Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family reunited

Going back home this time was different because I was not going back alone, the family were coming to Kuching to fetch me instead. Actually it was because my dad didn't trust me to drive a 6 hours road trip on my own. So the family came on the weekend and had a little shopping.


Right after checking in to our hotel, I brought them for dinner at downtown and sent them off again to hotel to get some rest. I was really appreciating the time that left for me to enjoy with my friends before I was home for good. So, I dragged my sister along with me to meet the mates at Check-In. As always, the party was great and I couldn't be more happier. 

With 4 hours of sleep and sore legs the next day, I brought them to shop. Mom was really happy but her foot wasn't. Due to time constraint, I only brought them to The Spring and Boulevard. At night, my sister and I were supposed to go to Anugerah Juara Lagu Rentak Ruai (AJAR) but my aunt insisted on taking us to steamboat at Hornbill. Since we didn't pay for the tickets to AJAR (it was given by Masterpiece to my sister, God bless them for winning that night), we were off to steamboat. 

I have no idea what my sister was doing with that chopstick ='=

Happily enjoying the food

After all the walk and food, I turned like this at night.
Couldn't barely feel my foot anymore

On Sunday, after taking some of the stuffs I'd left at the flat, I waved my goodbye to the place I'd called home  for a year and to my lovely housemates whom feel like a family to me. But that's not goodbye of course, it's "see you again" because friends stay connected. Is it too much if I already anticipated our next reunion? :)

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