Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pre Chinese New Year gathering

After leaving secondary school, my friends and I parted way and pursued what best for us. But that doesn't means that our friendship ends there. We still keep in touch and tried our best to have our little reunion from time to time. And what's more perfect than during Chinese New Year to have another reunion because almost everyone of us are in town for the festival. 

This little reunion was a bit different than what our had before as we had something up our sleeves. Hoe decided to throw a surprise birthday celebration for Miao and Lily. Actually both of their birthdays are around the end of February but an early celebration won't hurt. The best part of this surprise was Hoe told Miao that we will surprise Lily and he then told Lily that we will surprise Miao. 

The looks on their faces when they saw two cakes were priceless and yet they both still singing and clapping for each other, hahaha. 

Lily with her cake

Miao's super naughty cake

Ivy, Miao, Lily and me.

I had known them since Form 1, it's almost 10 years already. In fact, Ivy and I had been classmate since Primary 1, wow, it's a long 16 years of friendship. So we're basically growing up together, witnessing each other transformed from a curious kid into teenager and finally a woman perhaps.

With Hoe, the culprit.

The ladies, Ah Loi, Ivy, Lily, Miao. me and Ella
Ah Loi and Ella are actually siblings, can you tell?

Suit her well, lol

Still sober

Hmmm, not so sober anymore

I can't believe it'd been 4 years after secondary school. Whenever I see them, it feels like I'm seventeen again, we're back to school, going to tuition together and our worries are just the pimples that can't seem to go away. Hmmm, memories of being a teenager.

Anyway, for those whom celebrate Chinese New Year, Happy Rabbit Year! 

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