro balls. Everything was grown organically. It taste good but very fulfilling because it came in big portion.

Our snowflakes

In my next post, I will share my experience eating in toilet concept restaurant. Please don't feel gross because the food was amazing. Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Girly weekend

Last month during Malaysia Day, I went to KL for work related training. The training was 2 days but I came earlier to shopping spend some times with the hubby/childhood friend aka Xiao S. As usual, when we girls get together, we do what we did best. Shopping, of course! 

Meet Xiao S & Mian Mian

Mian Mian is Xiao S course mate and it was my first time meeting her. She was so sweet and beautiful. We spent the entire Saturday in Pavillion shopping/eating/gossiping/camwhoring. So, do expect lots of pictures later on :).  It was a typical yet very fun girly weekend. 

S & S
(She's Stephanie and I'm Suzi)

I envy her long legs. Standing next to her really kills my self esteem T_T

Walked around Tokyo Street and tried the Japanese food

We spent almost 6 hours in Pavillion but it felt like we're just in there for few hours. Maybe because we eat for awhile then shop then eat again. We also went to Fahrenheit 88 but didn't get to explore the mall much cause our legs were killing us. Besides, I had done too much damage to my account the night before at Midvalley. 

My haul hehehe

I never can imagine I can shopped this much in just 3 days. Totally failed to discipline myself but I'm a happy happy girl with a big hole in my pocket. Besides shopping, we also eat a lot. But I will talk about that in my next post. Don't have much time to blog lately (that explained this back-dated post) because work is kinda overwhelming. Anyway, I'm back to KL again now for another work training. This time the schedule is much more pack than the last training and I have to sit for assessment after every sessions. It's mentally draining but I really learnt a lot. 

That's all for now. I need to sleep now or else I'll be grumpy tomorrow. Bye!