Thursday, January 29, 2015

The late birthday post

Call it growing wiser but I'm no longer anticipate my birthday this year. Probably because I have hit the mid 20's mark and on my way to the 30's wtf. As long I have this blog, I've documented my birthday here and this tradition shall continue because it will be a great read for me when I'm older.

Read about my birthday when I turned 21,  22, 23, 24, & 25 here. 

There's no more surprise element for me because the birthday celebration is kind of family tradition where we gather together for birthday dinner and blow the candles and stuff. I already had my birthday dinner with my friends earlier. 

But my sweet friends still manage to surprise me with birthday breakfast on the actual day.
Hot chocolate delivered to my office along with hot dogs and cake. <3 p="">
I'm not even sorry having Oreo cheesecake as lunch hahaha

We had steamboat at home. I've requested for prawns and the sweet bf was peeling all of my prawns for me hahaha This is a very rare case because he don't like prawn plus I'm a pro at peeling prawn with fork only.

You know you're old  no longer young when your candles almost overtaking the whole cake.

It was a simple celebration and my wishes remains almost the same as far as I remember. LOL. 

Say real one, I'm feeling pressure when people want to do my wish before blowing candles and I basically wish for the most basic things.

Full and content. 

Monday, January 26, 2015


So, I have a secret that I've been hiding for 2 years. And today I'm gonna let it out of the closet.

I have a Youtube channel and I have one badly edited video uploaded there since 2 years ago. After that, I completely forgot the existence of my channel. This is like a dejavu as the same thing happened to me when I first started blogging. I have a hiatus for months, only this time with my Youtube channel, the hiatus is 2 years.

My 2013 haul video

I have some clips that I wanted to edit into a video but damn it, my Window Movie Maker is not working and I have tried other software and ended getting more confused than ever.

But fret not as I'm still working on it and will put it up on the channel soon.

Phew, now that the cat is out of the bag, I'm feeling much relief. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Number 76 Experience

I have heard almost every bloggers rave about the popular Japanese hair salon that takes Malaysia by the storm, Number 76. I was very keen to try on the service since it is a Japanese hair salon and the Japanese is popular with their top notch service.

Few months back when I was in KL, I booked an appointment to get my hair done in their Bangsar 2 branch. I needed a new hair color and hair treatment to make sure my hair is presentable to the public.

All set and ready for my hair makeover. I booked Amy for color and treatment. Number 76 is running promotion from time to time and during my visit, it was free scalp treatment if you do Ultrasonic Treatment. 

Unfortunately, I could not do the treatment if I color my hair as it will be too harsh for my fine hair, as advised by Amy. I couldn't bleach my hair too because my hair will not be able to survive it.

The state of my hair at that moment. Dry and frizzy at the end and horrible black root.

Frizzy end but lucky not much split ends.

I booked for Amy, so I'm expecting her to do the consultation and coloring for me. I've screenshot lots of hair colors that I wanted to experiment for but too bad my hair couldn't take bleaching. So almost all no-no for me :(

Instead Amy suggested red for me as it suited my skin tone better. Initially, I wanted ash color but the color will makes me look dull and pale without make up. So it was red for me.

After the consultation, a junior hairstylist worked on my hair. Honestly, I feel a bit cheated because the rate that I paid for was for senior hairstylist. But oh well..

Done with coloring and the junior hairstylist styling my hair. He wanted to curl it for me but my hair is too fine and curls turned out to look like half assed job. One side was perfect while another side half straight half curl. He looked damn frustrated with the result and I just laughed it off.

In the end, my hair looked like this, half curled perfectly and half curled inward and gone straight after half an hour.

Red hair alert! hahaha it looked bright red under the sun.

My review on the famous Number 76:
1) A little overpriced as I only get consultation from the senior hairstylist and it was the junior hairstylist that worked on my hair 100%.

2) I absolutely love the color and my hair looked shiny and healthy after. Unfortunately, the color only lasted me for two good weeks. It was my hair problem because every colors I've had faded after two weeks because I wash my hair daily.

As it was my first time, they gave me member card and 20% discount as well as RM20 voucher which I used to buy color shampoo. 

It was okay for me but I doubt I will come back next time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Early birthday dinner

Last week I had an early birthday dinner with my friends at Golden Happiness. It was a small and intimate gathering for Hoe's and my birthday. Our birthdays is just one day apart lolol. 

It was very unusual for us to go to restaurant for birthday because we are more like cafe type of people. But boy, the food made the almost one hour wait worth it. We reached at 7.30pm and the food came at almost 8.30pm because the restaurant was packed, literally.

Miao introduced this prawn balls and it was delicious but a tad pricey. RM8 per ball. So this dish alone cost RM64. But worth it for me. 

I forgot what this call but it's duo pork dishes, A thumb up for this. 

Our cold platter. Sorry it is blur because we were all famished. By far, this is best cold platter that I've had.

Man tou with pork was good too. I was already super full at this point.

But we over-ordered a bit because we had veggies and fried mee too. We ended up only had half of our mee. Patrick was feeling guilty but we all just shrugged it off hahhaha.

As per usual, we went to McDonald for dessert as Hoe was craving for the ice-cream. We stayed and chatted till midnight about everything. Life, career and fate. I guess this is the conversation that the adult had. 

Thank for my lovely gift girlfriends! I love it <3 p="">


Thursday, January 8, 2015

What was I thinking?!

I never label myself as a hoarder but I am having hard time letting go of my stuff most of the time. Often I find my heart debating with my brain whether to throw the dress to my "to keep" pile or "to throw" pile. Sadly, the heart always win.

In my new year new me spirit, I decided to do one last spring cleaning. I just did one awhile ago and threw away tons of clothes that I no longer wear. 
This time, I'm determine to let go of clothes that I haven't wear in 6 months. 
Surprisingly, I did quite well. 

One basket of unwanted clothes.

I have to admit, deciding that you don't want the clothes anymore and throwing it into the basket is very addictive. I've came across some pieces that made me went "what was I thinking?!" wtf

Let me show you!

Threw away this pump that I bought 6 or 7 years ago. It never see the daylight and molding in the corner of my room. Lesson learnt! Never buy the cheap PVC type of pump.

My so 70's dress that I never wore. It was too big for my frame and completely drown me. And the color, let's just not talk about it. 

This shapeless dress that I bought long long time ago and had been kept in a corner of my closet since then. Sometimes I really amuse myself, what was I thinking?!

This piece is very nostalgic as I wore this denim skirt when I was 16/17 years old. It still fit me though it is a little tight now. But I can't foresee myself wearing this again at this age. So it has to go.

Wore this once and hated it. Notice the weird waistline? It was because I stitched it from the inside to make it fit me. Obviously, I make a bad seamstress.  

So, I'm saying goodbye to these pieces and I'm not even sorry about it. Now, excuse me. I need to continue my online shopping. Bye!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello 2015

As I was done writing the wrap up of my 2014, I started to outline my 2015 and frankly I'm quite excited about it. Although my 2015 plans do not differ much from the previous year, still I am very much anticipating it. This year I can no longer call myself as young adult, I'll be in my late 20's. Wtf that sounds so old. I've spent some times last year to evaluate myself and trying to change to be a better person.

1) Be a better me
This will be an on-going process for me as I believe I have a lot to work on like be patient, stop cursing when I'm driving, be punctual (trust me, I've tried but oh well) and eliminate toxic people around me. If I can't help it, I'll just distant myself away.

2) Practice healthy lifestyle
I really mean it this time and hopefully can maintain the habit. The best progress for me in 2014 is just 2 weeks. This time I won't aim too high, just clean eating and exercise once a week is good enough for a starter. The last time I hit the gym was back in October last year. New year new beginning, huh?

3) Travelling
I already had my travelling for this year lined up since last year and looking at it, I'm so thrill because I'll be going to new places. I'm slowly venturing into southeast Asia and looking forward to new experiences that those places will offer me. So far my travelling plans including Cambodia, Bali and Hong Kong.

4) Spend more time with my dog
Every time I came home knackered from work, all that I wanna do is just lying down and take a nap. Pino is always so excited to see me but I really have no energy to play or walk him. Most of the time, I just smooch him and let him out to do his business, he'll come back in once he's down. Recently I watched a viral video in Youtube and it breaks my heart to imagine Pino going through the same thing every time I go out. He always waiting for me by the door when I come back. So now I spend at 10 minutes a day walking him around the neighborhood and he loves it.

5) Practice gratitude
Be grateful and thankful for every little things in my life is something that I do not do as often as I wish. I took everything for granted before and learnt my lesson the hard way. The Universe decided to give me a second chance and I'm very thankful for that. Expressing my gratitude has help me to count my blessing as well.

So far my 2015 is off to a great start and I will try my best to practice what I preach here.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 wrap up

Ushering the new year with my last selfie for 2014.

First post for my 2015 will be the wrap up of my 2014. Frankly, 2014 is rather a challenging year for me where it forced me to grow up and be mature. I was tested again and again in my personal life and relationship. Back track to the beginning of the year, my grandmother passed away 3 days before my birthday. From there on, my personal life went downhill little by little.

Am I glad it happened since it helped me mature and got some time off to really think about my future? No, I would rather it never happened because till today, the stains remain as a scar in my life. 

But I've learnt to let go and forgive too.

I no longer holding on to anyone anymore because in the end of the day, I've realized that people do change, for the better or for the worst. And I should never rely on anyone.

I do not intend for this post to be so emotional but reflecting back on my year, that is how it went. 2014 is yesterday story so I will put everything behind me and welcome 2015 with new hope.

To sum up my personal life 2014, it consists of lots of tears, betrays and teeth gnashing with people that are close to me.

But mentally, I've learnt to be happy too. To pick up myself when there's nobody else I could turn to. 
And financially, I was a train wreck :( I realize that I've failed to build up my saving, in fact I'm depleting it a little. The problem is I have no idea where my money gone. I traveled locally a lot in 2014 and brought my family for a little holiday and went to Bangkok with my best friend to escape my emotional chaos at home. My spending is reckless and I've practiced zero self control when it comes to shopping. :( This need to change in 2015.

As 2014 drew nearer to the end, my life finally turned around and I slowly become happy again and appreciate people around me more as well as stop pondering on the negative things. Instead, I count my blessing and learn to practice my gratitude.

So 2014, thank you for the lesson and 2015, I'm ready for you.

In 2015, I want to be start finding happiness in within rather than in materialistic way.

Happy new year to all of you and may 2015 be a better year for us.