Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life in boxes

I had been very productive yesterday, spending the whole day packing my stuff and yet I'm not even halfway through. I only managed to pack my clothes, 2 boxes of books and random stuffs. Somehow packing this time didn't feel as tiring as before. Actually, I enjoy packing but am very lazy to sort the stuff out. Since I'm moving back to my hometown, I decided to pack light. Get rid of the stuff that I won't use anymore, give away stuffs that my friends could use and recycle my notes and maybe give my unwanted clothes to charity. 

When I was sorting out my stuff yesterday, I stumbled upon some stuffs that I had been keeping all these while for memories sake. Yes, I'm a hoarder. I rarely discard my stuffs especially the special ones. Each items have their own stories to tell. But I realized, holding on to those stuff won't do me any good. It is time to let go. But the memories of each stories shall remain close to my heart.

The yellow ruler above was bought by my dad at Labuan when we're shopping for my school supplies for Matriculation. I much prefer the normal RM0.60 plastic bendable ruler but since my dad got me this, I had been using it until the edge of it broke and become "bergerigi". See my black pig table clock? A friend bought that for me when I was in Form 5. It accompanied me through Matriculation and 3 years of Uni. Now it's dead. Notice the pink stick with yellow and pink stripe at the end? (Near my yellow ruler) That is Amazing arrow helicopter.

Here is another box of memories, mostly are from my first year in Uni. That yellow lantern was from the Lantern Festival back in 2008 when I went to Friendship Park with Abang, Harold, Mila and Amy.


It is time to let go of these stuffs. But with this post, now I can have a vivid memory of all these. My room was in such a mess during the whole process. Papers were scattered around, boxes were everywhere, let me just show you the minor part of the mess.

Am to shy to show my whole room.

By the way, I am terribly broke after all the printing for my thesis. I have 2 supervisors, so that means I have to print 3 copies. One copy was about RM 60, so three copies were RM180. I never spent this much on my school work before. With that amount of money, I can buy new heels and new jeans, go to cinema 18 times, eat steamboat 9 times and so on. Bloody thesis suck my money out of me. So, I decided to cut corner and print only one copy for my examiner and photocopy another 2 sets for my supervisors. I'm sure they will understand. 

The culprits

I think age is definitely catching up with me. I lost my camwhoring mojo and technique. Seriously, I used to love taking photos of myself but now I don't anymore.  What happened to me? It's definitely the age thing. Or maybe a sign for me to stop being such a narcissistic. Whatever *shrug shoulder* My favorite camwhoring prop is definitely the mirror. See it for yourself :p

Here's me pretending to be shock. Fail attempt anyway. 

Notice the tan line in my arm in the picture? Is there any way to get rid of it? I want an even skin tone on my arms. T_T Anyway, happy weekend to all. Have a great one. Bye!

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