Thursday, May 12, 2011


Back when I was still staying at college in my Uni, I was an online addict (still am actually). Every night instead of studying or doing my assignment, I would spent hours and hours reading random stuff online. I lived alone and have no car back then, so what do you expect me to do every night (besides study) other than spending my time online.  My favorite site back then was FML. I forgot where I got the link, I must've read it somewhere. 

Basically, it is a site when people or suay (misfortune) people shared their bits of misfortune. I know I may sound evil but reading about others misfortune actually makes me feel better. I mean, it made me laugh and laughing is good for you healthy albeit the reason behind it. 

In case you guys are wondering, that's where I caught the "fml" bug. I mean no harm actually. It's just an connotation ( don't know if this is the right word to describe what I mean?) to indicate the state of my condition of that time. Mostly are the screwed up stuff that I'd done. 

For example, I have an exam coming up but still procrastinating until the very last minute and only to realize that  I cannot cramp everything for the exam. So there you go, fml. Get it??

Haih, I'm so bored actually. Already finish my final exam 2 days ago, settled my thesis and assignment but I feel no excitement at all. Before this I really couldn't wait to finish my study and now everything is almost done, I suddenly feel numb. Actually, I have tons of stuff to do like doing my slides for presentation, packing my stuff and catching up with Vampire Diaries, Chuck, CSI, Royal Pain, One Tree Hill and etc, resuming my reading, washing my car and bla bla bla... But I don't feel like doing any of that now albeit the fact that I have so many free time. Why am I so unproductive? How to improve myself if I'm so lazy?

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