Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rants and pictures

Painted my nails on Sunday night because I was bored. I absolutely love this almost nude shimmering colors. As you can see, my nails are not in uniform length, have to keep my thumb and index finger nails short because of my contact lens. All the nails on my right hand are short too because I have to cut it all due to my exam. My exam is essay-based, I have to write pages and pages of answers and when I write, I tend to dig my nails into my palm which is hurt big time. So, that's the story of my nails. 

I went to futsal with the boys last 2 weeks. Actually, they played and Angie and I were just watching. By the way, that Steve doing his triumph run after scoring. Besides Angie and I, there was this other girl there too. She was there to support her boyfriend (obviously) but she instantly became our joke of the night. We didn't mean to be rude but this girl, she was the manja type. She brought along her notes and her smelly pillow. Can you believe it?? Who would bring along smelly pillow to a futsal game?? And she clapped and cheered like "Go sayang! yeah sayang" every time her bf got the ball, Angie and I could only rolled our eyes and laughed out loud.

The view of my window every morning. Guess I will miss this view after moving back to Sibu. Damn it, I was getting really sentimental lately about leaving Kuching. Sibu is home of course, but I love Kuching, I love Samarahan too. Maybe the sentiment value is about the people that I have to leave behind. My housemates whom are the last person I see when I sleep and the first person I see when I woke up, the boys with them sense of humor and outgoingness, my munyits with their gossips, my 6 Jahaman/Hemas friends, my coursemates and everyone else (except my nosy downstairs neighbor) T_T

I found this notes with my self-comforting scribbles in Chinese on it when I was arranging my past year notes. It was last semester when I was going through a rough time and exams at the same time. Things didn't work out the way I thought it would be and I was left devastated. It was hard for me but I had to be strong. But past is past and I'm bouncing back stronger than before (hopefully).

I looked fat here and my hair has grown to a length where I don't know what to do with it. My fringe has grown too. Lately, my hair is dry and it seems like no matter what shampoo I used, my hair still dry. Left it without washing for a day, then my hair turned really oily. Why can't my hair be normal?? Talk about frustration, my skin had terrible breakout too. Zits keep popping out around my mouth and nose area. Even my friend had said that I often looked tired and stressed out. 

A half picture of me, Angie and Vero on our way to The Spring for Padini weekend 50% off sale. No wonder they gave it 50% off, all the items are either old or last season. Nothing caught our eyes at all. We went home almost empty handed except for Vero. 

Anyway, that's enough ranting from me. I should appreciate what I have and make good use of my time in Kuching. Bye!

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