Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 In a Glimpse

It's still not too late to welcome 2010, isn't it? After all, it only been 1o days into the new year. Well, I'm back to campus last Sunday. I guessed the nonstop travelling since mid December has finally take its toll on me. Now I'm down with cough and flu. Damn it, and the weather in Kuching is quite cold, it rains every night.

This entry had been in my draft for almost a week I think. With the classes and social invitations kept me busy, I forgot to finish the post. Sorry peeps..I'm busy or I love to make myself busy..hehehe..2009 had been a good year for me. Things happened, people came and go but bottom line, I learnt from all of it.

In 2009,

  • I cried on my birthday. Mind you, it's not the tears of joy.
  • I joined sparring. Good times though I didn't win. Ops, scratch that, I actually did win, automatically through the voting process.
  • I realized who's my friend and who's not.
  • I broke the sibling rivalry with my sister and now we're closer than ever.
  • I ice-skating once. Well, it's more like holding on tight to the ramp while trying to keep my balance on the ice. 
  • I moved up to a single room and learnt to be totally independent. No more scady-cat version of me. Perhaps there's still a little bit left but I'll deal with it.
  • I got three fine tickets. Twice from the municipal council and once from the traffic officer. The offense: parking at the prohibited space. I hate circling the area just to find a parking space, so I just park wherever I want. Bad habit, I know.
  • I traveled 3 times this year, twice with the friends and once with the family.   
So, now I'm looking forward for a great 2010. Sadly, I didn't started off with 1st Jan 2010 well. It was rather a bad day for me. As a starter, I couldn't sleep well during the New Year night. Still feeling groggy while my parent woke me up. After bidding goodbye and promised to check in earlier to my flight, I started packing. Maybe I bought too much stuff in Brunei (though I didn't think so), my bag burst when I tried to zip it. Damn, the sisters and I have to rush to the nearby shop/mall to find another bag for me but we couldn't find any and need to rush back to the hotel because we're supposed to check out before noon. So, the solution, I just stuffed whatever stuffs I had in my sisters bags. Lucky it all fit. Our flight was due at 6 pm, so to kill some times, the sis bf brought us around Miri town but my feet are seriously in pain due to the wedges, so there goes my mood. Pffft...lucky after landing in Sibu, things got better. Upon reaching home, all the tiredness were gone. It's just me and my family again. Yeah, that's my new year. And the resolution this time, just a simple one. I want to be a better person and be more spontaneous and of course stay healthy as well.

For a better year and great journey ahead.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Damn it!!! I was so pissed off with the so called college management. Earlier this day, I went to the office to get the so called manager to sign my sticker application form. And without even thinking further, he said no. At first, I thought he was joking because seriously, he didn't even read my form. What the fuck man!!!! How hard is it for you to drop the fucking signature. I had been waiting for him since the day I arrived, came in and out of the office, but the asshole took a leave on Monday, half day leave on Tuesday due to car problem they claimed. And today, I woke up super early just to settle this stuff and the asshole said NO. Cant you even considered it a bit???????

Me: Good Morning Encik Asshole, can you sign my sticker application form? (Hand him a form)
Asshole: (Glance at the form for one second, I swear it was just one second) No.
Me: Why?
Asshole: We already have 400 cars in this college, I have to freeze this form for a while.
Me: For how long?
Asshole: I don't know.
Me: But I already have my car here.
Asshole: That's okay, just show the guard your matric card when you wanna go out. (Shrugged and turned away)
Me: Okay. (Inside I was screaming FUCK YOU)

Honestly, I don't think there are actually 400 cars in this fucking college! Screw you asshole!!!