Monday, May 23, 2011

Settling down

So, here I am. After 6 hours of car ride with a cramp butt later, I'm home. The journey was not as bad as I expected, it was bearable, it was the emotion that got me. 4 years of staying away from home, now I'm coming back for good. Truth is, I'm not as excited as I thought I would be when I finished my study ( finger crossed I'll pass with flying color). 

I know exactly what made me felt that way. I'm emotionally attached to everyone that I have to leave behind in Kuching especially the friends that had been close with me during my final year. The late night hang outs, the talks, the lame jokes, the laughters, everything that I had been through with them make it harder for me to let go. I miss going to class and chit-chatting while the lecturers are teaching, gossiping with my munyits, passing snacks around class to share. 

But life goes on. I have lots of boxes to unpack and clothes to arrange. First day home and I'm already busy as bee, waking up earlier than usual to send my car for servicing, picking up my cousin, brunch with my sister, picking up lil sister from school, picking up my boxes from bus terminal. Enough said, I'm pretty beat up by the end of day and guess what, I have a badminton session at 9 am tomorrow. I never play badminton for real, playing badminton in front of my house with no netting or line doesn't count. 

Coming back home is not so bad after all. I just need time to settle down and enjoy before I start my job hunt. Or maybe I should get a part-time job? Extra money is always good. Anyway, I'm looking forward for what my hometown can offer me.


  1. hey, just wanted to thank u for the lovely comment on my blog. =)

    And I've met only one pure Iban in my life and I thought she was chinese too! Why DO Ibans look chinese, I wonder. Haha.

    Good luck for that job hunt. ;)

  2. Thanks RS, I'm so happy you're stopping by my blog :))
    I guess the Iban do look a bit like chinese maybe, haha..but I'm the only one with chinese look in my family. Thanks for the wish, I really appreciate it. :)