Monday, August 17, 2009

I need Panadol Actifast

This is not an advertorial post. I'm not promoting Panadol here, plus nobody paying me to write ad post. I'm just been attacked by horrible headache right now. Planning to take a nap, but it's 6pm now, my definition of napping is at least 2 hours of sleep. So, if I sleep now, I'll only wake up 2 hours later and how am I going to sleep again after 3 hours later? I wanted to sleep before midnight for the sake of my eye bag. Yup, it's eye bag now, not just dark circle anymore.

Little update of my life:
  • I'm back at home now. Feel so good, totally cure my homesickness.
  • I have 2 papers and a lab report to do, which will due after my semester break and I haven't start to write yet.
  • I need to find 2 specimens of plant for my herbarium sample. Anyone want volunteer to find it for me? Come on, raise your hand...
  • I have 3 mid term exam next week and I'm only started to look for notes now.
  • My hair is in terrible state now. Imma going to rebond it tomorrow.
  • I'm crushing on someone. *totally blushing now*
  • My head is killing me.....................

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm a free woman (or is it girl? Whatever)

After a hiatus for about 2 weeks...I'm back...for good...hehe..I had been dying to blog abut some stuff like the Jom Heboh thingy and Mila Birthday, but my broadband is not in the same mood as I was. Mr. Vodafone had made it difficult for me to online this two weeks. My friend and family that use the same celcom connection are facing the same problem as I am, so, I blamed it on the slow 3G connection.

This is a very late update about the Jom Heboh thingy. I went there last two weeks with my friends. The road was seriously jammed. One thing that I hate about Kuching would be the traffic jam, it is ten time worsed than Sibu but still haven't reach the KL level yet. We had to park so far way that we have to walk for about 30 minutes to reach the stadium. Since it was quite late, most of the booths there already closed. Lucky my friend, she still got the chance to stash some Silky Girl stuff. Most of the stuff was half price, so it was a good bargain. We didn't stay long at the concert because it was hot and packed with people. Should not stay long at the public place, you know. Got to take precaution step of the H1N1. It's getting serious. A number of students had been infected and quarantined here. Even some institution had been closed due to it. The good news is my friend told me some of the student already recovered. Okay, back to the concert, it was boring too. Maybe because I don't know the artist and I could not see the stage. With my height, I only saw people head.

Mila, carol and me

Hotlink, the main sponsor for the event.

The crowd walked toward the concert area.

Everything damn cheap but I didn't buy b'coz I didn't use Silky Girl.

Last week was Mila 21st birthday. We went to Heritage to celebrate. Heritage is a dining place with buffet steamboat. It was our first time there. The food was good though I personally didn't like the fried rice and the choice of food for steamboat was too little I think. It was put in a freezer and they filled it with almost the same meat like marinated beef with two differ spice i think. Then, there were fish, squid and steamboat must have: all kind of balls like crab, fish, beef but no pork. It is a halal place.

Though the food was okay for me, but I was stuffed like hell b'coz of the cheese cake. One slice of cheese cake is totally enough to make you full for the rest of the night. Believe me, I'm speaking from experience. I had known Mila for 3 years now. This was the third birthday that she celebrated with us. May her wish come true. Happy belated birthday dear.
Pardon the poor quality of the pic, I forgot to charge my cybershot that night.

The beaming birthday girl.

Say cheese

Cheers to the woman/girl or whatever..

The pot for the steamboat too small i think.

The lighting in Heritage made our pic more worse.
Carol, me, mila,abang,amy and harold (the tauke for that night)

All stuffed and full.

In the same week, my lil sis joined some sort of pageant in her school (my alma mater). It's not the normal pageant because they wore the Iban traditional clothes. The pageant was for the Ngiling Bidai event which marked the end of Hari Gawai. She lost only due to incomplete costume. But I give the girl A+ for the effort.

Lil sis is the fair one, the one with the red furry ball thing.
Next to her is the winner.

P.S: This is the result of boredom during lecture.

Warning : Don't do this in class.

P.P.S: I hate heat wave and the haze. God, please let it rain all day and all night long.

P.P.P.s: I'm coming back home next week. Can't wait.